Duo performance at CSL Men’ Club

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Mark Cotler, Dr. Judy Hagshi, Glenn J. Nashen, Sidney Margles

Mark Cotler, Dr. Judy Hagshi, Glenn J. Nashen, Sidney Margles

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with the Cote Saint-Luc Men’s Club at their weekly Thursday morning meeting.  Being a very cold January morning I figured most members would be away in Florida and I’d speak to a small group of a couple of dozen members. I should have known better than to underestimate the resolve of this group of dedicated and proud members of civic-minded and active seniors and its uber-determined president Sidney Margles. Almost 150 people showed up that morning!

I was asked to speak about the Jewish General Hospital’s position on Bill 60, the so-called Charter of Quebec Values. Being one of the key authors of this major position paper, and official spokesperson for the hospital, I was very pleased to inform the membership about the position taken by the JGH Board of Directors and its newly appointed Executive Director, Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg. After all, this is an establishment that this group supports fiercely, as volunteers, contributors, users and so on.

The energy and pride in the room was palpable as I told them that the JGH would remain true to its founding principles of being an institution providing “Care for all.” Under no circumstances would the hospital trade away its values and ethics set in place 80 years ago in being an institution that welcomes all people regardless of faith, language, religion, etc…  The JGH stands firmly opposed to the draft legislation that would erode basic freedoms as guaranteed in the Quebec, Canadian and Universal charters protecting minority rights and freedoms.

I also offered a brief photo tour of the soon to be opened, brand new state-of-the-art Emergency Department in Pavilion K at the JGH.

Then it was time for me to introduce the real keynote speaker, my better half, Dr. Judy Hagshi. Dr. Hagshi spoke about how to prepare for a doctor’s visit so that the interaction is as effective as possible.  Taking notes and sticking to just one or two issues per visit are key she emphasized.  She also highlighted the importance of having an accurate written account of your medical history and medication list to present when meeting a new doctor or in an emergency situation.  The conclusion was a reminder to everyone that the best defence against getting sick is still getting a flu shot and washing your hands.

Mazal tov to the newest CSL couple

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Welcoming the Chassan Yankel and the Kallah Mushkee

Welcoming the Chassan Yankel and the Kallah Mushkee

A special celebration took place in Cote Saint-Luc on Monday night celebrating the wedding of Yankel Raskin of Cote Saint-Luc to Mushkee Wilhelm of New York City.

While the traditional wedding took place last week in the hometown of the bride, Rabbi Mendel and Sarah Raskin decided that since the Cote Saint-Luc community is their family that the the Simcha would continue here.

Sheva Brachot (“Seven Blessings”) are special Jewish wedding blessings.

Sheva Brachot are recited for the bride and the groom under the Chuppah during the Jewish Wedding ceremony. There is a tradition to throw dinner parties for the new couple each night during the week following the wedding. At the end of each of these meals, Sheva Brachot are recited.

The source of this custom of a week of festive dinners is the week that followed Jacob and Leah’s wedding (Gen 29:27). This community-wide celebration with the new couple contrasts greatly with the modern Western custom of the honeymoon.

Sheva Brachot are recited over a cup of wine, and usually the seven blessings are divided among honored guests. The cup of wine is passed around the table to the person reciting each blessing.

Yankel and Mushkee Raskin were welcomed at a lavish reception at the sprawling Hechal Menachem Chabad Cote Saint-Luc Congregation on Kildare Road. The grand Chagall Ballroom was festooned with a sumptuous buffet, wildly joyous music and hundreds of well wishers from the community. The new couple was welcomed in and simultaneous Horas broke out on the men’s side and women’s side of the ballroom to thunderous and joyful Klezmer music.

Rabbi Raskin introduced Mayor Anthony Housefather to welcome the bride and groom as well as the community. The Mayor wished the couple well and expressed, on behalf of the council, hopes for a long and healthy life together. Although Yankel and Mushkee will be returning to New York City for training at the World Chabad Centre the Mayor welcomed them to return and establish themselves in Cote Saint-Luc.

L-R: Dr. Judy Hagshi, proud mother Sarah Raskin, Mushkee and Yankel Raskin, beaming Rabbi Mendel Raskin, Mayor Anthony Housefather, Councillor Mitchell Brownstein and Glenn J. Nashen

L-R: Dr. Judy Hagshi, proud mother Sarah Raskin, Mushkee and Yankel Raskin, beaming Rabbi Mendel Raskin, Mayor Anthony Housefather, Councillor Mitchell Brownstein and Glenn J. Nashen. (Also present: Cllr. Allan Levine)

Mayor Housefather was joined by Councillors Mitchell Brownstein, Glenn J. Nashen (and wife Dr. Judy Hagshi) and Allan Levine. The Mayor and Councillors danced the festive Hora with the Rabbi and his son along with invited guests and raised a glass in honour of the new couple and their Simcha.

The Rabbi and his wife extended wishes to the community for a “K’tiva Vachatima Tova L’shana Tova U’metukah”, for a Happy and Healthy and Sweet New Year and for all to be inscribed in the Book of Life.


JPPS and the JEM Workshop: Making Purim Count Just a Little More

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JPPS and the JEM Workshop: Making Purim Count Just a Little More

Montreal, January 26, 2010 —The mutual giving of food and drink in baskets called mishloach manot is a time-honoured Purim tradition. Celebrating Purim is simply incomplete without nashing on a hamentashen, or two, or three. But imagine having the power to satisfy someone’s sweet tooth while simultaneously supporting the vital work that the JEM Workshop does in the community. The year 2010 will mark the fourth consecutive year that JPPS and the JEM Workshop will have collaborated on a project that not only yields tangible proceeds that directly support both organizations, but perhaps more importantly, also sensitizes our young generation to intellectually handicapped members of our community.

“This initiative is an incredible win-win situation for everyone involved. Little wonder why it’s been so successful in previous years,” explained project coordinator Dr. Judy Hagshi. “With the fundraising side being so productive, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the cooperation that takes place between the students and the workers. To me, that’s the most wonderful part of the program.”

For the past 55 years, the JEM workshop (Formerly the JVS Jewish Workshop) has been a special resource for the Montreal Jewish community. Currently employing 84 intellectually handicapped adults living with a wide range of challenges, they provide their employees with the opportunity to earn a fair wage and to gain the genuine sense of accomplishment associated with a hard day’s work. The fully appointed kosher and peanut-free Purim basket, selling for just ten dollars and containing hamentashen, a chocolate bar, a bottle of grape juice, a Purim mask, and a grager (noisemaker), is but one of the many items that are assembled at the workshop. JPPS Grade 4 classes will be visiting the workshop throughout the week of January 25 to make the baskets.

To purchase one for yourself, inquire at your synagogue or school office. Baskets are also available through the workshop directly by calling 514-735-4217.

To watch the CTV News report click here and then on the CTV News video player.

Article in JPPS newsletter

Une communauté unifiée

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Le conseiller Glenn J. Nashen avc M. Momie Bouzaglou, Président de la Congrégation Or Hahayim

Le conseiller Glenn J. Nashen avec M. Momie Bouzaglou, Président de la Congrégation Or Hahayim

You never know who you’ll meet going door to door.  This week I bumped into Congregation Or Hahayim President and Parkhaven resident Momie Bouzaglou.  Momie and I discussed the future of our community.  I expressed my vision of seeing the Jewish community unite without distinction.

Ma famille est un exemple de ma vision d’une communauté unie – une magnifique et merveilleuse combinaison des cultures  – je suis la partie ashkénaze et mon épouse, le Dre. Judy Hagshi, est sépharades.  Nos enfants sont un mélange extraordinaire – les lignes qui divisent sont flous et nous avons évolué vers une seule communauté telle que cela doit être.  Ca c’est l’avenir de notre communauté.

Le soutien que j’ai reçu de nombreux dirigeants communautaires est encourageant et ils comprennent:

  • David Bensousan, Ancien président, CSUQ
  • Genevieve Busbib, Présidente, Ecole Maimonide
  • Jean Alloul
  • Joseph Ziri, Ancien président, Or Hahayim
  • Le rabbin Raphael Afilalo
  • Le Dr. Marc Afilalo
  • M. Henri Elbaz, qui m’a recruter a travailler avec lui à l’Hôpital général juif
  • Rita Guindi
  • Betty Elkaim
  • Roger Elmoznino
  • Et mon ami de longue date Sidney Benizri

Nous sommes une communauté riche de sa diversité. Continuons à travailler ensemble pour bâtir et renforcer notre communauté pour un avenir brillant pour nos enfants.  Ceci est mon engagement envers vous. Une communauté forte et solide.


Glenn J. Nashen et Henri Elbaz à l’Hôpital général juif

Glenn J. Nashen et Henri Elbaz à l’Hôpital général juif



Le conseiller Glenn J. Nashen avec résidants de l'Avenue Melling Victoria et Roger Elmoznino

Le conseiller Glenn J. Nashen avec résidants de l'Avenue Melling Victoria et Roger Elmoznino


“Glenn J. Nashen, conseiller du district 6, est tout compte fait un gars assez incroyable. Il travaille fort et gère ses fonctions municipales admirablement après de longues journées de travail dans ses fonctions de directeur des communications à l’Hôpital général juif. C’est un bénévole de longue date des premiers répondants des SMU, ayant fait parti de l’organisme au temps où il était connu sous le nom OMU. Et, il fait un travail remarquable avec son portefeuille de la protection civile pour la ville. Il est également marié à un médecin que je connais et admire, Judy Hagshi, ensemble ils ont une belle et jeune famille. ”

Bram Eisenthal, chroniqueur, The Monitor, 21 octobre 2009

Judy Hagshi wins prestigious community award


Congratulations to Cote Saint-Luc family doctor, Judy Hagshi, who received  the 2009 Plotnick Young Leadership Award at the Annual General Meeting of Federation CJA this evening.

Judy is a tireless and committed volunteer at Combined Jewish Appeal and the JEM Workshop.  For 7 years she has played a leadership role in stewarding the CJA Health & Academia division: event planning, outreach to new workers, canvassing and telethons.  Last year Judy served as CJA Super Sunday Co-chair.  She has also volunteered as a member of the Montreal Jewish Federation’s Israel & Overseas steering committee.  


Judy FCJA award Sep 24 2009 009

Judy receives the Plotnick award at Federation CJA

Judy’s pride and joy is reserved for the JEM Workshop where, for the last four years, she has single-handedly and successfully spearheaded a significant and innovative fund-raising and awareness program at the workshop .  The workshop is an organization that employs physically, emotionally and mentally challenged members of the Jewish community. It allows these employees to lead productive, meaningful, dignified and autonomous lives as respectable wage earners and community members.  

The “Mishloah Manot Purim Project” has raised much needed funds for the workshop and more importantly has welcomed hundreds of school children to witness first-hand the amazing work being done there. 

During her undergraduate degree Judy served as president of the Jewish Student Union at the University of Western Ontario.  She obtained her B.A. (Psych.) at Western and graduated from Medical School at the University of Toronto.  She completed her residency program at McGill University in the Herzl Family Practice Centre of the Jewish General Hospital where she has been affiliated for more than 10 years.  She also obtained a fellowship in Obstetrics.

Currently Judy practices at the JGH in the Department of Family Medicine, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Pre-Admissions department as well as in the Family Birthing Centre.  She recently completed two years service on the hospital’s Medical Executive Committee.

The life of a young physician and mother is already filled with challenges in schedules and time commitments.  Judy has done a superb job at mastering personal, professional and communal commitments and responsibilities and is an extraordinary role model to her three young children and colleagues alike.

I’m especially proud of Judy seeing as she is also my wife!  Congratulations Judy.




Félicitations à Judy Hagshi, médecin de famille, qui a reçu le “Plotnick Young Leadership Award” lors de l’assemblée générale annuelle de la Fédération CJA, ce soir.

Judy est une bénévole dévouée et engagée à l’Appel juif unifié et l’Atelier JEM. Depuis 7 ans, elle a joué un rôle prépondérant dans la division de la santé CJA, la planification d’événements, de la sensibilisation aux nouveaux travailleurs, de prospection et téléthons. L’an dernier, Judy a servi comme co-président de CJA Super Sunday. Elle a également fait du bénévolat en tant que membre de comité d’Israël et outre-mer de la Fédération juive de Montréal.

Sa fierté et la joie est réservé à l’Atelier JEM où, pour les quatre dernières années, elle a dirigé avec grand succès un fonds importants et novateurs de sensibilisation. L’atelier est une organisation qui emploie membres de la communauté juive avec des dificultés physiquement, émotionnellement et psychologique. Il permet à ces employés de mener une vie productive, significative, digne et une vie autonome en tant que salariés et des membres respectables de la communauté.

Le projet “Mishloah Manot“ de Pourim a recueilli des fonds si nécessaires pour l’atelier et plus important encore a accueilli des centaines d’écoliers à témoin de première main le travail incroyable qui s’y fait.

Au cours de son diplôme de premier cycle Judy a servi comme président de l’Union des étudiants juifs à l’Université de Western Ontario. Elle a obtenu son B.A. (Psych.) à Western et est diplômé de l’École de médecine de l’Université de Toronto. Elle a complété son programme de résidence à l’Université McGill dans le Centre de médecine familiale Herzl de l’Hôpital général juif, où elle a été affilié pendant plus de 10 ans. Elle a également obtenu une diplome en obstétrique.

Actuellement Judy pratiques à l’HGJ au Département de médecine familiale, l’Unité de soins intensifs néonatals, la pré-admission ainsi que dans le Centre familial des naissances. Elle a récemment terminé deux années de service à l’hôpital sur le comité médical exécutif.

La vie d’un jeune médecin et d’une mère est déjà rempli de défis dans les horaires et les contraintes de temps. Judy a fait un travail superbe à la maîtrise des engagements personnels, professionnels et communautaires et des responsabilités et est un modèle extraordinaire de ses trois jeunes enfants et collègues.

Je suis particulièrement fier de Judy car elle est aussi ma femme! Félicitations Judy.

JEM Workshop Mishloach Manot Project in Applause by Susan Schwartz, The Gazette

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March 9, 2009

A joint fundraiser for Montreal Jewish day schools, daycare centres, the Auxiliary of the Jewish General Hospital and for the JEM Workshop, which employs people with physical, emotional and mental disabilities, had another benefit: It gave schoolchildren and workshop employees an opportunity to work together.

Grade 4 students at JPPS Elementary School and employees of the JEM
Workshop, which is part of Agence Ometz, a Montreal Jewish social-service agency, gathered at the workshop Feb. 23 and 24 and worked side by side, assembling 600 gift boxes together.

The gift boxes are distributed as part of the celebration of Purim, the
Jewish holiday, which begins tonight. They include hamentaschen, which are three-cornered pastries popular at Purim, plus chips and grape juice. According to Jewish law, one should give a gift of two different types of food at Purim, one of which is cooked or baked, to at least one person. But Jews who observe the practice, known in Hebrew as mishloach manot (or the sending of portions), tend to send these gifts to dozens of people, including friends, neighbours and relatives.

The boxes assembled by the children and the JEM Workshop employees were sold to several Jewish day schools, including JPPS, to daycare centres and to the Auxiliary of the Jewish General – and were in turn purchased for $10 by consumers as mishloach manot.

A bonus, said Judy Hagshi, who chaired the JEM Workshop Mishloach Manot Project, is that schoolchildren were sensitized to people with challenges and that the workshop employees enjoyed working with the children.


Congratulations to Judy, an exceptional volunteer, mother, doctor, role model, and btw, my wife! For more information on the JEM Workshop click here.

Letters to the editor: Demerger is best

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