vCOP officers are welcomed into service at Cote Saint-Luc City Hall last week by Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Cllr. Glenn J. Nashen

Four members of Cote Saint-Luc volunteer Citizens on Patrol were “sworn in” as officers last week in the first major reorganization of leadership since the group was created nearly 11 years ago.

Phil Mayman, Morris Stelcner, Bert Rabinovitch and David Goldsmith have joined the ranks around the supervisors table following their years of leadership positions including heading up the Smoke Detector Brigade and Vacation Spot Check. The four will be joined by longtime leaders Mitchell Herf, Elaine Meunier, Lewis Cohen and Susie Schwartz.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein opened the inaugural meeting of the new officers by thanking those who have already served since the creation of the group back in 2006 and wished the new members well as they set forth to build upon the success of the group and implement new programs and ideas.

The idea for vCOP in Cote Saint-Luc began during my winter vacation in Florida back in 2005. I spotted the distinctive Broward Sheriffs Office cruisers emblazoned with the words, “Citizens Patrol”.  I met with the Sherrif’s officer in charge of the program and set the wheels in motion to transplant the program in Cote Saint-Luc. I wrote the original training manual, recruited the first volunteers and got a donated patrol van. Fast forward 11 years and we now have over 90 uniformed and trained volunteers, four marked vans, four electric scooters, donated electric bikes and mountain bikes, an office and training protocols and procedures.

Cllr. Glenn J. Nashen and Supervisor Mitchell Herf inaugurate the newest vCOP electric scooters

Good luck to all of our officers and many thanks to all of our outstanding vCOP members.

Recruitment for new members takes place in the Spring and Fall. Information is available at or by searching the vCOP category on my blog.

vCOP is a program of the CSL Public Safety Department. The director is Jordy Reichson and chief is Philip Chateauvert. I serve as City Councillor responsible for vCOP and Emergency Preparedness.