Child Dog Snow

 The City of Côte Saint-Luc recently launched a pilot project  to allow dogs on leashes in six parks and several green spaces.


“Dog owners have told us they appreciate being able to bring their pets to city parks and green spaces,” Mayor Mitchell Brownstein said. “We found a good balance by selecting certain parks and ensuring a safe distance from playgrounds and splash pads for the pilot project.”


When in public, dog owners must always keep their dog on a leash, have up-to-date dog tags issued by Côte Saint-Luc or any other municipality, and scoop up after their dog.


The parks or green spaces that now allow leashed dogs include Aaron Hart Park along David Lewis St., Harold Greenspon Park on Borden Ave., the green space between Marc Chagall Ave. and the parking lot of the Bernard Lang Civic Centre, the green space on Baily Rd. between Northluc and Cavendish, the green space on Baily Rd. between Lyndale and Glencrest, and a section of Kirwan Park between Blossom and Wentworth.


“We’ve achieved our goal of having dog-friendly parks that serve all parts of the city,” Mayor Brownstein said. “We will continue to monitor how the parks or green spaces are being used, to decide whether we should expand dog-friendly parks to more areas.”


The city’s exclusive dog park is located on Mackle Rd, between Caldwell and Parkhaven.
We wish all our Côte Saint-Luc dogs and their owners a happy, tail-wagging holiday season.