As Mount Royal Member of Parliament gets ready to be sworn in for his second term in elected office many constituents will be wondering if he will be a cabinet minister, a parliamentary secretary (also known as junior minister) or head up an important committee on The Hill. 

Those that know him will tell you that Anthony Housefather is in tip top shape to be the Minister of Anything. Sharp, bright and quick on his toes there is no doubt that Canada would be well served by having Anthony in cabinet. However, with strict limitations set by the Prime Minister on delicately balancing members of cabinet based upon geography, language and gender Anthony’s chances are rather slim. 

Therefore, here are my top seven reasons why Anthony Housefather ought to be appointed as a Junior Minister:

  1. As chair of the Justice Committee in the last session he proved his qualifications as a parliamentarian skilled in leadership and negotiation, diplomacy and legal matters. He dealt with committee members with a calm, steady hand, and always with a polite, respectful demeanour, regardless of political affiliation. He was equally skilled at responding to national media during some dicey situations. 
  2. He takes large complex issues, synthesizes them and makes them easy to understand.  
  3. He feels strongly about human rights. With a background rooted in social justice, inclusiveness and tolerance Anthony has made his mark in advocating for fairness for all Canadians regardless of faith, language or sexual orientation. He believes in the equality of citizens under the law. His leadership in advocating a government apology for the SS St. Louis and his work on reproductive rights was exemplary.
  4. Passionately Canadian. Anthony is a fierce patriot. Whether as a proud City Councillor or Mayor representing his constituency across the country, or competing in international sports overseas or acting as a senior executive and general counsel negotiating contracts for a multinational corporation around the globe Anthony has always worn his Maple Leaf with pride and purpose.
  5. Bilingualism. A lover of languages and intercultural relations Anthony is equally fluent in English and French with spurts of language skills in other languages. He understands the delicate matter of respecting language rights for minority groups across this country and for providing services in ones preferred official language.
  6. Uncompromising dedication to constituents and Canadians. Anthony sets the highest standards as a hard-working, ethically-minded, honest and transparent elected official. His passion to do what it takes to benefit those he represents is practically limitless.
  7. Personable and approachable. With a wide ranging, inclusive view of society Anthony is uniquely qualified to bring together people of different backgrounds, language and culture to find common purpose. He’s a people person who loves to engage one on one and is equally comfortable in front of a large audience. He meets with anyone needing assistance and does his utmost to solve problems.

Anthony Housefather is an extraordinary political representative who is uber-dedicated to his riding and his country and very deserving of consideration for a cabinet posting and certainly as a parliamentary secretary.