2014-06-09 Hero in 30 001

Councillors Ruth Kovac and Glenn J. Nashen practice CPR and revive a “victim” using an AED

A new program for teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) called the Hero in thirty Program is a simplified version of the traditional courses teaching CPR techniques that help save lives. It aims to facilitate learning and how to react quickly in an emergency situation. During the course, individuals will learn how to recognize signs of complete obstruction of the respiratory tract and cardiac arrest and prepare them to act quickly until help arrives. The Hero in thirty program represents a life-saving initiative that is accessible and affordable to all.

2014-06-09 Hero in 30 002

Councillor Dida Berku and Mayor Anthony Housefather assist Councillor Sam Goldbloom in saving a ‘life’ with CPR and AED

Don’t forget: a cardiac arrest or a choking incident can happen at any time. You could save a loved one or a friend. Are you ready to react and become a hero for life? Regular CPR training is offered right here in Cote Saint-Luc at the Recreation department. Call 514-485-6800 or visit online.

2014-06-09 Hero in 30 003

CSL City Council gets trained in CPR in the new Hero in Thirty program

Hero in Thirty classes, organized by Jordy Reichson, CSL Public Safety Director, will be offered in large group settings in the city. Look for the next one at a city event this summer.