The battle in Mount Royal is representative of a larger fight between Liberals and Conservatives.

Source: Mount Royal: Israel Policy Key In Battle For Liberal Stronghold


In my opinion: An excellent article by the Huffington Post that gives a balanced look at the race in our riding. Once again it shows that Anthony Housefather is up against Stephen Harper, not Robert Libman, and pretty much on the Israel issue alone.

As important as Israel is to members of the Jewish community, we are voting for or local representative in Parliament, both of whom are supporters of Israel, quite obviously. Both of their leaders are supporters of Israel. Both will continue to support the Jewish State in Parliament, at the U.N. and around the world. They’ve said so publicly. So vote for the best candidate!

Also, a pretty cheap shot by Libman in criticizing the city councillors for supporting Housefather. Libman would only wish to get some local elected folk to support him. Having broken his promise on demergers it is instructive that city councillors are not throwing support behind Libman. To suggest councillors are being paid by the city to work on a federal campaign is false and defamatory and Libman should be ashamed to be spewing such nonsense.