By Joel Goldenberg

The Suburban
Côte St. Luc mayor Mitchell Brownstein met very recently met with Canadian Pacific vice-president Mark Wallace to discuss the possibility of the railway moving the St. Luc yards, located in Côte St. Luc, off the island.
Brownstein was responding to council regular Irving Itman, who asked for information on his “favourite subject,” the long-awaited Cavendish Blvd. extension betwen Côte St. Luc and St. Laurent.
Brownstein met with Wallace, who is based in Ottawa, on July 8.
“Wallace came to see me, because he read in the media what was going on with respect to discussions between me and others about moving the yards,” the mayor said at the July 11 council meeting. “And he reiterated the fact that they’re willing to move the yards. They’re waiting for a project to come forward and there’s no need, in his opinion, for there to be an outcry from the public, because that’s not what is going to make it happen. What’s going to make it happen is the proper development proposal, and they’re completely ready and willing at this time, because they have land in Vaudreuil, to consider moving the yards.”
“What’s required to move the yards is a serious development plan that’s very financially interesting for CP Rail.”
Brownstein said Wallace asked him to “speak out, and let it be known that they’re willing and interested” to move the yards.
“He doesn’t need to know how many people in Côte St. Luc would want it, because he knows 34,000 people in Côte St. Luc would want it. It’s just a matter of the proper plan being presented.”
Brownstein and Wallace also discussed the Cavendish extension per se.
“He said that CP is in discussions with Montreal about [the city] purchasing CP land, and he will present his offer back to the Montreal agglomeration.”
Brownstein said he then spoke to Montreal executive committee chairman Pierre Desrochers about his meeting with Wallace.
“Desrochers assured me he’s looking forward to hearing back from CP, and that he will always be available to update me on the progress between CP and the City of Montreal. Desrochers told me he’s working with the provincial government on the other issues of funding.”
Brownstein vowed to ensure that all the parties involved in the extension issue keep talking to each other.