The Suburban
July 15, 2015
As of The Suburban’s press time Tuesday morning, no arrest has been made yet after the beating of Côte St. Luc resident Faigie Adelman, which took place a month ago Thursday in the parking garage of her Cavendish Blvd. building.
The Suburban has heard that naturally concerned residents are continually asking for updates on the incident.
Station 9 commander Marc Cournoyer told The Suburban that there is no new information as of yet, “but the investigation is still on, for sure.
“We want to reassure the population that the file is on the top of the list for the west region investigators.”
Cournoyer said Monday night there are no suspects as of yet.
An SPVM spokesman said Tuesday morning he had no new information.
Cournoyer was also asked if the motive was robbery, as initially reported — there are widespread suspicions it was not.
“I can’t say right now if it was a robbery or random,” the commander said.
Mayor Anthony Housefather said he cannot disclose what the police are currently discussing about the investigation.
“My understanding is the police are working very hard to find the culprit, and there have been no other incidents, which increases, in my view, the chance that this was a targeted attack,” he added. “This is my belief, the police are doing their investigation. The police are working very hard, they have investigators assigned to this, and I’m very hopeful they will find the culprit of this horrible attack on this poor lady.
The Sun Youth organization said the Montreal police have not yet asked the organization to offer a reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.
Housefather said he is periodically asking for updates.
“They’re doing what they can do. They have multiple investigators assigned to the case.”