SPVM Station 9 issues crime prevention advisories

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By Joel Goldenberg
The Suburban, Feb 24, 2016
SPVM Station 9 issues crime prevention advisories

Between Feb. 1 and Feb. 5, three incidents of thefts or attempted thefts within cars took place in Côte St. Luc. On Feb. 1, a motorist parked his car at the Côte St. Luc Shopping Centre. Upon returning 15 minutes later, $5 was missing from a cupholder. There was no forced entry.

On Feb. 3, a motorist visited friends on Baily Road and returned to discover the passenger side of the car had been searched and left in disarray.

On Feb. 5, the front driver’s side tire was stolen from a car parked at the motorist’s residence.

The police are recommending that car doors be locked at all times, that cars be parked in a lit area, valuables are left out of sight, or if they have to be in the car, placed in a trunk before reaching the destination.

On Feb. 3 at Quartier Cavendish, a purse placed on a chair next to its owner was stolen. Police saw two suspects in surveillance videos, one of whom appeared to put an object in a backpack.

In this instance, police are recommending that purses not be placed on the back of seats, or on an empty neighbouring seat, but instead on one’s lap, and valuables be kept in a coat pocket.


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