Preserving our past, educating our children | La Société historique de CSL: conserver et éduquer


Watch and share: The history of CSL goes way back. Cool to see old photos from our neighbourhood from the 50s and 60s. But fascinating to see photos from 80 and 100 years ago. I started the CSL Historical Society to collect photos and memorabilia that we can share online and in our CSL Public Library. Please send in your really old family shots on our streets and in our parks to

Regardez et partagez: Il est tellement intéressant de voir de vieilles photos de notre quartier des années 50 et 60. C’est fascinant de voir des photos daté de 80 et 100 ans. J’ai commencé la société historique de CSL pour recueillir des photos et des souvenirs que nous pouvons partager en ligne et dans notre bibliothèque. S’il vous plaît envoyez nous vos vieux photos de vos fammilles dans nos rues et nos parcs à


Kindness and Kompassion on Kildare

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Alan Murad and Gloria Stermer, happy residents on Kildare Road


Street by street, house by house: this is the best part of the campaign.

Having knocked on over 1500 doors during this campaign – each and every door in District 6 – the mood I detected is one of general happiness with the state of affairs in our beautiful city of Cote Saint-Luc. To be sure, many residents have comments, especially when I’ve encouraged them with leading questions to share their opinions aloud. And many were pleased to simply say they had no issues and that they were happy with their city services as is.

I’ve noted each and every issue and have already initiated my follow-up with city staff, the mayor and my fellow councillors, as I have always done in offering quick action and open dialogue with my constituents. Indeed, I’ve shared many of these issues right here on Nashen Notes, posting local issues on my blog and soliciting wider input from residents.

I trust that my constituents have benefited from my proven and trusted leadership. With the help of voters in District 6 on Sunday, I hope to continue to assist them with their issues with the same sense of leadership, pride and determination.

Watch: Keeping CSL safe | Regardez: Gardez CSL le plus sécuritaire

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Watch and share: Working hard, on your behalf, making sure Cote Saint-Luc remains the safest city on the Island.

Regardez et partagez: Je travaille pour vous, afin que Côte Saint-Luc demeure la ville la plus sûre de l’île.

Our farmer is closer than you’d think

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Judy Hagshi and Jeremy Nashen at Lufa Farms rooftop nursery near Marché Central

Lufa Farms is an agricultural company located in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville neighborhood of Montreal. It is reputed to have built the world’s first commercial greenhouse on the roof of a building. The company’s first Montreal greenhouse began operations in early 2011.

Covering an area of 31,000 square feet, Lufa Farms produces vegetables year-round without synthetic pesticides, capturing rainwater, and recirculating irrigation water. The company delivers more than 10,000 baskets per week.

Lufa Farms rooftop nursery grows a wide variety of produce capturing and recycling rainwater and irrigating the plants through drip technology

Lufa Farms’ relies on a direct-to consumer business model, which minimizes the transport of food. Unlike traditional greenhouses, Lufa Farms recreates several microclimates to provide the quality and productivity of cultivars. According to the founder of Lufa Farms, Mohamed Hage, “If we were using the roofs of 19 shopping centres in Montreal, we could make the city self-sufficient.”

My family signed up to receive a weekly basket of fruit and vegetables four years ago through the Cote Saint-Luc Public Library. After a pause of a few years, my wife Judy, decided to rejoin a few weeks ago. Lufa Farms’ members are called “Lufavors”.

The happy Lufavors: Phyllis, Glenn, Nicole, Nathalie, Jeremy and Judy

We attended yesterday’s open house in their rooftop nursery near the Marché Central. My family took part in the study tour learning all about their operations and distribution system. Did you know that your average fruit and vegetable travels 2500 kilometres until it gets to you. The produce is cultivated long before you consume it and is transferred via refrigerated trucking, stored in refrigerated warehouses and is redistributed to your grocer before you ever see it on their shelves. By comparison, Lufa Farms picks your personalized order from the vine overnight and it’s generally in your kitchen within 12 hours!

Big, fresh and delicious


From vine to your kitchen in 12 hours!

An vibrant micro-economy has sprung out of this venture with small artisan producers partnering with Lufa to bring their products directly to its member’s table through the Lufa distribution network.

My wife and kids select our weekly basket online and we pick up our order at the library, just a short walk from home.

It couldn’t not be easier, fresher, more educational and interesting with new foods to explore all while we support our local producers right here in the Montreal area.






Traditional transport from the farm still on display


Nathalie and her ‘Bubs’ Phyllis getting ready for Halloween cooking






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Driving CSL forward with EVs

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Watch and share: I’ve advocated for the city to purchase its first Electric Vehicle and truck. I am pushing for the adoption of more EVs in CSL to reduce our dependence on fuel and to reduce pollution and noise. I am so convinced that I got one myself!

CSL Public Works took delivery of its first electric vehicle, a Kia Soul, in November 2016 (Photo: Bebe Newman)

Regarder et partager: J’ai plaidé pour que la ville achète son premier véhicule électrique et camion. Je préconise l’adoption de plus de véhicules électriques dans CSL afin de réduire notre dépendance au carburant et de réduire la pollution et le bruit. Je suis tellement convaincu que j’en ai acheté une moi-même!

Polaris electric vehicle makes demo debut at CSL Public Works in November 2016


I visited the ZENN (Zero Emission No Noise) Auto manufacturer in St. Jerome in Oct. 2008 and took this early model electric for a spin around the test track


My brand new 2017 Chevy Volt Electric Vehicle

Dedicated to serving CSL – Au service de notre communauté

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DEDICATED TO SERVING CSL: I have dedicated and volunteered my entire adult life to serving the residents of CSL. Early on I pushed CSL to become the first city in Canada to require Bike Helmets, reducing the risk of traumatic brain injury… I led the move to make fire sprinklers mandatory in new homes, and began vCOP programs to check your smoke detectors and to watch your house when you’re away…  I continue to speak up for  linguistic rights and religious freedom… Earlier this year I launched the CSL Historical Society to help preserve our past and educate our youth.

Always pushing forward with new ideas: I want to help our older and vulnerable residents by having Public Works clear the snow pile blocking driveways to ease the burden on our seniors and those with medical conditions. Parking on streets with duplexes is challenging; we will paint lines to maximize the number of cars that can be parked at the curb.

PROVEN AND TRUSTED LEADERSHIP FOR THE FUTURE: Outspoken on investing in our playgrounds… Pushing for brighter LED street lighting… Pollution-free Electric Vehicles for our fleet and public charging stations… More services for young families… CSL mobile app… vCOP visits to those housebound… Maintain the highest level of safety and security and the lowest possible taxation…

Vote for tireless dedication, true commitment and proven experience.

Re-elect Glenn J. Nashen – Your Councillor.

Innovations : CSL est devenue la première ville au Canada à adopter un règlement municipal concernant le port obligatoire du casque pour les cyclistes et ce, lorsque j’ai initié cette mesure qui sauve des vies… J’ai aussi défendu nos services bilingues et parlerai toujours haut et fort en faveur de nos droits linguistiques, de la liberté des religions et bien sûr en faveur d’un Canada uni… Nous sommes la seule ville sur l’île de Montréal qui peut se vanter d’un programme de SMU qui sauve des vies ainsi que d’un programme vCOP – et je suis intégralement impliqué avec les deux.

De plus, je veux vous aider pour l’acquisition d’un équipement de déneigement spécialisé qui évitera l’obstruction de vos entrées. Ce programme sera certainement très bénéfiques à nos aînés ainsi qu’à ceux qui souffrent de certaines conditions médicales.

Un leadership assuré et fiable au service de demain: plus d’aires de jeux, de sentiers cyclables, de développements verts… attirer les jeunes familles et maintenir un haut niveau de sécurité publique…

Pour un dévouement inlassable, un engagement profond et une grande expérience Re-élisez Glenn J. Nashen.


Watch: CSL EMS – It takes leadership to save lives | SMU de CSL Un leadership assuré et fiable

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Watch and share: CSL Emergency Medical Services has always been my passion. I’ve responded to many hundreds of calls through the years, performed CPR 125 times and I take enormous pride in this life-saving service. I was awarded the Governor General’s Award for more than 20 years in EMS. In my next mandate as City Councillor I plan to continue to grow this unique volunteer organization to help save lives and come to your assistance rapidly.




Regardez et partagez: CSL Services médicaux d’urgences a toujours été ma passion. J’ai répondu à plusieurs centaines d’appels au cours des années, j’ai fait la RCR 125 fois et je suis très fier de ce service qui sauve des vies. J’ai reçu le Prix du Gouverneur général pour mes plus de 20 ans dans le SMU. Au cours de mon prochain mandat, à titre de conseiller municipal, je prévois continuer de faire croître cette organisation bénévole unique pour aider à sauver des vies et à venir rapidement à votre aide.

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