Happy residents on Melling Ave, Wonderful testimonial from Mitchell & Corrie White

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Corrie, Madison and Mitchell White – past award winners in CSL Villes Fleurie contest


“Glenn is an amazing person, family man, neighbour and district councillor. He is the type of leader that will sit at his dinner table with his CSL Public Safety walkie-talkie ‘squaking’ in the background, just in case! He is always there for all his constituents and those of the other districts as well because that is the type of person that Glenn J. Nashen is for our city.

Any time our family has ever needed anything in our 12 years of owning our home Glenn has helped facilitate those requests.

Good on you Glenn for your continued leadership and positive attitude towards our city and initiatives you are discussing.  You are so well respected because you put us first! Keep up the awesome work. I know that you will continue to love, support and lead within our community because that is what kind of special human being you have truly demonstrated to be as a community leader.”

Mitchell and Corrie White, Melling Avenue 



Rabbi Levi Raskin and his son on Melling Ave (Oct. 2017)


It was a fun night out meeting residents on Melling Avenue. Having spent half my life just a block over on Cork Ave it’s always fun to visit with familiar faces that have lived on the block for decades as well as newer residents who are happy and enthusiastic about their beautiful neighbourhood.

The first house I visited was that of a famous CSL family: The Raskins. Rabbi Levi Raskin is the Youth Director at Chabad CSL, son of Rabbi Mendel and Sarah Raskin. The good rabbi invited me in for a l’chaim and wished me well in the upcoming elections. “Shehakol yihiyeh tov!“, we said, ‘everything should be well’.

I wonder if Rabbi Raskin is aware that on his property sits the oldest tree in all of CSL, and one of the oldest on the Island of Montreal! Now that’s a blessing!

A 200 year old Bur Oak at the corner of Wavell and Melling. It is possibly the oldest of its kind on the island.


Thank you to all the residents on Melling Ave. Many invited me in for a little chat or offered me a drink. They brought up issues of local concern, spoke about experiences with city services and generally were happy with life on Melling. And I couldn’t agree more.


A lifetime of door knocking in CSL

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Few city councillors, let alone candidates, can boast of knocking on the same doors for their entire life. But I can.

Having grown up and lived half my life on Cork Ave in District 6, I got an early start in visiting my neighbours while selling chocolate bars as a Jewish Peretz School elementary school student. By 10 years old I found other opportunities such as greeting cards to keep me pounding the pavement around Cork, Jellicoe, Mountbatten and Melling. By 14 I was delivering the Monitor newspaper for one cent a paper on my street and around the area. Of course there were also various Bialik High School projects, events and even Halloween that kept me knocking on the same doors year after year.

So when I knocked on one particular door on Cork Ave earlier this week, the house that I grew up in, it was with a great big smile and a lump in my throat. Dr. Ron Schondorf, who moved in when the Nashens moved out years earlier, greeted me and knew right away that I was “coming home” to visit once again.

Knocking on doors: a visit to my ancestral home on Cork Ave with current homeowner Dr. Ron Schondorf (Oct. 2017)

My life is intertwined with CSL’s development since the 60’s. And my involvement in CSL spans a lifetime. Indeed, I have volunteered in municipal services my entire adult life: the Emergency Measure Organization (now EMS) which lead to my interest in serving my fellow residents as a city councillor and to me ultimately creating the volunteer Citizens on Patrol program. And of course all I’ve done to serve as councillor concentrating on emergency preparedness and ensuring we’re the safest place on the Island of Montreal. One door at a time!

Glenn J. Nashen riding aboard Cote Saint-Luc’s first Rescue Medical Fire vehicle (1981)

The happiest street in CSL District 6, so far

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This spring I’ve had the opportunity to visit many constituents at their doors. It’s always a pleasure to ring doorbells and chat in the warm spring sun with a light breeze. Especially so when it’s outside of an election period. Quebec’s November elections are poorly timed as the weather is often inclement and the sun sets early. No wonder other jurisdictions set their municipal elections during spring.

Great to meet up with Gady Avissar at his front door on Jellicoe Ave. Friendly as can be and a real happy fellow. Door to door is a family outing together with Judy and Jeremy.

Tonight I had the chance to talk with many residents on Jellicoe Ave. I love this neighbourhood as I grew up around the corner and spent half my life playing street hockey and hide-and-go-seek with my friends on the surrounding streets. We loved playing on the small connector between Jellicoe and Cork that we affectionately referred to as JelliCork.

I was joined by my wife, Dr. Judy Hagshi and my son Jeremy. This evening’s visit was also remarkable as not one resident had a complaint! People were genuinely happy. Happy with their street, with their neighbours, with city services, and yes, even with their City Councillor. Several people thanked me for knocking on their door and leaving my calling card. One really nice family gave my son a popsicle. How nice to be so happy.

Liane Fransblow and her son Myles happy to say hi on Jellicoe Ave.

I hope you’re happy in Cote Saint-Luc too. What makes you happiest about living here? Please comment.

And I hope to meet many more of you as I make my way from house to house in CSL. Meanwhile, please like me on Facebook or subscribe to my blog at GlennJ.Nashen.com.

Who can that be knocking at my door?

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Some would say it’s out of the ordinary to have an impromptu visit from a politician outside of an election period. That wouldn’t be an accurate statement in Cote Saint-Luc where Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and some members of Council have been known to go door to door in the off season to stay in close contact with constituents. I have done so each year since the last election. Others do their best to reach out with newsletters, press releases, blogs and social media. That has been my routine as any reader of Nashen Notes can attest. And yet others will attend community events throughout the year, That’s certainly true of every CSL Council member.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather and Councillor Glenn J. Nashen along Parkhaven Avenue, Apr. 30, 2017

But what is truly unusual is to get a Sunday afternoon, springtime knock at the door by your Mayor and City Councillor and Member of Parliament. All at the same time. Such was the case this past weekend as Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather and I teamed up to visit residents on Parkhaven Avenue.

Cllr. Nashen, Mayor Brownstein and MP Housefather popping in on Michael Abenhaim, Erika Ungar and family, Apr. 30, 2017

Some were shocked, most pleasantly surprised, at the opportunity to have almost all of their elected officials popping by to ask if they had concerns to share, feedback on federal legislation or comments on local issues. In particular we had the chance to meet with some of CSL’s newest residents in Parkhaven Courtyard, the new development at the corner of Kildare. We met folks who had come here from many countries, including Cameroon, and had chosen Cote Saint-Luc as their ultimate destination.

Mayor Brownstein, MP Housefather and Cllr. Nashen along with resident Nathalie Serrero

It was a great experience for all of us and we look forward to knocking on your door some day soon. In the meantime you can stay in touch with all of us anytime on Facebook or by email or by calling us. You never know who could be knocking on your door.