Wonderful residents make our city beautiful

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Congratulations to this year’s Maisons Fleuries contest winners. The Maisons Fleuries garden beautification contest is held yearly by Côte Saint-Luc. The city awards prizes to residents who create attractive green spaces with blossoming trees, flowers and shrubs. A panel of judges views the gardens and selects the winners and runners up in the various categories.

I was honoured to present the awards for single family and semi-detached homes in District 6 last week at the Aquatic and Community Centre.

In District 6:

Third place went to Eric and Joann Goldapple at 5763 Einstein.

Second place finish was awarded to Leah Benedek at 5660 Parkhaven.

And the first prize in District 6 was given to Rose Sacks at 5793 Einstein.

District 6 winners of Maisons Fleuries 2013. L-R: The Goldapples of Einstein and Leah Benekek of Parkhaven.

District 6 winners of Maisons Fleuries 2013. L-R: The Goldapples of Einstein and Leah Benekek of Parkhaven.

Special elite category winner in District 6 was awarded to Lucie Bendahan at 5616 Parkhaven.

Congratulations to our district winners and to all who participated.  You are all winners for beautifying your homes, your streets and neighbourhoods.

I’d like to add my own award to a new resident in the townhouses on Kellert Avenue. The Jacobson family has done a beautiful job of sprucing up the newest residences in Cote Saint-Luc and will inspire other townhouse owners in their complex and elsewhere to do the same next year.

My own special recognition goes out to the owners of this townhouse on Kellert Avenue in District 6

My own special recognition goes out to the Jacobson family, owners of this townhouse on Kellert Avenue in District 6

More coverage on Councillor Mike Cohen’s blog.

District 6 in full bloom

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The annual Ville Fleurie contest culminated with the presentation of awards last week at City Hall. District 6 was well represented with award winning gardens being recognized and celebrated along with other beautiful displays by our homeowners, be it in single family dwellings, town houses, duplexes or high rises.

Councillors Sam Goldbloom, Allan J. Levine (left) and former Councillor Harold Greenspon co-chaired the event, with our Parks and Recreation Department doing their usual excellent job coordinating a classy affair. Noted classical pianist Edwin Brownell was back to entertain the audience with his fancy finger work on the piano keys.

Congratulations to repeat winners Corrie, Mitchell and Madison White of Melling Ave for their tremendous efforts at the “White House”.

Kudos also to Lucie Bendahan of Parkhaven Ave, Joanne and Eric Goldapple of Einstein Ave, Joanne Stroll also of Einstein and Frank Palucci on Kildare Road.

CSL horticulturalist Rene Lapointe was singled out for extraordinary work in creating beautiful floral displays along our main arteries and at city buildings and parks.

Corrie, Madison and Mitchell White take 2nd prize for single family homes in District 6

Message to District 6 Residents

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The nice weather means more cars on our roads, some of them moving a little too quickly. This season we are expanding the traffic calming measures I initiated on Einstein Ave.  On Wavell Rd., between McAlear Ave and Melling Ave we have painted lines to narrow the traffic lane in an effort to slow things down. As well, we have rolled out phase 1 of our CSL Cycles plan to get youngsters and families pedaling along side streets and eventually connecting our main streets to bike paths in NDG. Safer passage through the underpasses remains a priority and is now permitted on sidewalks, following the posted signs.

As the city’s head of Public Safety and Transportation I am working with police, public security, traffic engineers and volunteers to strive for a vision of a traffic-calmed and pedestrian-friendly community.

The soon-to-be completed Aquatic and Community Centre (ACC) is located within a short walk of most homes in District 6. I am working with city staff, and consulting with nearby residents as we plan to rebuild the Maimonides Park playground. Foremost on my mind is to keep residential surroundings peaceful, as always.

I invite you to subscribe to this blog (www.GlennJ.Nashen.com), which has more than 1,000 posts about Côte Saint-Luc, public safety and other local issues with news clippings dating back 30 years. It is the single most comprehensive news website about the City of Côte Saint-Luc. Follow me on Twitter and receive breaking news about street closures, water main breaks and other urgent matters.

To contact me, send an e-mail message to gjnashen@cotesaintluc.org or call 514-485-6945.

Have a wonderful and safe summer.

Message aux résidents de District 6

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Avec le beau temps, il y a plus de voitures sur nos routes et parfois des problèmes de vitesse excessive. Cette saison, nous comptons renforcer les mesures d’apaisement de la circulation que j’ai mises en place sur l’av. Einstein. Des lignes peintes sur la chaussée ont réduit la largeur des voies de circulation sur le ch. Wavell entre l’av. McAlear et l’av. Melling afin de ralentir la circulation.

Par ailleurs, nous amorcerons la phase 1 de notre plan CSL roule qui vise à inciter les jeunes et les familles à pédaler en sécurité dans les rues secondaires, et éventuellement à relier nos rues principales aux pistes cyclables dans NDG. La traversée sécuritaire des passages sous les viaducs demeure une priorité.

En tant que responsable de la protection civile et des transports à la ville, je travaille actuellement de concert avec la police et la sécurité publique, et avec l’aide des ingénieurs de la circulation et des bénévoles, afin de privilégier une vision axée sur une communauté aux rues conviviales et accueillantes pour les piétons.

Le Centre communautaire et aquatique qui sera bientôt achevé se trouve à distance de marche de la plupart des résidences du district 6. Avec le personnel de la ville et les résidants du voisinage, je vois à planifier la reconstruction du terrain de jeu du parc Maimonides. Ce faisant, je me soucie avant tout de préserver la tranquillité de l’environnement résidentiel, comme toujours.

Je vous invite à vous abonner à mon blogue à www.GlennJ.Nashen.com, qui compte plus de 1 000 billets concernant Côte Saint-Luc, la protection civile et d’autres enjeux locaux, ainsi que des coupures de journaux des 30 dernières années. Il s’agit du site Web de nouvelles le plus complet à propos de la Ville de Côte Saint-Luc. Suivez-moi sur Twitter et recevez les dernières nouvelles sur les fermetures de rue, les bris d’aqueduc et autres questions urgentes.

Pour me joindre, envoyez un courriel à gjnashen@cotesaintluc.org ou téléphonez au 514-485-6945.

Gaz Met encouraged to expand in CSL district 6

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Einstein Avenue Eric Goldapple contributed the following open letter:

As a concerned citizen and resident of Cote Saint-Luc, I am writing this piece in order to advocate for the extension of the natural gas grid in our area.

As a consumer of heating oil, I have become disenchanted over the last few years with the product. Not only is it the most polluting source of energy, it is also the least efficient and most expensive when compared to electricity and natural gas.

Referring to statistics from Natural Resources Canada, oil is anywhere from 60% – 82 % efficient for a standard efficiency furnace, depending on its age. My furnace is over 25 years old and heating oil last year cost me $1979 (at close to $1.00 a litre). Had I used natural gas with a high-efficiency gas furnace , my annual heating cost would only have been approximately $791 at 92% efficiency. Annual heating cost for an electric furnace would have been $1722.

Besides being efficient, natural gas is a clean burning fossil fuel that contributes minimal amounts to smog, acid rain, and the greenhouse effect.

It provides comfort and peace of mind. It is reliable and not subject to power loss or failure and today is one of the safest forms of energy available.

Gaz Metropolitain has a line running along Kildare (and other streets as well). I strongly suggest that neighbours on side streets (especially within 70 meters from Kildare) who are at least willing to consider converting to natural gas, call Gaz Metropolitain to express their interest. Only a few households expressing interest are needed for them to consider extending the grid along the side street.

The number to call at Gaz Met is 514-529-2499.

My name is Eric Goldapple. I am a resident of Einstein Ave., and can be reached at egoldapple@hotmail.com​ or in the evenings at 514-482-1387. I would love to hear from you.

Autumn message to my constituents in District 6

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"Traffic-calmed neighbourhood" sign ...

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I have reported that the vision of the City’s Public Safety and Traffic Committee, which I lead, is to create a traffic-calmed and pedestrian-friendly community. We are achieving this objective as we have initiated more traffic-calming measures on the most problematic blocks. In the last few months we have installed bollards, flower planters, speed humps, middle-of-the-road pedestrian signs, raised crosswalks and cement crosswalks. As well, we have doubled the width of painted lines of crosswalks making them far more visible. We have also painted lines to “visually narrow” sections of Einstein and David Lewis, effectively slowing down traffic. Finally, speed on all side streets has been reduced from 50 km/h to 40 km/h.

I have worked closely with Charles Senekal, Manager of Urban Planning and Traffic Engineer, Jordy Reichson, Director of Public Safety, and our valued committee members to develop effective, pleasing solutions. I always search out new ideas in my travels and online. Safer cycling and a shuttle bus services are two priorities still in the works. All of these measures are creating a safer environment for pedestrians and motorists of all ages.

Planning of the new intergenerational centre and indoor pool is well underway and construction is just beginning. I want to reassure nearby residents that I have spoken out to ensure minimum impact in terms of parking, noise and lighting issues, and relocation and enhancement of the playground. Your concerns are my concerns. When all is done we will have an amazing centre just a short walk from your home.

Our volunteer Emergency Medical Services and Citizens on Patrol teams are always looking for new recruits. We provide training, valuable skills, camaraderie and a rewarding experience. Call City Hall for details or visit CoteSaintLuc.org.

I invite you to subscribe to local updates at www.GlennJ.Nashen.com.

To contact me, call 514-485-6945 or send an e-mail message to GJNashen@CoteSaintLuc.org or subscribe to updates at www.GlennJ.Nashen.com.

Goin’ Slow on Einstein

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During my visit with residents on Einstein Ave last fall the plea was pretty much unanimous:  “Slow down traffic on our block”.  

I brought this issue to our Traffic Committee, which I chair.  The road width, length, traffic patterns, speed and other factors were studied.  The conclusion was that the road is wider than most residential streets in our city, speeding is indeed a factor and new measures were needed to make this a safer street.  

I softened my long-standing policy against speed bumps (narrow, abrupt bumps across the road resulting in a thud) because of the reduction in emergency vehicle response times and agreed to experiment with speed humps (wider, gradual risers across the road that have less impact upon the driver with no noise when speed is reasonably adjusted).  

One of two traffic calming speed humps across Einstein Avenue

On a visit to Thornhill, Ontario, last year I noticed an interesting street line marking that intrigued me at first glance.  What I found remarkable was that cars were slowing down as a result of the perception of a reduction in the width of the street.  I decided we must try this in Cote Saint-Luc and the results were immediately evident.  Car speeds have come down considerably and with this successful outcome we may implement this technique on our most problematic streets.  

Street line markings and bollards narrow the width of Einstein Avenue resulting in slower traffic patterns

Pedestrian safety at crosswalks is extremely important to me, as well.  On my recommendation we have substantially improved the line markings and increased visibility of the crosswalks, together with highly reflective signage and middle-of the-road markers.  We have substantially increased the safety of pedestrians in our crosswalks.  

More visible crosswalks, like this one on Mackle and Einstein, will be the new norm near parks, playgrounds, schools and busy intersections in Cote Saint-Luc

Einstein resident Steven Glazer had this to say: “Thanks very much for the interest in Einstein. The street is a lot better and safer now, thanks to you and your efforts. Everyone is pleased.  Hopefully these paved asphalt speed humps will remain as they are for 12 months a year”.  

Dr. Hyman Schipper said, “My wife and I would like to express our gratitude to you and the City of Cote Saint-Luc for erecting the speed barriers on Einstein Ave. where we live. This has dramatically curtailed speeding on our street rendering it far safer for pedestrians, especially children who enjoy playing ball in their driveways”.

I’ve heard similar positive comments from other residents on the block.   The Einstein speeding problem seems to be fixed with these traffic calming measures and will serve as a model for other problematic areas in the city.

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