Lockwood resident Tom Reichman with Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Councillor Glenn J. Nashen


Mayor Brownstein and I had a wonderful evening meeting with residents on Lockwood Avenue earlier this week. Residents were very enthused about receiving a visit by their elected officials and given the opportunity to discuss issues important to them right at their doors. I truly enjoy engaging with my constituents in their neighbourhood as I do not only during election campaigns, but in between as well, whether taking walks with my family through District 6 or in cycling around and stopping to chat here and there.

The Mayor and I were so pleased to hear the very favourable remarks about residents’ impressions about the new Shalom Bloom Sculpture Garden in Trudeau Park, about the new services for kids at the Aquatic and Community Centre and about how pleased they are with city services and programs.

CSLers feel safe and secure in their neighbourhoods and this gives me great pride as I spend an inordinate amount of time and energy working with our public safety volunteers and staff ensuring that we remain the safest place on the Island of Montreal. As the founder of volunteer Citizens on Patrol I am so proud of our 92 amazing volunteers who instill a sense of security throughout the community.

What an extra special treat it was to meet up with resident Tom Reichman. Tom greeted us with a great, friendly smile and was effusive in his love for CSL and his appreciation of this tremendous place we call home.

“Dear Glenn, It was a pleasure meeting you and Mitchell Brownstein this evening,” Tom wrote to me later that evening. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many years of service that you have given us as our Councillor in District 6.  We have lived  here for 30 years and have had a few situations where we asked for your help.  In each instance you addressed and resolved the problem in a timely manner. We have always felt that you were a phone call or an email away.”

Tom, I return the thanks, and more. Your positive and generous feedback, and that of so many constituents that I meet as I work my way to every single door in the district, adds the fuel that fires my passion for serving my constituents and my drive to provide new and exciting ideas to continue improving our quality of life here in CSL.

To you Tom, and to all CSLers, thank you for your support and encouragement!