By: Mike Cohen

Police officers from neighbourhood  Police Station 9 (PDQ) are inviting Côte Saint-Luc citizens to come and engaged in some dialogue at their upcoming Coffee with a Cop event on Thursday, January 29 (9 a.m. to 11 a.m.) at the McDonald’s Restaurant located at 7003 Côte Saint-Luc Road.

BIke Patrol

Coffee with a Cop is an informal event which allows police officers and citizens to meet in a neutral environment to facilitate the dialogue. The aim of this activity is to encourage a  free and open exchange on various public security topics and any concerns that affect citizens.

Officials at Police Station 9 believe that these opportunities strengthen citizen-police relations. Often this kind of contact occurs during emergency situations where all concerned are in a very emotional state.

In addition, this is an opportunity to strengthen police relations with its citizens, who normally meet in emergency circumstances that are very emotional. With Coffee with a Cop, citizens get to know PDQ 9 police officers in a friendly atmosphere