Making CSL streets safer by limiting truck traffic

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At the September 11, 2017 Public council Meeting the City Council notice was given for a new truck route in order to regulate traffic in Côte Saint-Luc.

According to the Highway Safety Code, a By-Law regulating the traffic of trucks must be approved by the Minister of Transport. Once approved, trucks and tool vehicle traffic will be permitted on Cavendish Boulevard and Côte Saint-Luc Road as well as on all streets throughout the City for local deliveries.

Côte Saint-Luc will also request that all neighbouring cities adopt a similar resolution in support of this new regulation.

This new By-Law will improve the flow of traffic on Fleet Road which is not capable of handling trailer trucks. It will also keep trucks mainly on our two major boulevards and off our side streets as much as possible. Of course, local deliveries will always be permitted.

As the councillor responsible for the Pedestrian and Traffic Safety dossier I was pleased to give notice for this motion. Safety and security has always been my primary focus as City Councillor and any ideas to keep pedestrians safe and vehicles moving at a safe speed are always welcomed and reviewed with our traffic engineers.


Cavendish underpass southbound re-opens September 15

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After more than two months of orange barrels blocking the construction zone at the Cavendish underpass a little relief is hours away as the city gets ready to reopen all lanes and the walkway in the southbound direction.

This is the first major renovation to the underpass structure since it was built over 50 years ago, when Cavendish was actually known as King George Boulevard. More than $2.7 million was spent in upgrading this critical infrastructure, much of it through provincial grants.



Work will continue on the northbound lanes and will completed soon. Thanks to the presence of a flagman the traffic flow has been improved in the construction zone with few delays reported. Safety has been increased as well.

Pedestrian safety was a major priority and I would like to thank our incredible volunteers from vCOP – Citizens on Patrol – for heeding my call to be present at Fleet and Cavendish during the morning rush hour and afternoons when school children are on their way home.

New walkway gets finishing touches for re-opening this week at the Cavendish underpass

UPDATED: Safer Cavendish – Kildare intersection


Cavendish Kildare intersection getting safer with adjustment to traffic light sequence

Cavendish Kildare intersection getting safer with adjustment to traffic light sequence. Crossing guard Norman Klein assists pedestrians in this photo, courtesy of Mike Cohen.


UPDATED Nov. 18, 2016 6:30PM: Electrical problems solved and all functioning as planned.

Motorists using the Cavendish/Kildare intersection will find it easier to get through the intersection starting November 15, thanks to a new split phase configuration.

In my short stint as mayor late last year I struck a task force to study the traffic light sequencing in order to improve pedestrian safety without impeding traffic flow. Consultants returned with proposed modifications so that motorists travelling westbound on Kildare will be able to drive through the intersection at Cavendish while traffic in the opposing direction waits. This allows drivers to turn left (or turn right, or go straight) without opposing traffic.

To help visualize the change, imagine you are a driver who left the JPPS/Bialik campus and is heading west along Kildare towards the police station. When you approach the traffic light at Cavendish Blvd., you can use the left or middle lane to turn left or the middle lane to go straight. Motorists coming from the opposite direction will have a red right, which will allow you to turn left (or to go straight) without having to worry about oncoming traffic.



Likewise, motorists coming from the opposite side will have their chance to move through the intersection without interference.

Just as many vehicles as before will be able to pass through the intersection. However, the process will be less stressful and far safer.

Motorists and pedestrians alike will benefit as less distraction and confusion means more attention paid to the pedestrian.  Pedestrians will only have to look out for vehicles in one direction, and motorists will be able to look out for pedestrians, not oncoming cars.

Of course, pedestrians should always use the crosswalk signal and when available walk with the crossing guard.

Once the change it made, please let city engineers know what you think about it and if it has helped your driving experience. Email

Cavendish - Kildare Intersection

Cavendish – Kildare Intersection

I continue to head up the task force on traffic priorities that meets several times each year to review local policies and the Quebec Highway Act in order to make our roads, intersections and crosswalks safer. A major example of our work was the speed limit reduction along Fleet Road in conjunction with the Town of Hampstead. Pedestrian safety is at the top of our list as we continue to study ways to modernize and improve our 147 roads in Cote Saint-Luc. What ideas would you like to share?

Councillor Glenn J. Nashen initiated new high visibility crosswalk signage in Cote Saint-Luc such as the one pictured above as well as the middle-of-the-road flexi signs, among the first in Quebec.

Councillor Glenn J. Nashen initiated new high visibility crosswalk signage in Cote Saint-Luc such as the one pictured above as well as the middle-of-the-road flexi signs, among the first in Quebec.

I proposed median crosswalk signs that have made crossing the road safer in CSL - J'ai amené l'idée de ces nouveaux panneaux de signalisation pour piétons qui ont fait traverser la route plus sûre en CSL

I proposed median crosswalk signs that have made crossing the road safer in CSL – J’ai amené l’idée de ces nouveaux panneaux de signalisation pour piétons qui ont fait traverser la route plus sûre en CSL


Councillor Glenn J. Nashen launched these new pedestrian safety signs which he "imported" from Florida

Councillor Glenn J. Nashen launched these new pedestrian safety signs which he “imported” from Florida



Global News

CSL awaiting Kildare/Cavendish fix report | City News |

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Côte St. Luc council will soon be receiving a report from consultants on ways to improve Kildare Road and Cavendish Blvd., considered the most dangerous intersection in the city…

I am pleased to have summoned the professionals to discuss this intersection and call for this report while I served as mayor of the city back in December 2015. With important input from our traffic experts and public safety director the consultant was tasked with proposing immediate fixes to the vehicle circulation, pedestrian flow, traffic signals and all circumstances affecting that corner.

For too many years I have been calling for a pedestrian refuge in the middle of the roadway to allow those unable to cross the full width of the boulevard in one shot. Each time I’ve been told that the road is not wide enough for such a refuge.

It is high time to ensure greater pedestrian safety at this key intersection, traversed daily by students and seniors alike all the while allowing for a smooth, safe flow of traffic. I am looking forward to discussing this report with members of council and to seeing positive and change and improved safety.

Source: CSL awaiting Kildare/Cavendish fix report | City News |

Shell gas station, car wash, Boni Soir dep open on Cavendish Boulevard

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With reporting by Mike Cohen

The much anticipated Shell Gas Station and car wash with a Boni Soir convenience store finally opened for business yesterday after a long delay since the closure of the previous self-serve gas bar.

This new facility sits in the northwest corner of the Cavendish Mall parking lot. Many residents have been asking when the station would finally open. There were many delays, most recently for Hydro-Quebec connections.


Councillors Kovac and Nashen, Regional Manager Jacynthe Poulin, Mayor Brownstein, Councillor Mike Cohen and Operator/Owner Miriam and Alaedine Gouader

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Councillors Mike Cohen and Ruth Kovac joined me on opening day. The Cavendish Mall property borders on each of our districts. The entire facility is under the umbrella of Sobeys, the company which owns IGA. Territory manager Jacynthe Poulin was on hand with franchise operator Alaedine Gouader accompanied by his wife Miriam. We were very impressed with the operation, as were the excited clients walking in for their very first time.


Inside the Boni Soir

The conveniently located self-serve gas station will be open from 5 am to 11 pm, seven days a week.

Most impressive is the effort to erect bilingual signage throughout the new facility. Even the gas pumps are bilingual, language selection at the push of a button. This is hardly the case at surrounding self-serve stations so kudos to the new Shell Boni Soir operator.


Watching the very first vehicle going through the colourfully illuminated car wash

The Boni Soir has freshly baked muffins and danishes prepared on the premises each day. What’s more, they are kosher! A 12 ounce cup of coffee will be available free for the first two weeks.

Plenty of staff serving customers

Plenty of staff serving customers

There is is a full array of snacks and dairy products. In addition they will soon have an alcohol permit.

Parents and their little ones were already crowding around the slush and candy machines. This is a nice-sized building, with a few tables and chairs for clients to enjoy a quick snack. There’s even a large public washroom, complete with a changing table. You can buy lotto tickets and use the BMO ATM machine as well.

Fresh baked Kosher muffins and pastry and gourmet coffee

Fresh baked Kosher muffins and pastry and gourmet coffee

Poulin pointed out that the car wash is completely touch-less and waste water is recycled and reused. Not only are there multi-coloured lights illuminating the car wash interior, even the soap is sprayed onto the vehicles in three colours. “It’s more fun for the kids,” Poulin said.

To add to the unique lighting, the colours will be adjusted to match the holiday or occasion, Poulin said with excitement. “Orange for Halloween, Christmas colours, any colour for any holiday,” she said.

Plenty of dairy products and cold drinks

Plenty of dairy products and cold drinks

When was the last time Côte Saint-Luc had a car wash? How about the old BP on CSL Road, which turned into a Petro Canada and then closed about two decades ago. I also recall driving through the old Texaco car wash across from the CSL Shopping Centre in the 60s and early 70s. The car tire would be snagged by a chain as the car was pulled past the Jetson-like machinery. Many people would exit their cars and walk along a glass encased corridor and follow their vehicle until it popped out on the other side.

Operator-Owner Alaedine and Miriam Gouader

Operator-Owner Alaedine and Miriam Gouader

Islem Amar Khodja set up a small kiosk in the Boni Soir to provide samples of his company`s delicious  gluten free nuts. The brand is call Royal Nuts and he has a number of packages on the shelf to choose from. Interestingly, these nuts are prepared in a “peanut free” facility.

Candy machines

Candy machines

This local store will quickly become a convenient hub of activity to run to for a quick snack, a jug of milk or a coffee and muffin along with a fill-up. Congratulations to Alaedine. Welcome to the neighbourhood.

New crossing guard making Cavendish-Kildare intersection safer for pedestrians

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With reporting by Councillor Mike Cohen

Since the passing of Archie Kwiatt last year, the position of a crossing guard at the corner of Cavendish Boulevard and Kildare Road had been vacant. This was not for a lack of trying on the part of our Public Safety Department. There simply were not people applying for the job.


Norman Klein

Archie was very special. He did the job for 17 years and like the “King of Kensington,” when he walked down the street “everyone knew his name.” Archie took great care and making sure that the elderly and young students crossed this very busy intersection carefully.

Welcome Norman Klein, who has recently taken up his new duties. Norman is on the job bright and early each weekday.  He seems passionate about the job, personable like Archie with the residents while keeping his eye out for safety. Norman is a resident of Côte Saint-Luc, where he also works as a security officer for a local high-rise condominium.

With elementary and high schools a block away on either side of the busy intersection as well as many senior citizen pedestrians a crossing guard is an important addition here.


Crossing guard Norman Klein in action


Cavendish-Mackle intersection to close for two weeks

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Hydro Quebec crews will begin working on the underground electrical connection for the new Shell gas station at the intersection of Cavendish and Mackle on Monday, April 18.


 HQ contractor, Telecon, will carry out the installation of the underground conduits as well as the permanent repairs to the roadway.   Cavendish will be closed in both directions at the intersection of Mackle.
Hydro Quebec truck

Photo credit:

Road closure information signs will be installed on Thursday, April 14 by HQ.  Cavendish will be closed between Mackle and The Avenue, except for local traffic.  Detours will be put in place as of Monday, April 18 via Marc Chagall for both northbound (at Kildare) and south bound (at Mackle) and efforts will be made to ensure proper traffic flow. Access to northbound traffic for City Hall and Library drop-off zone as well as for 5875 Cavendish will be permitted.
Residents in the immediate vicinity will receive detailed instructions by the city.
The work is expected to be completed by Friday, April 29, weather permitting.  No work will take place during the Passover holidays on April 22, 23 and 24.
Shell station
Once this underground Hydro Quebec work is completed the neighbourhood will benefit from a new Shell gas station, car wash and Bonisoir Depanneur.
Cavendish Mackle closure
Cavendish Mackle closure2

Sun Youth’s $5K offer for assault suspect still unanswered, attacked on Cavendish

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Free Press | March 8, 2016 | Click to enlarge

Free Press | March 8, 2016 | Click to enlarge

Upgrade coming to Kildare / Cavendish, safer for pedestrians

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Free Press | Feb. 23, 2016 | Click to enlarge

Free Press | Feb. 23, 2016 | Click to enlarge

Construction gets underway on Shell gas and car wash, IGA Depanneur

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Shell Depanneur IGA


The former ESSO gas station and depanneur at the corner of Mackle and Cavendish was demolished over a year ago and lots of digging and land cleanup took place many months ago. Then, nothing. No work has taken place for many months leading to rumours and speculation of what would be next for the vacant piece of land next to the Cavendish mall.

Finally, with permits in place, the installation of a new gas bar, depanneur and automatic car wash is set to begin. Although completion of this project was expected this summer construction equipment will start moving in very soon and the project will finally be underway.

The local business is a great convenience to the many residents in the northeast corner of Cote Saint-Luc.

No arrest a month after CSL beating incident

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The Suburban
July 15, 2015
As of The Suburban’s press time Tuesday morning, no arrest has been made yet after the beating of Côte St. Luc resident Faigie Adelman, which took place a month ago Thursday in the parking garage of her Cavendish Blvd. building.
The Suburban has heard that naturally concerned residents are continually asking for updates on the incident.
Station 9 commander Marc Cournoyer told The Suburban that there is no new information as of yet, “but the investigation is still on, for sure.
“We want to reassure the population that the file is on the top of the list for the west region investigators.”
Cournoyer said Monday night there are no suspects as of yet.
An SPVM spokesman said Tuesday morning he had no new information.
Cournoyer was also asked if the motive was robbery, as initially reported — there are widespread suspicions it was not.
“I can’t say right now if it was a robbery or random,” the commander said.
Mayor Anthony Housefather said he cannot disclose what the police are currently discussing about the investigation.
“My understanding is the police are working very hard to find the culprit, and there have been no other incidents, which increases, in my view, the chance that this was a targeted attack,” he added. “This is my belief, the police are doing their investigation. The police are working very hard, they have investigators assigned to this, and I’m very hopeful they will find the culprit of this horrible attack on this poor lady.
The Sun Youth organization said the Montreal police have not yet asked the organization to offer a reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.
Housefather said he is periodically asking for updates.
“They’re doing what they can do. They have multiple investigators assigned to the case.”

Woman attacked, beaten in CSL apartment garage


A 74-year-old woman is in critical condition after she was savagely attacked with a blunt object in an indoor parking lot on Cavendish Blvd. in Côte Saint-Luc yesterday morning.

Such a tragic incident is completely out of the ordinary in this otherwise tranquil and peaceful neighbourhood. While police speculate that this may have been a robbery that went bad the woman lies in a coma in hospital, in critical condition.

Police routinely remind residents, especially seniors, to be aware of their surroundings when withdrawing money from the bank. Nevertheless, this is a highly unusual situation in a suburb that prides itself in being the safest one on the Island of Montreal.

No arrests have been made yet however there is surveillance video showing a person entering the garage behind the victims car carrying a baseball bat.


Montreal Gazette (June 18, 2015)

CTV News (June 17, 2015)

Montreal Gazette (June 17, 2015)

CTV News (June 16, 2015)

Journal de Montreal (June 17, 2015)

Couple cons their way into senior’s home

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March 24, 2015 | Free Press | Click to enlarge

March 24, 2015 | Free Press | Click to enlarge

Man robbed of cellphone at knifepoint riding STM bus

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Free Press | March 10, 2015 | Click to enlarge

Free Press | March 10, 2015 | Click to enlarge

Shell gas and car wash, IGA Depanneur coming to Cavendish & Mackle


Shell Depanneur IGA


The ESSO gas station and depanneur closed suddenly earlier this summer after serving as a local convenience spot for a very long time. Speculation ran wild as to what would open next. Soon after, Shell posted signs on site indicated a new station was in the works. Last night, city council gave initial approval to the installation of a new gas bar, depanneur and automatic car wash to be located on this site located at the corner of Cavendish Boulevard and Mackle Road.

City council adopted the first draft by-law regarding the rezoning of this land. A public consultation meeting will be held soon. Once all of the necessary approvals are given, demolition of the property will commence. Expect completion of this project next spring or summer.

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