My first public council meeting as Acting mayor of Cote Saint-Luc, November 9, 2015

My first public council meeting as Acting Mayor of the City of Cote Saint-Luc, November 9, 2015

At our last public meeting we bid farewell to our good friend and consummate mayor, Anthony Housefather. Last night, it was a distinct honour for me to preside over the City Council meeting in my capacity as Acting Mayor of the City of Cote Saint-Luc.
It was truly an honour as I consider my service on council to be a privilege and last night was one of distinction in that it is exactly 25 years ago since I was first elected to this venerable body, together with my colleagues Councillors Mitchell Brownstein, Ruth Kovac and Dida Berku.  I congratulate them for this important milestone in our political lives, as well as to Councillor Allan J. Levine for his remarkable 25 plus years on council since his first election in 1986.
As for Councillors Steven Erdelyi, Mike Cohen and Sam Goldbloom, our youngsters on council, they have devoted the last 10 years to the work of the council, and together we have all worked collaboratively and respectfully, for which I am very grateful.
We have a dedicated and talented group of councillors in CSL, along with a dynamic and creative administration led by Tanya Abramovitch, Nadia Di Furia and Jonathan Shecter,  all of whom are focused on delivering quality services and programs to our residents.
Together, we will work hard to ensure a smooth period of transition, maintaining a stable and responsible local government here in the City of CSL.
Soon we will begin the process of electing a new mayor to fill the vacancy. Given that it was my turn to be ready to step up if the actual mayor could not fulfill his role for whatever reason, I will follow in Anthony’s very large shoes and I will indeed step up to serve as the Accidental Mayor.