Tsakon vCOP crossing guard 2015-10

CSL Public Security Lt. Anthony Tsakon demonstrates proper crossing guard technique

Cote Saint-Luc Public Security Lieutenant Anthony Tsakon was the guest speaker this week as Cote Saint-Luc’s volunteer Citizens on Patrol went back to the training academy to learn to cross the street. Well, not exactly. At their bi-monthly patrol meeting, vCOP members were given a training session on proper techniques in crossing guard and traffic control duty to assist our residents and visitors.

vCOP members are often the first on scene at traffic accidents or at disabled vehicles blocking a lane of traffic. They are also pressed into service at large city events where they may assist with crowd control and helping pedestrians safely cross the street.

Carrying out this duty safely and securely actually takes a little training and practice. Thankfully our volunteers are keen in keeping our city and its residents safe at all times.

Also at this meeting volunteers Jeff Smith and Robert Lefcort were singled out as Patrollers of the Month for September and October respectively.

Jeff Smith was recognized for contributing some 450+ hours, so far, this year, an extraordinary amount of time when one considers that only 72 hours per year are required as a minimum. Jeff also assisted by patrolling during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur as well as for the Sukkot festivities that took place on Cavendish Blvd. Normally, it is difficult to recruit members to patrol on these very busy days in Cote Saint-Luc.  He has also helped some of our members to improve their radio skills. Thank you Jeff.

vCOP Supervisor Mitchell Herf, patroller Robert Lefcort and Associate Supervisor Elaine Meunier

vCOP Supervisor Mitchell Herf, patroller Robert Lefcort and Associate Supervisor Elaine Meunier

Robert Lefcort is always helping out at special events in the city.  Anytime he is asked, Robert is eager to raise a hand and lend a hand.  He helped out at the recent Chabad public event and also at the weekly Farmer’s Market this summer, along with all of his regular  patrols.  He patrols with many vCOP members and especially enjoys going on shift with new members who do not yet know most volunteers.  He is also very active on the vCOP Smoke Detector Brigade and is setting up the new members orientation team. Said supervisor Susie Schwartz, “Robert has been at EVERY Special Event that I put on the calendar (except one month a year when he is in Florida). I can ALWAYS count on him!”

More than 80 volunteers patrol the streets of Côte Saint-Luc in marked vCOP vans, scooters, on foot and on bicycles. The volunteers notify local agencies about emergency and non-emergency situations as they act as observers throughout the community. Volunteer patrollers also help out at all community events, check smoke detectors in homes in partnership with the fire department and assist with residents at major fires and other large incidents.

Côte Saint-Luc was the first city in Quebec to implement this neighbourhood-watch-on-wheels program in 2006. Similar programs have been established in communities throughout Canada and the United States.

The next recruitment session is coming up. To attend the information session, for more information or to join the vCOP program, please call 514-485-6800, send an e-mail to vcop@CoteSaintLuc.org, or visitCoteSaintLuc.org/vcop.