Few city councillors, let alone candidates, can boast of knocking on the same doors for their entire life. But I can.

Having grown up and lived half my life on Cork Ave in District 6, I got an early start in visiting my neighbours while selling chocolate bars as a Jewish Peretz School elementary school student. By 10 years old I found other opportunities such as greeting cards to keep me pounding the pavement around Cork, Jellicoe, Mountbatten and Melling. By 14 I was delivering the Monitor newspaper for one cent a paper on my street and around the area. Of course there were also various Bialik High School projects, events and even Halloween that kept me knocking on the same doors year after year.

So when I knocked on one particular door on Cork Ave earlier this week, the house that I grew up in, it was with a great big smile and a lump in my throat. Dr. Ron Schondorf, who moved in when the Nashens moved out years earlier, greeted me and knew right away that I was “coming home” to visit once again.

Knocking on doors: a visit to my ancestral home on Cork Ave with current homeowner Dr. Ron Schondorf (Oct. 2017)

My life is intertwined with CSL’s development since the 60’s. And my involvement in CSL spans a lifetime. Indeed, I have volunteered in municipal services my entire adult life: the Emergency Measure Organization (now EMS) which lead to my interest in serving my fellow residents as a city councillor and to me ultimately creating the volunteer Citizens on Patrol program. And of course all I’ve done to serve as councillor concentrating on emergency preparedness and ensuring we’re the safest place on the Island of Montreal. One door at a time!

Glenn J. Nashen riding aboard Cote Saint-Luc’s first Rescue Medical Fire vehicle (1981)