Cavendish underpass southbound re-opens September 15

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After more than two months of orange barrels blocking the construction zone at the Cavendish underpass a little relief is hours away as the city gets ready to reopen all lanes and the walkway in the southbound direction.

This is the first major renovation to the underpass structure since it was built over 50 years ago, when Cavendish was actually known as King George Boulevard. More than $2.7 million was spent in upgrading this critical infrastructure, much of it through provincial grants.



Work will continue on the northbound lanes and will completed soon. Thanks to the presence of a flagman the traffic flow has been improved in the construction zone with few delays reported. Safety has been increased as well.

Pedestrian safety was a major priority and I would like to thank our incredible volunteers from vCOP – Citizens on Patrol – for heeding my call to be present at Fleet and Cavendish during the morning rush hour and afternoons when school children are on their way home.

New walkway gets finishing touches for re-opening this week at the Cavendish underpass

Enjoy the summer by Mayor Housefather


CSL Corner, Anthony Housefather

Free Press, July 10, 2012

Summer in Côte St. Luc is my favourite time of year. Sporting and cultural activities abound for people of all ages and it is so nice to see crowded parks, pools and tennis courts. We live in a climate where it is nice to enjoy our time outdoors and this year we are all taking full advantage of it.

If you have not purchased your CSL Fun Card, now is the time to do so. It is an affordable way to allow you and your family to enjoy all that the city has to offer. In addition, if you are a tennis player, the CSL Tennis Club still has memberships available in one of the best facilities on the island of Montreal.

Over the course of the summer, infrastructure work is occurring. We are spending millions of dollars to improve our roads, sidewalks and water network. We are trying to do this work sensibly and in a controlled manner and to communicate effectively both the timing and purpose of the work. Nonetheless, we know that any such work yields temporary inconvenience to those affected and we will try to mitigate any impact as much as possible and to communicate with you as early and as often as we can.

Our CSL website is a great source of information at and I would also encourage you to sign up for our email blasts if you want more frequent information from the city.

Canada Day at Trudeau Park attracted thousands again this year and the dedication of our premier baseball field to Gary Carter made the festivities even more memorable. We also swore in 36 new Canadians from 19 countries at a citizenship court. Watching people take their oath of citizenship for the first time reminds us all of how lucky we are to be citizens of a country that treats us all equally. Whether our families came here yesterday or 200 years ago, whether we speak English or French or other languages, whatever our race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, we are all equal before the law and have the same rights and responsibilities as Canadians. I thank my lucky stars each day that my ancestors chose to come to this country of opportunity and enormous promise that we need to celebrate more than one day each year.

Over the last few weeks I have been amazed at the number of people who have approached me to tell me they have moved back to Côte St. Luc after years away in the United States or Ontario. We are enjoying a renaissance not only in Côte St. Luc but on the island of Montreal and the economic security and political stability of the last decade is primarily responsible for people moving back here.

With a provincial election on the horizon, I hope we all keep this in mind and work to make sure that we retain this economic and political stability that is to all of our benefit.

Anthony Housefather can be reached at

Bowser and Blue sing the Montreal Infrastructure Song

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Leave it to this witty and dynamic duo to come up with jingle about Montreal’s crumbling roads and bridges.  “Driving on crack” has become the norm for Montreal motorists who will laugh from this song because the alternative is to cry!

Lucky for Cote Saint-Lucers that we continue to upgrade our own roads, water system (which we took over from Montreal with demerger in 2006) and facilities.

Councillors vow to fight extension, The Gazette

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