Thanks to the volunteer Citizens and Patrol, CSL Public Security, EMS First Responders and emergency dispatcher who kept an eye out for the little goblins and ghouls in Cote Saint-Luc tonight. 


A few homeowners got into the spirit and spiffed up their front yards with illuminated blow ups, giant spiders and webs. The house pictured below on Beethoven Avenue was splashed in colourful beams of light. 


But scary hats off to Derek and Marnie Stern of Hampstead for creating an experience that drew such large crowds from across Montreal that Police and Hamsptead Security had to block off surrounding streets. 


The Stern lawn looked  like a movie set with horrifying cemetery props, a real hearse, mummies, blow up decorations and a sound and light show. They had two vintage fire trucks on the street with “firefighters” posing for pictures with the little onlookers and infer gawkers too. Even beloved #53,  Herbie the Love Bug was parked on the front lawn, California plates and all. 

What’s more, Derek, was greeting the hundreds upon hundreds of guests personally as he walked around the street with a tray of drinks in hand. Now that’s hospitality!

Were you out and about in CSL or Hampstead? Any notable sites to comment on?