Oh, don’t tell me it was another UFO, like the one spotted by CSL physician Cleve Zeigler a few years ago?

CSL resident Lewis Cohen reports that, “All day long last Sunday I was annoyed by what sounded like someone sanding floors in a nearby home. After many hours of non stop noise I finally went to investigate.” Lewis spotted what he believed to be drones flying overhead, very high up.
“I saw quite a few residents, both young and old, who were walking with their heads tilted upwards as they too were curious about what was flying overhead, ” Lewis recounted this week. “It seems that there have been sightings at all hours of the day and night, and even at 3:00 am, about drones flying in different areas, mainly in the quadrant encompassing Kildare, Cavendish, Mackle, and Parkhaven,” Cohen said.
Cohen, the Senior Supervisor with Cote Saint-Luc volunteer Citizens on Patrol went looking for the source and discovered that CSL Public Security and Police were already looking for whoever is controlling these flying objects, usually more than one at any given time. “I personally saw two of them, one with a long tail – like a kite,” he said.
No sooner did Lewis advise me of this situation that I happened upon two of these objects hovering above the Mall, late Wednesday night.

I too assumed they were consumer electronic drones, sold at toy stores, hobby shops and electronic supermarkets. They were lit and hung in the air very high up.
So I put the question to Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson. “What do you know about this situation and what can be done?” I asked. “I do not know if this is illegal activity although the sound alone can be quite a nuisance,” I said.
It didn’t take long for Reichson to solve the mystery.
“There were no drones, just a couple from Grenada flying kites,” Reichson responded. “They started at Wagar Field and one of the kites crashed on Einstein. One of our Public Security agents traced the string back to Wagar where they stopped the two people and informed them not to do this again.”
This appears to be a Grenadan Easter tradition to fly homemade kites with long tails, long lines and noise-producing contraptions. For more information, visit: http://www.laluna.com/blog/kite-flying-a-grenada-easter-tradition/