Tickets are going fast and you don’t want to miss what will surely be another sensational stage presentation by the incredible cast of the Cote Saint-Luc Dramatic Society.

The Côte Saint-Luc Dramatic Society has reassembled their 2014 META (Montreal English Theatre Award) nominated artistic team to bring Hairspray the Musical to Montreal!  This larger than life show, Produced by Councillor Mitchell Brownstein, Directed by CSLDS Artistic Director, Anisa Cameron, Musically Directed by David Terriault and Choreographed by Alexia Gourd will star a talented cast of 32 performers, including members of The Montreal Gospel Choir and The Jireh Choir!
“It took us two years to find the perfect cast for Hairspray, and it was worth the wait!”, says Artistic Director, Anisa Cameron. “The awe-inspiring talent that has joined us for Hairspray will render people speechless – I know it does for me, and that is just in rehearsal!”.
Returning to work with the CSLDS will be favorites from last year’s show, Catch Me If You Can, Mike Melino, playing Edna Turnblad, Mitchell Brownstein, playing Wildbur Turnblad, Megan Magisano, playing Amber Von Tussle, and Brandon Schwartz, playing Link Larkin. Joining the CSLDS for the first time will be Maddana Calix-Antoine, a member of the Jireh Choir, who will bring Motormouth Maybelle to vivid life on stage, Justin Johnson as our charismatic and smooth-as-silk Seaweed J. Stubbs, the vocally voracious Alisha Ruiss, who will be our venomous Velma Von Tussle, Ryan Kligman is our charming and campy Corny Collins, Jeanne Moltulsky is the perfect Penny Pingleton and Amber Jonas brings an ebullient optimism that is a delight to experience in her turn as Tracy Turnblad to the Greenspon stage!
Councillor Mitchell Brownstein with actor Brandon Schwartz

Councillor Mitchell Brownstein with actor Brandon Schwartz

Hairspray, follows the story of the plucky and plump Tracy Turnblad as she pursues her dream of becoming one of the regular dancers on The Corny Collins Show. The obstacles to Tracy’s dreams help to open her eyes to the struggles of the black community, and her fight for herself turns into a crusade against segregation in 1960s America. Director Cameron again, “Hairspray is, at its heart, a musical about acceptance and having the courage to stand up for principles that are universal truths. Hairspray challenges us all to work towards the goal of unity in diversity. Whether it is the stories of cyber bullying that seem to permeate our media, or the struggles that continue for civil rights here in Canada and abroad, Hairspray is much more than a trip to the theatre for a fun night out.  It’s a reminder to continue to stand up for what is right because you can’t stop the beat!”
Hairspray runs May 28 to June 14 at the Harold Greenspon Auditorium.


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