Mayor Brownstein Innauguration Ceremony 2016

With a solemn oath to serve with honesty and integrity Mitchell Brownstein was sworn in as the 12th mayor of Cote Saint-Luc at Monday night’s public council meeting. Hundreds of friends, supporters and well-wishers packed the council chamber to witness the civic ceremony and to hear the new mayor’s inaugural address.

“I plan to be a full time mayor and a friend of all citizens. I ask all residents to like me on Facebook, follow me on other social media and contact me anytime you have an issue that requires my attention,” Mayor Brownstein said. “I’m anxious to get to work with my council and our administration.”

Mayor Brownstein Inauguration Swearing In Ceremony 2016

Attending the brief ceremony was the local Member of Parliament and former Mayor, Anthony Housefather as well as the Member of the National Assembly, David Birnbaum. Former Cote Saint-Luc Councillors Isadore Goldberg, David Klinger and Joseph Panunto were present, along with TMR Mayor Philippe Roy, Hampstead Councillors Michael Goldwax, Karen Seidman and Harvey Shaeffer, Montreal Councillor Marvin Rotrand and DDO Councillor and the mayor’s brother, Herbert Brownstein.

Mayor Brownstein Innauguration Ceremony b 2016

The new mayor and the councillors joined the audience for a giant group shot of the mayor’s inauguration. Then with a bang of the gavel Mayor Brownstein immediately got down to business and called his first public meeting of city council to order. With nearly 70 agenda items to be adopted Mayor Brownstein’s first meeting carried on and on until late into the evening.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein inauguration 2016-03-14

Only two council meeting regulars sat through the entire meeting in addition to the four candidates for Mayor Brownstein’s District 7 seat (possibly wondering if they had made the right choice to run!).

Long may Mayor Brownstein preside over our city in good health and happiness.





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