The Gazette Squeaky Wheels column featured a question this week about the 262 Golden Shuttle bus. A rider complained about wait times. But the STM said it is heavily used.
Q: My questions is about the STM’s shuttle 262 (from Côte-St-Luc to the Angrignon shopping centre). I love to take this shuttle because it saves so much time. However, the first bus of the day cannot be relied upon — especially in winter and it’s a wait of an hour and a half before the next bus. I presume this is a low-priority route and drivers are pulled off to service other routes. I am a senior and discussion of this topic with my friends (also seniors) is we would like this route to continue, but fear low use of the service might lead to cancellation. Hope not. Also, a suggestion: If a stop was made at the Elmhurst terminal many riders from the N.D.G. area would benefit and ridership would increase.
– Patricia Kearney
A: STM spokesperson Amélie Régis said the 262 shuttle, which stops at several seniors residences, the Cavendish Mall (and attached CLSC), the Côte-St-Luc library, the pool and the Angrignon mall is quite heavily used for a shuttle. It is actually one of the agency’s most highly used shuttles. She said there is no plan to put an end to its service. As for its reliability, she said the STM doesn’t pull buses off the route in order to service others, but all routes are subject to delays if there is a bus breakdown.