Testimonials – What others are saying


Here’s what others are saying:

“For more than 35 years Glenn has championed the advancement of pre-hospital emergency medical care across Quebec. He has built a first class volunteer EMS in Cote Saint-Luc that saves lives and helps people every single day.”

Dr. Marc Afilalo, Chief, Emergency Department, JGH


At the 2016 Men’s Club Gala with President Sydney Kronish and my dad, George Nashen

“Glenn is enthusiastic and dedicated to the well-being of all residents of CSL, younger and older. Please re-elect him!”

Syd Kronish, President, CSL Men’s Club


Former MNA for D’Arcy McGee Lawrence Bergman

Glenn is one of those unique individuals, the first time you meet him you are impressed by his empathy, sincerity, intelligence, and his ability to listen and solve problems. He is familiar with and understands all municipal dossiers and challenges and he is one of the foremost experts in the field of public safety and emergency medical services.

Lawrence Bergman, fmr. Member of the National Assembly for D’Arcy McGee (2017)

Rabbi Moishe Reikhtman with Acting Mayor Glenn J. Nashen and son Jeremy

“Glenn has shown great support for our Chabad Centre. His own family is a blend of Russian, Moroccan and Yemenite traditions and he has great respect for all people.”

Rabbi Moishe Reikhtman, Chabad Russian Youth Centre (CSL-NDG) 2017


Councillor Glenn J. Nashen and Mayor Mitchell Brownstein at a Public Council meeting (2017)

Glenn founded the CSL volunteer Citizens on Patrol and as a volunteer and champion of our Emergency Medical Services and Public Safety, CSL is the safest community on the Island of Montreal. I rely on Glenn’s advice on all major issues. Also, as Councillor for Communications he ensures residents are informed of everything going on in our city on a timely basis.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein (2017)

Lockwood resident Tom Reichman with Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Councillor Glenn J. Nashen

“Dear Glenn: It was a pleasure meeting you and Mitchell Brownstein this evening. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many years of service that you have given us as our Councillor in District 6.  We have lived  here for 30 years and have had a few situations where we asked for your help.  In each instance you addressed and resolved the problem in a timely manner. We have always felt that you were a phone call or an email away.

Tom Reichman, Lockwood Avenue. (October 2017)


“You are more than just a great representative. You are a person who cares about the community and acts on his passion to initiate new projects and make them happen. Thank you!”

Morris and Marianna Argalgi, Eldridge Avenue (October 2017)


“Glenn is an amazing person, family man, neighbour and district councillor. He is the type of leader that will sit at his dinner table with his CSL Public Safety walkie-talkie ‘squaking’ in the background, just in case! He is always there for all his constituents and those of the other districts as well because that is the type of person that Glenn J. Nashen is for our city.

Any time our family has ever needed anything in our 12 years of owning our home Glenn has helped facilitate those requests.

Good on you Glenn for your continued leadership and positive attitude towards our city and initiatives you are discussing.  You are so well respected because you put us first! Keep up the awesome work. I know that you will continue to love, support and lead within our community because that is what kind of special human being you have truly demonstrated to be as a community leader.”

Mitchell and Corrie White, Melling Avenue (October 2017)



“From its humble beginnings of yesterday to a thriving City on the Island of Montreal today, Cote Saint Luc did not happen simply by magical thinking. It took an enormous amount of dedication and effort to get it to where it is at present.

Glenn Nashen continues to play a very significant role in building an enviable and quality community.

Bravo, Glenn! I hope the citizens of your District will see fit to hand you another term as their representative on the CSL City Council.

In this way, we will all be WINNERS!”

Brahms Silver, CSL resident (November 2017)


Mayor Anthony Housefather and Councillor Glenn J. Nashen


“Councillor Nashen is a great advocate for public safety, always looking for new ways to make Côte Saint-Luc an even safer place in which to live. He is also a great advocate for residents of District 6.”

Fmr. Mayor Anthony Housefather

Glenn J. Nashen and Dr. Mark Wainberg

Glenn J. Nashen and Dr. Mark Wainberg

“Glenn is a dedicated, intelligent, hard-working, and articulate community leader who understands the needs of Cote Saint-Luc and its citizens.”

 Dr. Mark Wainberg z”l, O.C., Past President, Congregation Tiffereth Beth David Jerusalem and world renowned AIDS reseracher, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research at the Jewish General Hospital


“Glenn is a dedicated city councillor who is always available to all who live in his district and merits re-election once again.”

Sydney Margles, Past President, CSL Men’s Club

Former CSL Men's Club President Jack Budovitch with Glenn J. Nashen

Former CSL Men’s Club President Jack Budovitch with Glenn J. Nashen

“Glenn has shown a genuine and profound interest in the well-being of our senior population.”

Jack Budovitch z”l, Past President, CSL Senior Men’s Club  


“Glenn’s concern for our safety and security is intense and his achievements are many.  He has taken an effective leadership role in this area.”

Jack Dym, Former Chief, CSL Emergency Measures Organization; Past President, Beth Israel Beth Aaron Congregation; Community Leader


“Glenn Nashen served as my councillor for years. There is no city councillor I know who has proven more trustworthy and committed to his City and his constituents.”

Bill A. Surkis z”l, Former Executive Director, B’nai Brith, Quebec Region


“Having known Glenn for most of his life I can attest to his sense of caring for others and dedication to community.”

Rita Guindi, Professeur, JPPS, Ancienne Présidente, Campagne Sépharades CJA  


“Glenn is a creative leader with a vision to attract young families to CSL.”

Natou Suissa, Assistant Campaign Director, Federation CJA


“During the construction period at Or Hahayim Glenn was always willing to assist in his capacity as Councillor and this was very much appreciated. I support his re-election to council.”

Joseph Ziri, Past President, Congregation Or Hahayim


”I’ve worked closely with Glenn for many years and can attest to his commitment to the Sephardic community.”

Sidney Benizri, fmr. Directeur des Services communautaires, CSUQ


“Glenn has made a most impressive contribution to the well-being of the City of Cote Saint-Luc.”

Honourable Gerry Weiner, Former Minister of Citizenship and Secretary of State of Canada


“Having served on council with Glenn I can attest to his very active support for the Italian community. Plus he gives so much special attention to EMS and security, it’s no wonder we have such a safe community.”

Joseph Panunto, Former Cote Saint-Luc City Councillor


“Glenn is a true leader, he has vision and work ethics.  He is a hard working and caring person.”

Henri Elbaz, Former Executive Director, Jewish General Hospital

 Glenn J. Nashen and Henri Elbaz

“Glenn has always proven his talent, dedication and competence. I wish him continued good service to the community.”

Dr. David Bensoussan, Professor, Author & Former President, Quebec Sephardic Community (CSUQ)


 “Glenn’s family is a rich blend of Ashkenazi and Sephardi cultures. His top priority is the well- being and safety of all residents. ”

Betty Elkaim, Former President, CJA Women’s Sephardic Campaign , Director of Development, JGH Foundation


“Glenn has always been there for the Sephardic community.”

Jean Alloul, Community Leader


“Glenn has respect for religious traditions – His own family being Ahkenazi and Sephardi. It is important for him that all can express their own culture and ‘minhagim’.”

Rabbi Raphael Afilalo


“Glenn has always shown great concern for the safety of our students. I strongly support his re-election.”

Geneviève Busbib, President sortante, École Maimonide


“Glenn J. Nashen in District 6 is a pretty incredible guy, all told. He is hard-working, handling his municipal duties after long, tough days as the communications director at the Jewish General Hospital. He is an old time volunteer EMS first responder, having done it since the time the organization was known as EMO. And he does a remarkable job handling the public safety portfolio for the city. He is also married to a medical doctor I know and admire, Judy Hagshi, and has a beautiful young family.”

Bram Eisenthal, Columnist, The Monitor


“Glenn has been one of the most pro-active councillors I had the good fortune to meet. He is my representative, he walks the beat, and he is on the go. My accolades are directed to a man who takes his responsibility seriously. If you are wondering about what he will do for his next term, just watch… He is an ideas man who is pro-active. He has my vote.”

Leslie Satenstein — District 6 resident, Lockwood Avenue


“Glenn, it is important to appreciate the good deeds in life and deeds are accomplished by people who mean well and contribute positively to the well being of others. You have for many years dedicated your life to giving us all a meaningful quality of life in CSL. For that I share my family’s thanks.”

Ian Henriques – Parkhaven Avenue resident

Glenn J. Nashen with Parkhaven residents Leila Fernandes and Ian Henriques

Glenn J. Nashen with Parkhaven residents Leila Fernandes and Ian Henriques

“I am pleased that the community has a strong sense of loyalty to those such as Glenn that have demonstrated uncompromised quality leadership and service. Mazel tov!!”

Yacov Blanshay – District 6 resident


A special “thank you” to Glenn J. Nashen for undertaking the commitment of making sure “Nashen Notes” appear daily as a means of keeping us all connected.

Brahms E. Silver – CSL resident


“Glenn is an excellent, intelligent and dedicated Councillor who fights tirelessly for the community. I strongly support his re-election”

Eleanor London z”l, Fmr. Chief Librarian, Cote Saint-Luc




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