CSL mayoral byelection April 10

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Côte St. Luc had asked the Quebec municipal affairs ministry for an extension from an expected date 30 days before April 10, because many residents are in Florida for the winter. This was granted.

Councillor Mitchell Brownstein has declared his candidacy for the mayoralty, and he is being supported by all of the members of council, as well as Housefather.

Tordjman then asked if an election for Brownstein’s potentially vacated council seat could happen at the same time as the mayoral by-election.

“That issue is directly related to the date that any sitting current councillor would potentially vacate his or her seat to run in the by-election for the mayor,” Nashen replied. “If that takes place within a reasonable period of time, when the elections are called, there would be a concurrent by-election for that given seat. It’s entirely dependent on the date that the councillor would determine to resign from that seat, so yes, it is possible. The consideration is not that of the council, it’s that of the councillor who would resign at the given time.”



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