The D’Arcy McGee Medal of Citizenship of the National Assembly goes to…


Receiving the D’Arcy McGee Medal of Citizenship of the Quebec National Assembly by (L-R) Former MNAs Robert Libman and Lawrence Bergman, current MNA David Birnbaum and Mayor Mitchell Brownstein

What a great honour in receiving the D’Arcy McGee Medal of Citizenship of the Quebec National Assembly by MNA David Birnbaum surrounded by family and friends. This annual event awards three people for their outstanding contribution to the residents and communities of the D’Arcy McGee riding.



David Birnbaum, député de D’Arcy-McGee MNA honoured three people for outstanding community service last evening at Ashkelon Gardens: Lina Fortin, me, and the late Gerry Weinstein. The winners were selected by a blue-ribbon jury of three former D’Arcy-McGee MNAs and Ministers, retired Justice Herbert Marx, Robert Libman and 20-year MNA Lawrence S. Bergman. The Victor Goldbloom Essay winner was Sarah Buzaglo, a grade 10 student at École Maïmonide.

Most of you will know that I have served in public office nearly all of my adult life. Allow me sum up this incredible journey in the form of my shift-on-duty.

Glenn J. Nashen riding aboard Cote Saint-Luc’s first Rescue Medical Fire vehicle RMF-11, 1981


Glenn J. Nashen, on duty, in Cote Saint-Luc’s second ever First Response vehicle

My shift begins. Fall of 1979. I’m a young First Responder in the Cote Saint-Luc Emergency Measures Organization. Dressed in a smart looking brown uniform, yellow stripe down the side of my pants, the alert tone rings and we spring into action, lights and siren blaring from our small red rescue-fire truck. An elderly person tumbles down the stairs at home. A car crashes into a light pole on Cavendish. Suddenly, a call for a cardiac arrest across the street. We respond to hundreds of emergencies, on every street in CSL. And that’s just the early morning.


I rise through the ranks of EMO and EMS, promoting citizen CPR training and pushing for Automated Defibrillators in public buildings and public vehicles, relentlessly championing for recognition of paramedics across Quebec, and advocating for air ambulance helicopters for the outlying regions.

Cote Saint-Luc EMO launched my side-career as an Urgences-Santé ambulance technician in 1980

It’s a busy shift and we are only in the mid-80s. My uniform changes colour, and so does the vehicle, as I find myself riding aboard yellow ambulances and doctors cars with Urgences Santé. Racing to life and death situations, performing CPR 125 times, bringing some people back to life and even delivering a baby. What a privilege. What responsibility at a pretty young age, to be in a position to make a profound difference in someone’s life during their moment of highest anxiety.

Councillors Glenn J. Nashen and Ruth Kovac enrolled at the Emergency Preparedness College of Canada 1991

My shift continues, it’s 1990, and I’m elected as the youngest member on city council. My first priority is to make cycling safer and CSL adopts the first bicycle helmet bylaw in the country! I play a leading role during major floods, the infamous Ice Storm, preparing for doomsday during Y2K, you remember year 2000!

Newspaper ad from June 2005 commemorating the 1st anniversary of the demerger referendum by the Cote Saint-Luc Demerger Committee Co-Chairs

No rest on this patrol. It’s the early 2000s and Anthony, Ruth, Mitch and I are up for the biggest challenge, to get our City back… and saving our EMS and keeping our police and our fire stations from closure.

The men and women of Cote Saint-Luc volunteer Citizens on Patrol

It’s time for a lunch break when a great idea strikes me… It’s 2005, CSL is about to be back in our own hands again, and I decide that we need to harness the energy of more volunteers to ensure CSL’s place as the safest community on the Island of Montreal. We need to enlist more volunteers, retirees, a group of neighbours watching out for neighbours. After lunch I set out on founding the volunteer Citizens on Patrol organization. We launch on Canada Day 2006. Now suited up in a bright orange polo top and in marked vans, scooters and bikes, we continue our patrol through the streets and parks and municipal facilities.

Fmr. Cllr. Glenn J. Nashen and Supervisor Mitchell Herf inaugurate the newest vCOP electric scooters

We stop to alert a resident that they forgot to close their garage door, a possible theft averted. We remind another to keep the emergency lane clear at the mall, we get the finger on that one, but that’s OK. All in a day’s volunteer work. An elderly couple thanks us for changing the battery in their smoke detector. We block a street from traffic and hold onlookers back as the fire department douses a house fire. Over to check on the home of vacationers. Then, we assist the police in looking for a missing child and we reunite the frightened youngster with their relieved parents. We feel pride and satisfaction knowing we’ve helped. We’ve made a difference. We’ve given our time but we’ve gained so much in return.

My first public council meeting as Mayor of Cote Saint-Luc, November 9, 2015

My shift isn’t quite done and yet another quick uniform change. This time for a two-month stint as mayor of CSL in 2015. What was once just a dream actually became a reality.


And as we head back to the station to wrap up this shift for today, in 2018, I can see how my my parents gave me the keys to these patrol vehicles, for this mission to Repair the World.

Receiving the D’Arcy McGee Medal of Citizenship with my parents, George and Phyllis Nashen (June 19, 2018)

So thank you mom, who just celebrated her 90th birthday and thank you dad, who is three days shy of his 95th. Thank you for these important life lessons in public service and looking out for one’s neighbour.


These lessons were also fueled by my wife, Judy, who’s always ready to give her utmost to her patients and to the community and together we are handing over these keys to our children, Nicole, Nathalie and Jeremy.

Glenn J. Nashen, Judy Hagshi with Nicole, Nathalie and Jeremy Nashen (*June 19, 2018)

So I close by again thanking my wife and children, because when my proverbial uniform went on, they knew that it meant I’d be away from the house again and again and again. Public service, and long shifts, do come at a very high cost!


My wife says this about me: My heart is in Cote Saint-Luc and Cote Saint-Luc is in my heart. I feel that way too about our beautiful province and our amazing country. And I hope that one day my tour of duty will continue and my unquenchable need to Repair the World (Tikun Olam) will take off in some new direction to make this place the very best for all of us.


Thank you as well to our incredible life-saving volunteers at CSL EMS and to our dedicated and unstoppable volunteers in vCOP.

Thank you David and our former MNAs Herbert, Robert and Lawrence for this great honour. And thank you for reading this and for “joining” me on today’s shift. I appreciate all the good wishes and support I receive from family, friends and members of the community.


Congratulations to my fellow laureates, Lina Fortin and the family of the late Gerry Weinstein


Celebrating with the Pressers (Sandie and Robert) and Fabians (Leslie, Ricki, Jamie and Sammi)


My longtime friend and fellow vCOP volunteer Mitchell Herf


Sharing the good vibes and smiles with my colleagues Stephanie Malley and Marisa Rodi


Siempre me complace celebrar con mis amigos cercanos Natalia y Pablo


D’Arcy McGee National Assembly Citizenship Medal Ceremony (Photo Darryl Levine)


Friends from way back to Bialik days, Ben Burko (and son Milo) and Gary Polachek


Mitchell Brownstein and I go way, way back. I am so proud of my friend the mayor and pleased to celebrate with him.


David Birnbaum and Glenn J. Nashen (Photo Darryl Levine)


Former Quebec Cabinet Minister Lawrence Bergman and I have had a wonderful relationship over the years. He has been a friend and a mentor.


Gracias Miguel Banet y Lulu Brenner por venir y mostrar tu amor y apoyo




Watch: vCOP keeping us safe in Cote Saint-Luc


In my next mandate I look forward to growing vCOP beyond 100 volunteers to cover more time slots and patrol hours throughout the day and night. We will increase the Vacation Spot-Check to watch over more homes and begin visiting shut-ins – vulnerable CSLers who will benefit from an occasional visit and check up from our caring and concerned vCOP crews.

I also enjoy an occasional patrol with the volunteers which I launched 11 years ago and am so pleased with the accomplishments and achievements of this extraordinary group, one of a kind in our province.

I’ve worked tirelessly to ensure CSL is the safest place on the Island of Montreal and will will continue to spend my time and direct my energy to make sure it stays that way!


Dans le prochain mandat, je prévois de faire croître vCOP au-delà de 100 volontaires pour couvrir plus d’heures tout au long de la journée et de la nuit. Nous allons augmenter la vérification des maisons et commencer à rendre visite aux résidents vulnérables qui bénéficieront d’une visite occasionnelle et vérifieront auprès de nos équipes soignantes et concernées.

J’assisterai aussi d’une patrouille occasionnelle avec les bénévoles que j’ai lancée il y a 11 ans et je suis si heureux des accomplissements de ce groupe extraordinaire, unique en son genre dans notre province.

J’ai travaillé sans relâche pour m’assurer que CSL est l’endroit le plus sûr de l’île de Montréal et je continuerai à passer mon temps et à diriger mon énergie pour m’assurer que ça reste comme ça!

City thanks two outstanding volunteers

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Lewis Cohen and Susie Schwartz have been trusted, dedicated and energetic volunteers since I launched the volunteer Citizens on Patrol (vCOP) 11 years ago. The group could not have grown into the enormous success that it is without their incredible involvement.

vCOP Supervisors Lewis Cohen and Susie Schwartz (July 2012)

Among their many responsibilities Susie was involved in setting up vCOP at nearly every public event for the past decade while Lewis has made himself available to respond to emergency calls at any hour of day or night.
While their responsibilities are shifting the City Council recognized them at the last public council meeting.
Volunteers are the backbone of Cote Saint-Luc. We cannot thank them enough.

City Council recognizes volunteer Citizens on Patrol supervisors Lewis Cohen and Susie Schwartz

Ringing your bell to check smoke detectors

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vCOP checking smoke detectors between Westminster and Melling


Members from our volunteer Citizens on Patrol, or vCOP, will be ringing doorbells from now until October 1 on Melling Ave., Mackle Rd. Westminster to Melling, and Wavell Rd. from Westminster to Melling.
These vCOP members are part of our smoke detector brigade service. They will be offering to test the smoke detectors in your home. They’ll also replace batteries where needed, for free.
Our vCOP members always work in teams of two. They will be wearing their orange vCOP shirt or jacket. They will also have a photo ID.
Remember, you should always be cautious before opening the door and letting anyone into your home. If you aren’t sure, don’t open the door.

vCOP Smoke Detector Brigade goes door to door inspecting mandatory smoke detectors and will go so far as to install a new one (Photo: Martin Chamberland, La Presse)

D’ici au 1er octobre, les membres de notre patrouille bénévole, les vCOP, visiteront les résidences des rues  Melling, Mackle (entre Westminster et Melling), et Wavell (entre Westminster et Melling).
Ces membres font partie de notre brigade de détecteurs de fumée. Ils vous proposeront de vérifier les  détecteurs de votre résidence et, au besoin, changeront la pile. Ceci est un service gratuit. 
Nos vCOP travaillent toujours en équipe de deux. Ils portent une veste ou un chandail de vCOP orange. Ils ont aussi une carte d’identité avec leur photo. 
Nous vous rappelons de toujours exercer de la prudence lorsque vous ouvrez votre porte et laissez entrer quelqu’un chez vous. Si vous n’êtes pas certain, n’ouvrez pas la porte. 

On the Road with vCOP

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Message to my constituents – Summer 2017 | Message à mes électeurs – été 2017

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Glenn J. Nashen
District 6
C’est toujours un honneur pour moi de servir les résidants du district 6 et toute la population de Côte Saint-Luc. La raison d’être de ma vie politique est de faire de CSL la plus sécuritaire des communautés et de faire en sorte que nos résidants soient heureux d’y vivre.
Nous accueillons les nombreux nouveaux résidants du district 6 dans les superbes maisons en rangée de Parkhaven Courtyard. Le maire Mitchell Brownstein et moi serons ravis de vous souhaiter la bienvenue à votre porte ce printemps. La dernière phase du projet sera bientôt déployée avec la construction de la tour d’appartements de prestige. Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir accueillir de jeunes familles dans des habitations modernes, souvent à proximité de leurs parents et de leur famille, au cœur de CSL – un véritable quartier familial !
Il y a onze ans, j’ai entrepris de mettre sur pied un nouveau groupe de bénévoles avec pour mission de patrouiller dans les rues, les parcs et les installations de la ville afin de renforcer le niveau de sécurité. Je tenais aussi à ce qu’ils soient disponible pour aider en cas d’urgences de grande envergure et pour donner un coup de main à nos résidants au besoin. Depuis ce temps, je dirige la Patrouille de citoyens bénévoles (vCOP), et à l’occasion je fais aussi une patrouille moi-même. Nous comptons maintenant plus de 80 bénévoles et notre patrouille dans les rues de la ville est sans précédent au Québec. Nous aidons lors des événements communautaires, nous vérifions les détecteurs de fumée dans les résidences, nous surveillons votre maison quand vous êtes en vacances, nous livrons des paniers de nourriture aux gens dans le besoin, et nous visiterons bientôt les personnes confinées à la maison. Merci à tous ces citoyens formidables qui s’engagent à faire leur part, ici à CSL, pour que notre communauté soit la plus sécuritaire de l’île. Pourquoi ne pas vous joindre à nous ? Vous trouverez plus d’information à
Cette année, je me suis donné comme objectif de mettre sur pied la Société historique de CSL pour que nous puissions conserver les récits et les images qui relatent notre évolution, d’un village rural du 19e siècle à la communauté de banlieue moderne et florissante d’aujourd’hui. Un petit groupe de bénévoles travaillent déjà sur nos premiers projets et je vous invite à y participer. Vous avez peut-être une vieille boîte de photos de la vie à CSL dans les années 50 et 60, ou possiblement un témoignage à partager sur les temps anciens dans nos quartiers. Veuillez contacter la directrice de la bibliothèque, Janine West, à ou au 514-485-6900.
Je suis fier de répondre à vos questions et à vos demandes et je fais de mon mieux, toujours avec enthousiasme, pour vous aider à trouver des réponses et des solutions aussi rapidement que possible. Depuis mon court mandat en tant que maire par intérim il y a un an et demi, j’ai entrepris de faire du porte-à-porte pour vous rencontrer en grand nombre. Je poursuis ma tournée, une rue après l’autre, mais je suis toujours disponible en ligne. Je vous invite à vous abonner à mon blogue, Nashen Notes, qui est une bonne ressource pour toute l’information locale à Vous pouvez me suivre aussi sur Facebook et Twitter ou me joindre au téléphone à l’hôtel de ville ou par courriel à
Le bonheur est d’avoir des voisins formidables !


Glenn J. Nashen
District 6
It continues to be my honour to serve the residents of District 6 and indeed all of Côte Saint-Luc. My goals of making CSL the safest community and our residents as happy as can be remains at the centre of my political life.
We welcome the many new residents of District 6 in the beautiful Parkhaven Courtyard townhouses. Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and I look forward to meeting you at your door this spring. Soon, the last phase of construction will focus of the upscale apartment tower. We are pleased to have modern housing to keep young families in the heart of CSL, many close to their parents and siblings — a real family development!
Eleven years ago I set out to create a new volunteer corps to patrol the city streets, parks and facilities in order to raise our level of safety. Furthermore, I designed it to be available to assist in large scale emergencies and to serve our residents in times of need. I have lead the volunteer Citizens on Patrol (vCOP) ever since (and occasionally I even do a patrol myself). We now number more than 80 volunteers and patrol CSL like no other group in Quebec. We help out at community events, verify smoke detectors in your homes, watch over your home while you’re vacationing, deliver food baskets to the needy and will soon make visits to shut-ins. My thanks to this amazing group of CSLers for doing their part to make us the safest community on the island. Please consider joining us. More information is at
This year I set my goal on establishing the CSL Historical Society so that we can collect the stories and images that make up our journey from a farming village in the 19th century to the thriving suburban community of today. We have a small group of volunteers working on our first projects and I invite you to participate. You may have an old box of photos of life in CSL back in the 50s and 60s, or perhaps you can share a testimonial about earlier times in our neighbourhoods. Please contact Janine West, Library Director at or 514-485-6900.
I pride myself in responding to you, my constituents, and in helping you to seek answers and solutions as quickly as possible. I’ve been making my way door-to-door trying to visit as many of you as possible since my brief term as Acting Mayor one-and-a-half years ago. While I continue block by block, I remain accessible online. Please subscribe to my blog, Nashen Notes, which is a great resource for local information at You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter or reach me by phone at City Hall or e-mail at
Happiness is having great neighbours!

vCOP grows to 92 on its 11th birthday

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Canada Day not only marks 150 years of Canada but also the 11th birthday of our city’s beloved volunteer Citizens on Patrol group. To mark the occasion the volunteer group that I began and continue to lead held its pre-summer BBQ last Tuesday evening at Trudeau Park.

City Councillors Ruth Kovac, Allan J. Levine and Sam Goldbloom joined me and Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, City Manager Nadia Di Furia, Public Works Director Bebe Newman and of course Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson and Manager Philip Chateauvert to thank the volunteers for their efforts and dedication.

Cllr. Glenn J. Nashen and Supervisor Mitchell Herf inaugurate the newest vCOP electric scooters

When I started this group I envisioned one day having 120 volunteers to ensure round the clock voluntary shift coverage. As we get closer to the 100 mark we see the highly marked vCOP vans patrolling at all times of day and night. With summer here, the electric scooter patrol is also out on the road and in our parks.

vCOP 10 year pins were presented to Jacques Berkowitz, Murray Brookman, Harvey Cherow, Martin Labow, Phil Lackman, Phil Mayman and Harvey B. Schwartz (Photo Sayed Sadir)

“I know that volunteering for vCOP makes you happy,” said Mayor Mitchell Brownstein. “It also makes our residents very happy, as you’re keeping a watchful eye on our streets, our homes, our parks and our kids, parents and grandparents. Thank you so much,” the mayor said.

Long service pins were handed out to those reaching five and ten years of service. Special mention goes out to Susie and Harvey C. Schwartz of Cavendish Boulevard and Allan Greenberg of Freud Avenue who signed up 10 years ago to the day, after they heard me promoting the fledgling group on CJAD.

Supervisor Susie Schwartz with husband/patroller Harvey

Special thanks to Susie Schwartz, Elaine Meunier, Philip Chateauvert, Phil Mayman, Marty Labow and Allan Bramson for organizing, setting up, cooking, schlepping and cleaning up. Well done folks! Thanks as well to Mark at Maxie’s in the Cavendish Mall for donating the fruit platter.

Most of all thank you to our loyal and eagle-eyed troupes who make themselves available throughout the day and night, at special events and at emergencies. You folks are tremendous and make our city so special.

vCOP 5 year pins were presented to Eric Goldapple, Helen Gwiazda, Issie Karpman, Roz Kastner, Peter Kurti and Robert Lefcort (Photo Sayed Sadir)

vCOP offers Vacation Spot Checks of your home while you’re away on summer vacation. Sign up here. To find out more about joining vCOP please visit our website.

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