This spring I’ve had the opportunity to visit many constituents at their doors. It’s always a pleasure to ring doorbells and chat in the warm spring sun with a light breeze. Especially so when it’s outside of an election period. Quebec’s November elections are poorly timed as the weather is often inclement and the sun sets early. No wonder other jurisdictions set their municipal elections during spring.

Great to meet up with Gady Avissar at his front door on Jellicoe Ave. Friendly as can be and a real happy fellow. Door to door is a family outing together with Judy and Jeremy.

Tonight I had the chance to talk with many residents on Jellicoe Ave. I love this neighbourhood as I grew up around the corner and spent half my life playing street hockey and hide-and-go-seek with my friends on the surrounding streets. We loved playing on the small connector between Jellicoe and Cork that we affectionately referred to as JelliCork.

I was joined by my wife, Dr. Judy Hagshi and my son Jeremy. This evening’s visit was also remarkable as not one resident had a complaint! People were genuinely happy. Happy with their street, with their neighbours, with city services, and yes, even with their City Councillor. Several people thanked me for knocking on their door and leaving my calling card. One really nice family gave my son a popsicle. How nice to be so happy.

Liane Fransblow and her son Myles happy to say hi on Jellicoe Ave.

I hope you’re happy in Cote Saint-Luc too. What makes you happiest about living here? Please comment.

And I hope to meet many more of you as I make my way from house to house in CSL. Meanwhile, please like me on Facebook or subscribe to my blog at