Easter lunch at St. Richards

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Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, Father Peter Laviolette and Councillor Glenn J. Nashen at St. Richard’s Parish Easter Luncheon, Apr. 9, 2017

It’s always a great pleasure to break bread with Father Peter Laviolette and the parishioners at St. Richard’s in Cote Saint-Luc. Such was the case on Sunday, April 9, 2017 at the annual Easter luncheon. Father Peter is the spiritual leader at St. Richard’s, a venerable Cote Saint-Luc institution established back in the 60s during the heyday of our town when construction was booming and young families were flocking to the new, west-end suburb.

CSL City Hall reps at St. Richard’s Easter luncheon

Although a great number of families are of Italian descent, the Catholic parish includes many others from a host of cultural communities. With so many multi-generational members growing up in CSL it is interesting to note that some families have become interwoven in CSL’s large Jewish community.

As Father Peter pointed out, some years, Chanukah and Christmas begin at the same time, as does Passover and Easter.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and CSL’s First Lady, Elaine Brownstein, Councillor Allan J. Levine and Rhoda, myself, City Manager Nadia Di Furia and husband Ben and City Hall coordinator Tammy McEwin and longtime city staffer / husband Rob were in attendance representing the city.

The Mayor wished everyone a very Happy Easter in the best community around. “Enjoy every moment of these festive holidays surrounded by family, friends and neighbours,” he said. “Our community is a large, happy family,” Brownstein said.

The St. Richard’s volunteer crew

We enjoyed a wonderful home made feast for the entire congregation. What a beautiful gathering of family, neighbours and friends in celebration. Mr. Biasini’s homemade wine was once again a sweet treat. Former Councillor Joe Panunto acted as host and emcee. The boys on kitchen duty did an amazing, professional job.

Thanks to the St. Richard’s Chefs. Lunch was terrific!

On a personal note I wish to thank Joe and Father Peter for extending the invitation and I send my very best to my constituents and friends celebrating Easter. May this holiday bring love, joy and peace to you and to all people. May your kids find all the Easter eggs and may you enjoy abundant Easter chocolate. Most of all, may you find happiness in your hearts and in yours homes and may it spread around the world.

Happy Easter to all my constituents

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Happy Passover. Happy Easter. Joyeuses fêtes de Pessah et de Pâque.

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My family and I wish you good health and happiness during the holidays of Passover and Easter.  We especially hope for freedom for all those who have yet to be liberated around the world.

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Here’s wishing your Seder is a spread of joy!

Happy Passover!


Je te souhaite

beaucoup de plaisir à Pâques!

Que ta célébration soit remplie

de bon temps,

et de plaisir !

Meilleurs voeux de Pâques


La fête de Pessah (Pâque juive), une des plus importantes fêtes du calendrier juif, marque la sortie de l’esclavage et la fuite d’Egypte. Pessah symbolise la conquête de la liberté et la naissance de la nation juive. Le renouvellement de cette fête chaque année vient nous rappeler que la liberté n’est jamais acquise, qu’elle doit sans cesse se forger.

Joyeuse fête de Pessah! Joyeuse Pâque!