Housefather advocates for Cavendish link in Commons

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Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather advocated for the long awaited Cavendish extension in the House of Commons last week.

The MP’s remarks reflected feedback he received from a recent town hall meeting in which the link was identified as a local priority for potential infrastructure funding in the upcoming federal budget.

During his bilingual response to the Throne Speech, Housefather also reflected on the attributes of his riding and vowed to fight for bilingualism across Canada.

Housefather also noted that the Throne Speech included references to the Liberal promise of infrastructure funding.

“Those of us who come from municipal backgrounds in cities and towns across this great country, know that we need money for hard infrastructure like roads, aqueducts, and sewers,” he said. “We need more money for public transit in our great metropolises, particularly in Montreal, where we need the money for the STM. In my riding, a project of particular importance is the Cavendish Boulevard extension.”

Housefather called the proposed Cavendish link between Côte St. Luc and St. Laurent “the most important missing piece of the Montreal Island road network.

“We have talked about it for 50 years and it still has not happened. All of the cities in the agglomeration of Montreal, which is our regional government, strongly support the Cavendish extension. Over the last 10 years, we put $5 million into developing the engineering plans to make this project happen.”

The MP also pointed out that the Montreal island-wide agglomeration has earmarked $44 million, a third of the estimated total cost, for the link. The rest would come from the provincial and federal governments.

“I hope that everyone in the House will show their support. This project is very important to me.”

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