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Suburban | June 24, 2015 | Click to enlarge

Any citizen of a free and democratic country should be outraged that its government would play with the safety of its population and its visitors for political purposes like this.

The fact that the Quebec Ministry of Transport has installed these electronic safety panels in the first place speaks to the need to inform motorists of serious issues ahead, on the road. The very nature of these messages is to alert, to warn, to safeguard motorists and passengers.

That Quebec would expressly restrict such messages to a single language speaks volumes of its intolerance of the English language and its contempt and disregard of English-speaking people, be they Quebecers or from elsewhere. This is totally unacceptable.

Join me in calling upon our government, through your MNA, to change this dangerous and discriminatory policy. I call upon my MNA, David Birnbaum, a principled man of goodwill, to speak with his colleagues in government, and to help them to see the serious error in this dangerous policy.