Eufy 11S Max

Our first robot vacuum, so we named her Rosie! (Last name: Jetson, of course). But seriously, the Eufy 11s Max was highly rated by Consumer Report and provided the best value and quality for the lowest price. At CAD$269 it was a relatively low price entry into this market. Sure there are cheaper robots but none of those were recommended by CR. There are definitely more expensive ones but do you really need all those bells and whistles?

Rosie was simple to set up and ran for 90 minutes before finding her way back to the charging base. And her dirt cup runneth over. I sent her out a few more times and she picked up dirt that I didn’t know was there! She easily rolled under beds, traveled along the walls and went behind couches and TVs. She returned to base every time. A couple of times she kept nudging the base away without mounting it for charging so I taped it to the floor and no more problem.

It’s fun to use and I haven’t had to vacuum in four weeks since I set her up. Great on hardwood floors and pretty good on carpet. You must tie up loose wires and pick up clutter so she doesn’t get stuck. The 30 minute quick feature is good, the circular motion for one room is great and the wall-hugger mode is pretty impressive too. If you can get it for less than what I paid on Boxing Day grab it and you can be a couch potato while she does all the vacuuming!