Reconstruction of City Hall/Library parking lot underway

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Posted by Councillor Mike Cohen

As many people have noticed by now, Côte Saint-Luc has started work on the reconstruction of the parking lot behind the City Hall and Library. We’re doing more than just repaving. We’re improving the way it’s configured in order to remove the excessive turns, which create risks for pedestrians. We’re also adding two charging stations for electric vehicles, a bike path and creating more parking spaces for cars to park.

We have been fortunate to have a parking lot with so many trees not just around the edges but within the parking lot itself. Our goal at the start of this project was to save as many of these trees as possible by transplanting them elsewhere. We are saving approximately 70 percent of the trees and have transplanted 28.


Of course, we would have preferred to have saved all the trees. However, of trees that are being cut their roots were too deep to survive transplant or to small to justify the cost while new trees can be planted of similar size or they were sick or damaged in some way. It didn’t make sense to move the sick trees as the cost to transplant a single tree is about $2,000. We decided to transplant the healthy trees, which cost $53,000 in all. All the trees being cut will be replaced with new replanted trees.

To sum up:

-We will have a new, safer parking lot ;
-We saved approximately 70  percent of the trees in the existing parking lot;
-We will replant new trees for all those that were cut;
-We will have two electrical charging stations for electric cars;
-We transplanted 28 trees of the old trees from the parking lot to locations across the city.

Parking Lot

Work begins on the City Hall parking lot reconstruction (Mike Cohen photo).


This lot was in desperate need of repair. How many people, the majority seniors and those with limited mobility, have we heard from in recent years complaining about the fact they could not find a spot when attending special events?

As for the benches that many people congregate on, I have now received confirmation that  a crew move the seven benches along the path on the south side of City Hall and have them placed east of the parking in the area between Sir Walter Scott and Marc Chagall to provide seating for the residents of the area. They will be  placed under some shade as much as possible.  If necessary, special umbrellas will be added.


New bike path and EV charging station coming to City Hall parking lot

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The reconstruction of the of the Cote Saint-Luc City Hall parking lot will soon be underway with a new layout to improve vehicular access and visibility while improving pedestrian safety.

The project includes the reconstruction of the sidewalks, the curbs, the asphalt roadway and parking area, as well as the replacement of the lighting and security cameras.

The main improvements include:

– A new drop-off area at the main rear entrance,
– An elevated section of the roadway and pedestrian crosswalks at the intersection of the
main roadway from Cavendish and the delivery ramp for City Hall,
– A new sidewalk on the south side of City Hall, from Cavendish to the main rear entrance,
– A new central sidewalk median for pedestrians in the main section of the parking lot,
– A new bike path from Cavendish to Sir Walter Scott,
– A double charging station for electric vehicles,
– The addition of approximately 23 parking spaces, (143 spaces compared to the current 120 spaces),
– Replacement of the street lighting and cameras for improved safety.

The work is scheduled to start in July and be completed by mid-October 2017.

Public tenders were opened by the Purchasing Department on June 7, 2017. Six tenders were received ranging in price from $1,941,716.78 to $2,322,010.66 all taxes included. The lowest tender was received from Groupe TNT Inc. is conforming to the tender documents for a total of $1,941,716.78 taxes included.

A previous purchase order was issued for electric vehicle charging stations at the Aquatic and Community Centre and at City Hall. The City Hall EV double charging station will be installed during the reconstruction.


Year End Roundup: Inside City Hall with Mayor Mitchell Brownstein

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Cote Saint-Luc Mayor Mitchell Brownstein has done a magnificent job in rallying all those around him since becoming mayor nine months ago. Mitch has brilliantly achieved consensus among members of council, has strengthened the city administration and brought our unions onside.  He is building upon a magnificent legacy created over a decade by former Mayor Anthony Housefather.

As an outgoing, effervescent and engaging full-time mayor. He created this wonderful recap of Cote Saint-Luc activities and accomplishments in 2016.

“We are a very special family,” the mayor said. Enjoy this video, these beautiful holidays, and take the time to count your blessings and appreciate all we have and the good times we share.”

Quick thinking vCOP prevents forest fire, young graduate in hot water

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There was a little bit of excitement at City Hall last night. Volunteer Citizens on Patrol team leaders Abe and Elaine were in the back parking lot training other members on scooter. Elaine smelled trouble, literally, but couldn’t quite place what it was. As she looked towards the park area behind the library, she saw smoke – quite a bit of smoke.

Aerial view of Cote Saint-Luc City Hall area. Google Earth 2013.

Aerial view of Cote Saint-Luc City Hall area. Google Earth 2013.

She ran over and found the cause of the smoke: someone started a bonfire of school books! Whoever did this hid it among the trees and bushes so it wasn’t that easy to find. Elaine stomped it out then ran to get a bucket of water from the vCOP office to drown out any embers.

The first dumping of water put the fire out but she wanted to be absolutely sure, so she returned to the office and refilled the bucket. She soaked the area thoroughly.

Meanwhile library staff called the fire department.  Police also responded.

Elaine was able to salvage one book and quite a few papers with a person’s name on it. Seems like the youngster was in elementary school. The book was turned over to library staff who passed it on to police.

When the Fire Department arrived they found that Elaine had single-handedly extinguished the fire to their satisfaction.

The police were able to call the parents.  One can imagine that this child will have a stern warning or punishment for a graduation gift from the angry parents.

Another exciting night for vCOP – the eyes and ears of our emergency services.

A special thanks to Elaine for her quick actions in putting out the fire and in preserving the evidence for the police.

Our mayor can marry you. Literally.


If you’ve just set a date for your wedding and want to get married in Québec, this can be an exciting time for the two of you!

But, it gets even better.  Cote Saint-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather and City Councillors will be authorized by the Minister of Justice to “solemnize marriages” within the territory of Cote Saint-Luc.

In Québec, the following can perform your wedding ceremony: a judge, a justice of the peace, a minister, a clergy member who is registered under the Marriage Act, mayors, municipal officers so designated, members of municipal or borough councils, and designated clerks and deputy clerks.

So if  a wedding at the Montreal courthouse doesn’t quite do it for you how about Cote Saint-Luc City Hall or at the Aquatic and Community Centre with your very own Mayor (or City Councillor) presiding?

And the area immediately around City Hall makes for gorgeous wedding photo shoot!

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