Over 100 friends and volunteers packed two chartered buses for the ride to Ottawa today to witness the swearing in ceremony for Mount Royal Member of Parliament, Anthony Housefather.
Many cultural communities of the Montreal West End riding, once represented by Pierre-Elliot Trudeau, traveled to Parliament Hill for the exciting and memorable occasion. With numerous members of the Filipino, Gujarati, Tamil, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Jewish, French-speaking, English-speaking, Italian and Greek communities, Anthony was completely and warmly encircled by his entire riding.

Members of Mount Royal’s Filipino community with MP Anthony Housefather

With Centre Block undergoing a decade-long renovation the group entered the “new” House of Commons, located in a totally enclosed courtyard of the West Block, beautifully enveloped by the once exterior, exquisitely sculpted walls, green cladded rooftops and Victorian shaped windows.

Anthony Housefather addressing supporters in the new House of Commons in the West Block

The official ceremony was conducted by the friendly and informative Deputy Clerk of the House, M. Andre Gagnon, who has been at VIP receptions and similar ceremonies for the last 29 years. You can watch the official swearing in here.

Deputy Clerk Andre Gagnon oversees MP Anthony Housefather signing in


Future MP Jeremy Nashen with Deputy Clerk Andre Gagnon

Highlighting the guest list were the Ambassadors of the Philippines and the State of Israel. Recognizing the large guest list of Filipinos and Jews, Mrs. Garcia described the close ties between her country and the Jewish state. “My country took in 1200 Jews during the holocaust and was the first Asian nation to recognize the state of Israel in 1948,” she said to great applause.
Mr. Barkan, attending his last ceremony as Israeli Ambassador, as he completes his final posting and retires from the foreign service said, “Anthony is the brightest person I met in Canada.”

Glenn and Jeremy with Israeli Ambassador Nimrod Barkan and Mrs. Barkan

Also in attendance was Cote Saint-Luc Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and his wife Elaine, councillor Dida Berku and Jacob Kincler, TMR Councillors Joseph Daoura and Minh Diem Le-Thi. We really missed not having councillor Ruth Kovac with us, as noted by Mayor Brownstein in his remarks highlighting Anthony’s political career.

MP Anthony Housefather sworn in to Canada’s 43rd Parliament with Glenn and Jeremy Nashen, Myrna Housefather, Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Councilors Mien Diem Le-Thi

The entire Fabian-Band clan from Cote Saint-Luc attended – all three generations. To be sure, there was representation from all neighbourhoods of the sprawling riding.

Ricki, Leslie, Jamie and Sammi Fabian on the bus with Anthony Housefather and Mayor Mitchell Brownstein

I was particularly pleased to be accompanied by my 10 year old son, Jeremy, for his fifth visit to Parliament Hill. “I really enjoyed Anthony’s guided tour of the House of Commons because he gave such interesting descriptions and answered everyone’s questions,” Jeremy said. “I’m always proud to be Canadian because Canada is such a cool country,” he added, standing among massive paintings of Canada’s Prime Ministers in the stately chamber.

Prime Minister Pierre-Elliot Trudeau overlooking Glenn and Jeremy

“I am so honoured to be surrounded by all of you and to feel the love and friendship here today, “Anthony said. ” It’s remarkable to have you all here with me. We have a special riding and how amazing is it to be preceded by Pierre-Elliot Trudeau, Sheila Finestone and Irwin Cotler.” See Anthony’s full speech here.
Anthony’s supporters filled the green leather seats of the House and many took turns sitting in the regal Speakers Chair, snapping selfies by the hundreds.
Anthony introduced us to his colleague, Michael Levitt, MP for York Centre, in Toronto, who had just been sworn in and was touring the House with his family.
The two greeted all those assembled in the hallow halls of Parliament and remarked how well they worked together for their similar, culturally-rich ridings.

MPs Anthomy Housefather and Michael Levitt


“How does one get appointed as Parliamentary Secretary (also known as Junior Minister),” I asked, “and how can we help?”  Anthony smiled along with the audience and responded, “The Prime Minister is just upstairs on the third floor,” he said to laughter. The group applauded showing their strong support for Anthony to be nominated to a Parliamentary Secretary position by Prime Minster Justin Trudeau.
It was time for a few group shots with everyone in the House before the two hour ride back to Montreal. What a wonderful opportunity for all of us to witness this ceremony, unchanged since the country was founded some 152 years earlier, and tour the seat of government.

Speaker of the House, Jeremy!

What an amazingly educational day for my son to take a day off of school, to learn about our government and its leaders at the political epicentre of the country and to show his support for Anthony, as the youngest participant.
And what a privilege to partake in this historic occasion, virtually unchanged since confederation. You could practically hear the Parliamentarians of the past century-and-a-half come to life as we walked in their footsteps and literally sat in their seats.  It makes one proud to be Canadian and even prouder to have Anthony Housefather as our remarkable and extraordinary Member of Parliament.