Quebec is anti-Uber? Coderre is anti-calèche? No problem!

How about Uber-Calèche in Cote Saint-Luc?

Just imagine, using your iPhone app to summon a local, horse-drawn carriage to your front door and shuttling you off to the mall? It could be called the ‘Flag a Ferd to the Cavenyiddish Mall’!

Need a jug of milk at the new Boni-Soir at Mackle and Cavendish. No prob. Whip out your iPhone to see little horse icons slowly edging their way around the Luc and request a pickup. 

Heading out to a hot date at the local theatre? Travel in style. Uber-X-Calèche will arrive with a black shiny buggy with a white gloves driver. 

Cote Saint-Luc is a progressive and technologically advanced city. We know how to blend centuries old tradition with modern mobile tech. C’mon.  It’s 2016!

A horse drawn calèche on Borden Avenue in Cote Saint-Luc in 1944