I was honoured to attend the Donald Berman Maimonides Centenarian Celebration yesterday. 18 residents, ranging in age from 100 to 104 years old, were feted. As City Councillor for District 6 where Maimonides is located I am so pleased when I am invited to meet these extra special residents, their families and the incredible staff and volunteers that make this a uniquely hospitable and caring institution.

When these residents were born Cote Saint-Luc was dotted with several farm houses along what is now CSL Road. We were just a tiny village 100 years ago.

But later in the 1950s, as our veterans who had returned from WWII began settling down, some of these residents chose CSL, and the population began to climb into the thousands and our little rural village grew into a burgeoning, modern, suburban city. They built their homes and raised their families here, volunteered many hours each week and built a vibrant and caring community. Today this great city is inhabited by their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

What a legacy! What an achievement! What a blessing!

I’m inspired by meeting each of the centenarians and in reading their incredible bios.

As Jack Benny once said: Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. These folks are living proof. Smiling and happy to be alive, surrounded by family and caring staff.

Bravo to the dynamic duo of Barbra Gold and Karen Flam, the senior-most executive leadership along with my cousin, Larry Nachshen, former president of Maimonides and its foundation. These people, along with their staff and corps of volunteers do amazing work for the communities most aged and vulnerable citizens, and make their remaining years as comfortable and special as can be.

“So my role here as your city councillor is to wish you more than long life. It is to wish you good health, and much happiness,” I said to the audience. “Zolst ir leben mit mazal, gezundt un midt glick, biz a hundred und tzvantzik!” In Yiddish, I said, you should live with good luck and good health, to 120, the fabled age that Moses attained.

Happy birthdays!!