All CSL council members running for re-election

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The Suburban can now confirm that all nine members of the current Côte St. Luc council plan to run for re-election in this November’s municipal vote.

Last week, in response to an e-mail sent by The Suburban to all council members, most replied, including councillors Mike Cohen, Dida Berku, Steven Erdelyi, Allan Levine, Glenn Nashen, Sidney Benizri and Ruth Kovac.

In the last few days, Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and District 1 Councillor Sam Goldbloom responded as well.

“As a full time Mayor I have enjoyed my first 10 months and look forward to my next 10 months,” Brownstein said. “The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. I am humbled and honoured to represent a proud community where we all truly appreciate excellence and work together to achieve it.”

The Mayor also detailed some of the achievements of the past several months, since he was acclaimed last year as mayor, and future plans.

“With the continued full support of our very talented members of council and having settled the collective agreements with the professionals, whites and blues, and having built a wonderful relationship with our management team, we are moving forward with a new customer service and employee appreciation program,” he said. “Labour peace helps create a happy work environment which improves quality of service to residents. Insuring the best quality of life and service in our city is my number one objective.

“I also continue to purse major projects such as the Cavendish extension and the potential relocation of the rail yards, meeting with all levels of government and the railways on a regular basis. I have developed excellent working relationships which will help move these and other important projects forward.”

Goldbloom also confirmed he is running again.

“I love what I am doing and I have some projects in mind to complete and participate in,” he said.


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