vCOP founder Glenn J. Nashen and volunteer supervisor Mitchell Herf

On a warm summer weeknight some like to watch TV, or shop or take a walk. But for Cote Saint-Luc’s volunteer Citizens on Patrol members there’s nothing better than patrolling the city on two tires.

Such was the case last week as the evening temperature was a sticky 25C. vCOP supervisor Mitchell Herf and I are frequent patrol partners preferring the option of mountain bikes or electric scooters.

“You can get close to the residents, exchange with them and teach them about our group and city ordinances,” Herf says.

We met up with many residents that night, bumping into Earl, the well-known barefoot jogger along Mackle, neighbours in Shuster Park whom I had never met before and complete strangers to whom we said hi cycling through Rembrandt Park.

We bumped into my hair stylist, Georges, from Intercoupe Monsieur, who was out chatting with a neighbour. He saluted us for our volunteer service. That made us feel good.

Glenn J. Nashen on vCOP Bike Patrol outside Cote Saint-Luc City Hall

You need to be out in the community, meeting people, to truly appreciate the essence of what community really means. That is what Cote Saint-Luc is all about. That’s the real thing that social media will never replace.

If you’d like to have the same great experience why not join vCOP and try it out, even if you’re not the two-tired type.