The Dix-30 gigantic mall may soon be replicated just a stone's throw from Cote Saint-Luc

The Quartier Dix30 gigantic mall may soon be replicated just a stone’s throw from Cote Saint-Luc

The CBC reports that a massive shopping centre is proposed for a site on the Island of Montreal. The 3-million square foot, $1.6 billion centre would feature retail stores, restaurants, green space, a cinema, and possibly a concert hall.

The new centre would be located in the affluent Town of Mount Royal, located at the southwest corner of Autoroute 15 and Highway 40 (see maps below). Its developer is Carbonleo, which also built the popular Quartier DIX30 in nearby Brossard.

With the planned extension of Cavendish Boulevard in CSL the new mammoth mall in the TMR industrial park would be a couple of minutes away by car from CSL City Hall. The extension would also feature bike and walking paths.

The development would pose a major threat to the remaining retailers in the Cavendish Mall. The Bureau en Gros in the Cavendish Mall is already a major loss to the shrunken mall with liquidation signs plastered in its windows in the last few days.

A new mega centre would also result in increased traffic as west-enders make their way up Cavendish Boulevard to access the area by the future extension.

Hundreds of new jobs would be created during construction as would eventual retail positions which would be attractive for CSL and west-end residents and students alike.

(Source: Retail Insider and CBC News)