Keep your community safe — It’s your responsibility!

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The Canada Safety Council is committed to community safety and crime prevention. Firearms safety is an important aspect of that commitment. Every year, firearms-related incidents claim between 700 and 900 Canadian lives. Through education, their goal is to help reduce preventable firearms deaths in Canada. Do your part to protect yourself, your family and your community.

• Get firearms safety training. Lock and unload firearms, and store ammunition separately.
• Self-harm and firearms thefts are community safety issues.
• Know your options if you inherit a firearm, or have a firearm you no long want.

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Assurez la sécurité de votre collectivité — c’est à vous qu’en revient la responsabilité

Le Conseil canadien de la sécurité attache une grande importance à la sécurité des collectivités et à la prévention de la criminalité. La sécurité des armes à feu constitue un aspect important de cet engagement. Chaque année, des armes à feu emportent entre 700 et 900 Canadiens. En sensibilisant la population canadienne à ces drames, leur objectif est de contribuer à réduire le nombre de décès par balle qui auraient pu être évités au Canada. Agissez concrètement pour vous protéger, vous, votre famille et votre collectivité.

• Suivez un cours sur la sécurité des armes à feu. Verrouillez et déchargez vos armes à feu et rangez les munitions à part.
• Les blessures volontaires et les vols d’armes à feu sont des problèmes qui concernent la sécurité des collectivités.
• Prenez connaissance de vos choix si vous héritez d’une arme à feu ou que vous possédez une arme à feu dont vous voulez vous débarrasser.

Letter: No one should blame police for the unfortunate death of man at centre of standoff

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Re: “Côte-St-Luc man, 71, arrested in standoff dies” (Gazette, Aug. 20)

It is very unfortunate that Isidore Havis, the man at the centre of the Côte-St-Luc standoff, has passed away, but the police should not be chastised or held accountable for the unfortunate ending.

The authorities did everything in their power and under the circumstances to try get the man to surrender peacefully and without harm, all to no avail. Such a standoff should have taken no more than a few hours to be resolved, yet they waited patiently for nearly 20 hours.

The police may not be perfect, yet every day they put themselves in harm’s way to protect honest, law-abiding citizens and suffer casualties to themselves and their property. They, too, are human and should be given more credit than condemnation. They tried their best to resolve the standoff in order to avert loss of life.

Daniel Evans


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In my opinion:

As I wrote on my blog a few weeks ago I believe the police did a superb job in this case, acting with calm, cool professionalism seeking to bring about a peaceful resolution. They were focused on public safety, on securing the neighbourhood, on ensuring the well-being of those in the immediate vicinity – police officers and residents alike – and presumably on the safety of the suspect as well.

I am well aware that our local PDQ9 Commander Bissonnette was on scene throughout the incident and his concern for the community is of primary importance.

Thank you to the Montreal and Quebec Provincial Police departments for their work and to their officers for putting themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe.

Please see my letter to the Montreal Gazette concerning the need for gun control.  I received many hateful and despicable responses to my letter from those who supposedly and erroneously proclaim a right to bear arms, presumably to defend the right to speak freely which they would seek to deny me. Fortunately, all of the feedback from Cote Saint-Lucers was most positive and supportive.

It is very unfortunate that Mr, Havis has died.  I extend my condolences to his family.

Isidore Havis, arrested in 20-hour Côte-St-Luc standoff with police, has died

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MONTREAL – Isidore Havis, the 71-year-old Côte-St-Luc man who barricaded himself in his home three weeks ago and caused a 20-hour standoff with police, has died.

Havis died at 11:50 a.m. Saturday at the Montreal General Hospital. The cause of death has not been given, but his lawyer Jeffrey Boro said his client had health issues.

“The way he was treated from when they took him out of his house to when he died, another result could not have been expected,” Boro said.

“All the protocols were followed but when you have a 71-year-old man with a heart condition and dementia, well maybe the protocols should be rewritten.”

The incident with police began on July 30 after Havis threatened some Hydro-Quebec employees who were on his property. Police were called and one officer was shot in the leg, allegedly by Havis.

A large police presence, including a SWAT team, assembled outside his home on Guelph Rd. in Côte St. Luc and several neighbours were evacuated from their homes.

Finally, police broke down his front door and stormed the house.

Havis was injured by rubber bullets fired by police when they entered his home to disarm him.

Police subsequently removed and tagged 182 firearms and a dozen bayonets from his home. All were legally registered in his name.

Havis faced 15 charges, including one alleging he discharged a firearm with the intent to injure or endanger the life of a Montreal police officer.

An autopsy of Havis will be done Monday, and pending the results of that autopsy, the public safety minister may order an independent investigation into the death, said Laurent Gingras with the Montreal police.

Isidore Havis, arrested in 20-hour Côte-St-Luc standoff with police, has died. (Montreal Gazette)

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My neighbours don’t need guns


Letter to the editor, Montreal Gazette

Why would we allow anyone to collect, say 180 firearms and 40 bayonets, and store them in a house, in a residential neighbourhood, near parks, playgrounds and schools? What purpose can anyone have in justifying the need to have so many weapons in one’s home?

Even more troubling, is why the authorities did not act on information about a registered gun owner, possessing over 180 firearms in a private home, who had previous issues with police and was officially known to have mental health issues? How could such a perfect constellation of bright and shiny warnings slip through the database cracks of those entrusted to look out for our safety? Are those responsible to monitor gun owners doing their job?

Each tragedy is an opportunity to learn how to correct mistakes and prevent further damage to life and property. The 20-hour standoff in Cote Saint-Luc is an opportunity for authorities to prevent a tragedy in the future.

My solution? Ban guns. My neighbours don’t need guns!