Stephen Bronfman and Anthony Housefather

Stephen Bronfman and Anthony Housefather

At a full house rally at Housefather campaign headquarters in Mount Royal riding renowned Canadian business leader, philanthropist, environmentalist and national fundraising chairman of the Liberal Party of Canada, Stephen Bronfman, spoke passionately of his support of the party and applauded Housefather for carrying the flag in Mount Royal.

Snowdon City Councillor Marvin Rotrand welcomed the crowd of supporters and leaders representing every cultural community across the riding.

Local mayors Peter Trent of Westmount and Beny Masala of Montreal West spoke glowingly of their years of interactions with Housefather. Masala admired Housefather for his unique quality of targeting issues and uniting opinions. Trent saluted him for his wisdom, acute business sense and for running a positive campaign. The Westmount mayor didn’t mince his words in denouncing Conservative candidate Robert Libman for abandoning his constituents in promising to support municipal demergers under Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay and once elected doing the exact opposite. “Read my book,” Trent said, indicating he exposes Libman’s tactics in  saying one thing and doing another.

“Anthony is one of the most principled and trustworthy people that I know who will also stand up for his residents and not his own interests. In that respect he is very different from his opponent. In this election I must strongly recommend voting for the Liberals and Anthony Housefather,” Mayor Trent said.

Mayor Masella credited Housefather for the leadership he showed by standing up to the Parti Québecois when it tried to adopt laws changing the bilingual status of municipalities and to adopt the infamous Charter of Values. “He not only supported his community, but led the battle to support all communities,” he said.

Bronfman told the crowd that Housefather’s 20 years in international business is a great asset to the economic team of the Liberals.

In a “me generation,” Anthony has shown that he is all about community and the greater good, taking care of others, Bronfman said. “These are real Liberal values and Anthony is the real thing.”

The Bronfman name is synonymous with unwavering, staunch support for the State of Israel. “People ask me why I’m supporting the Liberals when Stephen Harper has been so good for Israel.” Bronfman offered a business analogy: “When a corporation takes over a business the last thing you do is shed your best assets. Stephen Harper did a phenomenal job at developing a wonderful relationship with Israel. I took Justin to Israel a few years ago and at the end of our week he really got it.  The Liberals under Justin Trudeau are going to build upon this great relationship. That’s what smart people do.  They do the right thing and that’s what we’re going to do with our relationship with Israel.”

Housefather addressed the assembly in his usual style as a respectful, intelligent and eloquent leader. “Liberal values are Jewish values. They’re Filipino  values. And they’re Bangladeshi, Hindu, Vietnamese and Black values. They’re Canadian values,” Housefather said to loud cheers. I want to represent all communities, unite all communities and work to strengthen the Canadian family and help the middle class,” Housefather said. “We need a government and prime minister that meets with provincial leaders (Harper hasn’t held a First Minister’s Conference in several years), that protects us by not abandoning a long gun registry, by not destroying the gun list when Quebec asks for the data,” he said in outlining the differences between Liberals and Conservatives.

Housefather spoke passionately about his personal support for Israel, while reiterating the Liberal Party’s long-standing support for the Jewish State, “We are lucky to live in a country where each major party supports Israel. This should not be a wedge issue,” he stated, celebrating a room full of supporters from a swath of cultural communities

Listen to Housefather’s full speech here:

Housefather underlined the importance of the Bronfman name in Canada. “For anyone who questions the Liberal Party’s commitment to and support for the State of Israel, the Bronfman name stands tall,” states Housefather. “The Bronfman family has played a leadership role in the Canadian Jewish community for generations. As the immediate past chair of the Combined Jewish Appeal campaign, Stephen followed in the footsteps of his father Charles, his late uncle Edgar and his late grandfather Samuel.”

Other endorsements from the Jewish community included former Canadian Jewish Congress president Dorothy Reitman, Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors Immediate Past President Maxine Bloom, Jewish community leaders Dean Mendel and Neil Uditsky, Beth Zion Congregation Immediate Past President Allan Schneiderman, Or Hahayim Past President Ariel Sabbah, Beth Zion Sisterhood President Rena Rush, Jewish Book Month Past President Gitty Cobrin, Past Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias Jimmy Indig, Past President of the Côte Saint-Luc Men’s Club Peter Sternberg, Côte Saint Luc Women’s Club President Ferma Green, Association de Juifs Originaire D’Egypte founder and Past President of the Spanish Portuguese Synagogue Sisterhood Irena Buenavida.

One of the most impassioned messages of the night came from Lilia Esguerra, the president of FILGA (Filipino Golden Agers). While she recognized that the NDP candidate is from the Filipino community, she stated that most of the community is solidly behind the Liberals and Housefather. “Over 40 years ago the Philippines were placed under martial law by the late Ferdinand Marcos,” she recalled. “Our democratic way of life was taken away from us. Some people like members of my family were able to leave. I was already here in Canada and it was because of Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau that I was able to get 17 members of my family here. I will always be grateful to the Federal Liberal Party.”

Joining Stephen Bronfman in supporting Anthony Housefather is the entire Cote Saint-Luc City Council and many of the councillors of Hampstead and TMR.

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