“One phase is the railing that is on both sides of the walkway that is used by many residents and students,” Councillor Steven Erdelyi explained at the November council meeting. “The railing is in desperate need of being replaced.”

The councillor also said there were issues with the retaining wall, “both on the east and west sides.

“On the east side, the concrete retaining wall is in need of a full facelift that will involve removing the top layer of concrete and adding a new layer onto it, at the same time keeping the width of the sidewalk standard so that people can still travel,” he explained. “It will also involve complete replacement of the guardrails.

“On the west side, where you have some concrete blocks that are keeping the grass up, they will be removed and that whole side will be re-leveled so that it won’t need any concrete blocks.”

Erdelyi said he had been pushing for the project for several years, and that over time, the condition of the underpass worsened.

“It’s a situation that can’t wait any further,” he added. “The goal is to have the project take place just after St. Jean Baptiste Day, when it’s least used by drivers and pedestrians, and be done by the end of August, so as not to interfere with students, who we know use this as a valuable way to walk back and forth. Throughout the project, we’ll be looking at the safety of all residents and students to make sure the underpass is completely safe.”

Council regular Irving Itman has been calling for improvements to the underpass for years.