Côte St. Luc council will soon be receiving a report from consultants on ways to improve Kildare Road and Cavendish Blvd., considered the most dangerous intersection in the city…

I am pleased to have summoned the professionals to discuss this intersection and call for this report while I served as mayor of the city back in December 2015. With important input from our traffic experts and public safety director the consultant was tasked with proposing immediate fixes to the vehicle circulation, pedestrian flow, traffic signals and all circumstances affecting that corner.

For too many years I have been calling for a pedestrian refuge in the middle of the roadway to allow those unable to cross the full width of the boulevard in one shot. Each time I’ve been told that the road is not wide enough for such a refuge.

It is high time to ensure greater pedestrian safety at this key intersection, traversed daily by students and seniors alike all the while allowing for a smooth, safe flow of traffic. I am looking forward to discussing this report with members of council and to seeing positive and change and improved safety.

Source: CSL awaiting Kildare/Cavendish fix report | City News | thesuburban.com