I was very proud to be included for special mention in a recent Suburban Newspaper editorial on community action and community press. The piece highlighted the outstanding contributions of Hampstead lawyer Harold Staviss and Cote Saint-Luc city councillor Ruth Kovac in their year-long activism together with veteran community reporter Joel Goldenberg in pointing out those business, government agencies and other services that refuse to carry the English language on their signs, publicity and advertising. They have actively pursued corporate executives and politicians to remind them publicly that our language regulations do not demand the elimination of English.
For my part I have communicated with the Montreal Fire Department, provincial police, transport, security, Hydro Quebec, Urgences Santé and other agencies that have simply neglected to offer any, or enough, English information on their websites and in social media. There have been some successes, as noted in the Suburban editorial, such as the translating of Montreal Fire Department website and some tweeting in English.
The refusal of the transport department to allow English on their massive digital information boards over Quebec’s highways is particularly baffling and nonsensical.
The rejection by these agencies to tweet and post to social media in English to benefit the million English-speaking Quebecers and tourists is deplorable.
As the Suburban, Staviss and Kovac have repeated over the last year, “It’s a matter of respect”.
I am proud to have been included among those active in, and dedicated to the community. I intend to continue to advocate for English-speaking Quebecers, and all Quebecers, for as long as it takes!