By Mike Cohen

Many people are anxious to see the new Shell gas station, complete with a car wash and Bonisoir convenience store, open for business at the corner of  Cavendish Boulevard and Mackle Road. It seems like a very long time since the Esso self-serve shut down. It took many months for digging and decontamination to take place and  then came the construction for the new facility.


The facility as it looks now.

To the naked eye, it looks as if the facility is ready to open. But not so. First they require Hydro-Québec to  install underground electrical conduits crossing Cavendish at the intersection of Mackle to supply the proper voltage of power.  This will result in some short term pain, for long term gain.

Beginning April 18, the Cavendish and Mackle intersection will be closed completely for at least 10 working days in order to complete the work.  Our Urban Development and Public Affairs teams will advise all residents in the immediate area of alternative routes. This will include automated phone calls to residents affected, signage and information disseminated via social media.

The goal will be  to give motorists a heads-up on day one so they can give themselves more time. By day two, we hope people can adapt — regardless of whether they heard the phone call or saw any of the signs in advance.
We all wish this could have been avoided, but in order to speed up the start of this new facility  we need to respond to their request.