Meadowbrook: Nature at its finest, just around the corner

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Meadowbrook. March 25, 2017. Source: Nigel Dove.




Meadowbrook. March 25, 2017. Source: Nigel Dove.

New dog-friendly parks in Côte Saint-Luc

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Child Dog Snow

 The City of Côte Saint-Luc recently launched a pilot project  to allow dogs on leashes in six parks and several green spaces.


“Dog owners have told us they appreciate being able to bring their pets to city parks and green spaces,” Mayor Mitchell Brownstein said. “We found a good balance by selecting certain parks and ensuring a safe distance from playgrounds and splash pads for the pilot project.”


When in public, dog owners must always keep their dog on a leash, have up-to-date dog tags issued by Côte Saint-Luc or any other municipality, and scoop up after their dog.


The parks or green spaces that now allow leashed dogs include Aaron Hart Park along David Lewis St., Harold Greenspon Park on Borden Ave., the green space between Marc Chagall Ave. and the parking lot of the Bernard Lang Civic Centre, the green space on Baily Rd. between Northluc and Cavendish, the green space on Baily Rd. between Lyndale and Glencrest, and a section of Kirwan Park between Blossom and Wentworth.


“We’ve achieved our goal of having dog-friendly parks that serve all parts of the city,” Mayor Brownstein said. “We will continue to monitor how the parks or green spaces are being used, to decide whether we should expand dog-friendly parks to more areas.”


The city’s exclusive dog park is located on Mackle Rd, between Caldwell and Parkhaven.
We wish all our Côte Saint-Luc dogs and their owners a happy, tail-wagging holiday season.


Mini R.E.C. by Le R.E.C. Room coming to Côte Saint-Luc Aquatic and Community Centre as city expands programs for kids

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 The City of Côte Saint-Luc is greatly expanding its programs for kids with more than 30 new classes and new birthday party packages coming in the new year as Mini R.E.C. by Le R.E.C. Room comes to the Aquatic and Community Centre, or ACC.
The city will be entering into a partnership with Le R.E.C. Room to run programming, drop-in play times, birthday parties, ped day programs and winter camps. This new area inside the Aquatic and Community Centre will be referred to as Mini R.E.C. by Le R.E.C. Room.
The new programming will include art, ballet, mini jazz, hip-hop, gymnastics, gymkada and other signature programs such as FUN-Damentals, Athleti-Kids, Superhero Adventure Training, and Mini Dance Party. The birthday packages include themes such as super heroes, on the farm, princesses, music and more.
“We are making an effort to offer more programming that people want for their pre-school age children,” Mayor Mitchell Brownstein said. “By partnering with Le R.E.C. Room, we are enhancing our programs for kids. This partnership will allow for kids programming 7-days-a-week, creating an atmosphere of warmth with young children and families at our city facilities.”
The city will also be reorganizing the spaces at the ACC to create a sports and fitness corridor downstairs, and a kids and teen area upstairs. The fitness room will be moving the downstairs corridor to be closer to the locker rooms. At the upstairs corridor, the teen lounge and games rooms will move over into the former fitness room space, which has windows overlooking the indoor pools. A new kids area will be created in the former teen lounge and games room. The area will include the new Mini Gym, which is an enclosed, brightly-coloured play area for kids ages 0 to 5. Some of the table games such as foosball will be brought down to the foyer of the ACC.
“Since launching the ACC in 2011, we’ve thought about how people use the building and our programs, we’ve received feedback from the public, and we’ve performed a security audit,” Mayor Brownstein said. “That’s why we’re moving some of the spaces around to create these two distinct areas.”
People will be able to register for Mini R.E.C. by Le R.E.C. Room programs at the ACC main desk or online in the new year, once the programs are launched.
“We could not be more excited about our new partnership with the City of Côte Saint-Luc,” said creators and owners Lauren Segal and Jessica Aflalo, whose main location is at 5255 Ferrier St. “We are extremely proud of the programming we have created and cannot wait to expand our reach to this community whom we know will enjoy and benefit from it.
“Our birthday parties have been booking to capacity three months in advance and we have found ourselves turning people away. Now we have another amazing space to offer them. This fabulous new location will offer the same level of customer service and quality that people have come to know and trust, while offering exciting new packages that will work beautifully within this new space.”

CSL celebrates its amazing volunteers

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Congratulations to all of our extraordinary Cote Saint-Luc volunteers who were recently feted at the Cineplex Odeon in the Cavendish Mall. Hundreds of volunteers were present for a unique video presentation introducing each of the winners from every sphere of life in our city.

Cote Saint-Luc has been blessed with a rich sense of volunteerism for over 50 years. Whether its in sports and recreation, culture and leisure or public safety, Cote Saint-Luc is a wonderful place to live in large part because of the generosity of spirit, time and activity offered by so many hundreds of residents all year long.

As a long time volunteer myself, getting involved in the Emergency Measures Organization back in 1979, I can easily relate to our volunteers, of any age, and understand just how enjoyable and rewarding it is to get involved and to give back to one’s community.

A special shout out to the incredible, outstanding life-savers at EMS and to our dedicated members of vCOP.

A million thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers,

CSL Men’s Club donates to Italian earthquake relief

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Kudos to the ever active members of Cote Saint-Luc’s Men’s Club. These energetic and youthful men, now numbering over 500, are busy every week with a myriad of activities, lectures, trips and more. Recently, they passed around the hat and ponied up over one thousand dollars to ease the suffering just a tiny bit for those affected by the devastating earthquake in Italy.


Reaching out to the youngest Cote Saint-Lucers

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Entitled ‘Children’s Programming in the Community’, Cote Saint-Luc Mayor Mitchell Brownstein held a public consultation last week to hear from parents of those under five years of age about young children’s services.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, Library Director Janine West, Parks and Recreation Associate Director Cornelia Ziga nd City Manager Nadia Di Furia at the public consultation on children's services

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, Library Director Janine West, Parks and Recreation Associate Director Cornelia Ziga and City Manager Nadia Di Furia at the public consultation on children’s services

Mayor Brownstein announced that he wants our kids to have the best quality services and activities. “We want to hear your ideas on what to do to improve programming in the library and in Parks and Recreation department,” the mayor said. “The current Sunshine Group is no longer viable for the city to run with six participants but we’re open to private teachers coming forward or other ideas to continue this program running under private management.”
Janine West, Director of Library, Parks and Recreation indicated that the city runs Family Story Time, Russian Story Time, Toddler Time, and other children’s programs on a regular basis out of the public library.
Cornelia Ziga, Associate Director of Parks and Recreation went through a lengthy list of programs and services offered to the 0-5 year age group in the City of Cote Saint-Luc. The fact is, there are plenty of offerings to this age group but with the advent of $5 a day. inexpensive daycare a few years back the city program diminished in interest as parents had many more options available. Even nowadays with $7 a day government subsidized daycare the city program could not attract more than six children and has been losing thousands of dollars a year, the mayor explained.
Even the crowd at this publicly promoted evening showed that interest is waning with barely eight parents turning out, one of them being the group’s teacher. Ironically, there were more City Hall folks in attendance than parents.
Nevertheless, the mayor said that while he is committed to trying to help find an alternative for the parents using the service he has a duty to the residents across the city to ensure the best use o city funds for all programs.
I was pleased to attend this meeting to hear first hand from all those present. Mayor Brownstein is on the right track in being sensitive to the nees of all residents while ensuring that city expenses and services are properly aligned.

“Florida” hits the stage in Cote Saint-Luc

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Florida CSLDS 2016

The latest musical parody swept into Cote Saint-Luc last night at the Harold Greenspon Auditorium in CSL City Hall as the CSL Dramatic Society presented Ari Sterlin’s “Florida”, a take-off on the Broadway musical hit production of Chicago.

Star of stage and council meetings, Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, opened the show saying, “Providing members of our community with the ability to exercise their passions while bringing arts and culture to the community is a core value and fundamental reason for which the City of Cote Saint-Luc decided to establish a Dramatic Society. Actors and audiences benefit alike creating a better quality of life for all to enjoy.”

The chorus of Florida, a Seniors Summerworks Production

The chorus of Florida, a Seniors Summerworks Production

The fast-paced humour, dancing and singing highlights the talents of many returning local actors. Notably, senior performers Judy Kenigsberg (Roxie Hartkovitch), Hannah Scheffren (Velma Cohen) and Councillor Sam Goldbloom (Moe Sunshine) kibbitz and cajole in a fun-loving way as youngster Jordana Kujavsky (Mama Moses) returns to the CSL stage and wows the crowd with dimples and gusto.

Hannah Scheffren (left) and Judy Kenigsberg, and all the jazz

Hannah Scheffren (left) and Judy Kenigsberg, and all the jazz


Rookie CSLDS actor Louis Schiff (Amos) does a funny solo number, Cellophane Rabbi, while another first-timer Dan Sterlin puts on an impressive sleaze-bucket lawyer performance as Billy Schwartz.

Based in Cemetery Village in South Florida the parody pokes fun at Bubbies and Zaides. Florida tells the story of a past-her-prime vaudeville star and a new hopeful on the scene who will find themselves locked up together in Florida’s finest penitentiary after having committed horrible crimes toward their men. Ari Sterlin does a fine job at  writing, directing and choreographing this spoof production.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Councillor "Moe Sunshine" Sam Goldbloom

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Councillor “Moe Sunshine” Sam Goldbloom

This show is a Senior Summerworks Production pairing senior citizens with emerging young artists. The artistic director is none other than the incomparable, talented and energetic Anisa Cameron.

If you wait you’ll miss it so go get your tickets before it’s too late. Last night’s opening performance was sold out. There are just four performances this weekend: two afternoon matinees and two evening shows, this Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 27 and 28). Visit for details or get your tickets at the Aquatic and Community Centre or the Public Library.

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