Alan Murad and Gloria Stermer, happy residents on Kildare Road


Street by street, house by house: this is the best part of the campaign.

Having knocked on over 1500 doors during this campaign – each and every door in District 6 – the mood I detected is one of general happiness with the state of affairs in our beautiful city of Cote Saint-Luc. To be sure, many residents have comments, especially when I’ve encouraged them with leading questions to share their opinions aloud. And many were pleased to simply say they had no issues and that they were happy with their city services as is.

I’ve noted each and every issue and have already initiated my follow-up with city staff, the mayor and my fellow councillors, as I have always done in offering quick action and open dialogue with my constituents. Indeed, I’ve shared many of these issues right here on Nashen Notes, posting local issues on my blog and soliciting wider input from residents.

I trust that my constituents have benefited from my proven and trusted leadership. With the help of voters in District 6 on Sunday, I hope to continue to assist them with their issues with the same sense of leadership, pride and determination.