Media looks at Housefather as cabinet potential

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Newspapers across Canada are mentioning newly elected Mount Royal M.P. Anthony Housefather as a possible cabinet contender in the Trudeau government. Here are some clippings.

Cabinet contender Anthony Housefather (Photo: Montreal Gazette)

Cabinet contender Anthony Housefather (Photo: Montreal Gazette)

The Montreal Gazette has listed Housefather as a cabinet contender:

Though a fresh face on the federal scene, Housefather, 45, is an old hand at politics.

He has been involved with the Liberals in Mount Royal since he was a teenager. He first won an election — for a Hampstead city council seat — in 1994 at age 24. Currently mayor of Côte-St-Luc, he is a former president of Alliance Quebec.

With two law degrees and an MBA under his belt, Housefather is also a champion swimmer, having won seven medals at the 2013 Maccabiah Games in Israel.

Though a long shot for a cabinet spot, Housefather could sneak in as a reward for saving Mount Royal riding for the Liberals and managing to increase the party’s vote percentage.

The Conservatives threw everything they had at the riding, with Prime Minister Stephen Harper even launching his 2015 re-election campaign there. In the end, Housefather beat Conservative Robert Libman by 6,104 votes.

Ironically, the Gazette also posted a rather unflattering photo of Robert Libman under the banner “High Profile Losers.”

The former Equality Party MNA and ex-mayor of Côte-St-Luc put on a spirited campaign to unseat the Liberals in this fortress, which is about one third Jewish.

After an acrimonious campaign in which the Conservatives suggested Justin Trudeau was not a strong defender of Israel, Libman mustered 18,213 votes (38 per cent).

But it wasn’t enough. Liberal Anthony Housefather was chosen by 24,317 voters (just over 50 per cent, an increase over the 41 per cent obtained by retiring Liberal MP Irwin Cotler in 2011).

It’s the second high-profile failure for the Conservatives in Mount Royal. In the last election, Conservative Saulie Zajdel also ended in second place.

Radio-Canada also mentioned Housefather as a possible new entry into a cabinet post.

The Kelowna Daily Courier lists Housefather’s name under the headline: “Embarrassment of riches: plenty of cabinet material in Trudeau’s new caucus.”

The National Post says Housefather is one to watch for consideration in cabinet.

I am holding out hope (and sending a message to PM-Elect Justin Trudeau) that Anthony will be named a cabinet minister, or junior minister, possibly overseeing Sports across Canada.


Anthony Housefather with his seven swimming medals at the Maccabiah Games in Israel, summer 2013

Anthony Housefather with his seven swimming medals at the Maccabiah Games in Israel, summer 2013

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Today is our day – To vote

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Anthony Housefather

Anthony Housefather

Today, October 19, is Election Day.

In Mount Royal, please place your confidence in our Liberal candidate, Anthony Housefather. Committed to his constituents, Anthony promises to work hard and represents all facets of the Mount Royal riding.

During the past weeks, it has  become clear that more and more Canadians are turning to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team, and with your vote and those of your friends and neighbours, we hope that Justin will be able to form the next Federal government.

Meeting with Justin Trudeau, M.P.

Meeting with Justin Trudeau, M.P.

Anthony will surely be an integral part of that team, but in order to get there we need all of our supporters to ensure that they cast their ballots.

If you have any questions for the Housefather campaign, feel free to call us at 514-576-4785.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Anthony Housefather with Bonnie Feigenbaum, David Lisbona, Glenn J. Nashen, Mark Merson, Sonny Moroz and other volunteers in a 'bermashave' on October 8, 2015 on Fleet Road

Anthony Housefather with Bonnie Feigenbaum, David Lisbona, Glenn J. Nashen, Mark Merson, Sonny Moroz and other volunteers in a ‘bermashave’ on October 8, 2015 on Fleet Road

Housefather packs TMR Town Hall, Libman a no show

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Mario Rimbao, Dennis Trudeau and Anthony Housefather at the TMR candidates debate. Missing from photo is Robert Libman who refused to participate.

Mario Rimbao, Dennis Trudeau and Anthony Housefather at the TMR candidates debate. Missing from photo is Robert Libman who refused to participate.

Mount Royal candidates Anthony Housefather (Liberal Party of Canada) and Mario Rimbao (NDP) debated before a full house at City Hall in the Town of Mount Royal last night. Conservative candidate Robert Libman refused to attend, advising the moderator by way of a written statement minutes before the scheduled debate that he would not participate.
Housefather was invited to the debate by Philippe Roy, Mayor of TMR. The debate was organized by the TMR municipal citizens association.  Unfortunately Robert Libman, the Conservative candidate, did not attend the debate and put out a statement stating his refusal to attend was linked to support for the BDS movement by the President of the municipal association.  Anthony pointed out at the debate that both he and the Liberal Party strongly oppose BDS but that this opposition was even more of a reason for Anthony to participate in the debate and forcefully make that point.
“This debate, the only one in TMR, a very important part of the riding centered on local TMR issues and environmental, domestic and international issues,” Housefather said.
When receiving questions on Israel Anthony made the same forceful defence of Israel that he has made in front of Jewish audiences.  “It is easy for a candidate to defend Israel in front of a largely Jewish audience but the real test of a candidate is being able to make the same statements in front of people who may disagree with you,” he said.  The debate was expertly handled by the municipal association which remained strictly neutral and Dennis Trudeau the moderator.
Listen to Dennis Trudeau reading Libman’s statement:
Housefather, alluding to Libman’s refusal to participate, began his remarks stating it’s very easy to only debate before a friendly crowd where everyone agrees with you. “But I’m not afraid to come to come to TMR and make a statement (in support of Israel) where some people don’t agree with me.”
Listen to Anthony Housefather’s opening remarks:
The two participating candidates debated everything from airplane noise to climate change, mail delivery to foreign policy, military investment to job creation.
Moderator Dennis Trudeau kept the event moving along allowing for many questions from the crowd, many of whom were annoyed that the Conservative candidate chose to ignore TMR residents.
Speaking on the issue of Canada Post home mail delivery Housefather said, “Under the Harper government plan we would be the only country in the western world to end home delivery. This is blatantly unfair to seniors and the disabled. And not consulting with local representatives is completely unacceptable. A Liberal government would end this right away.”
“Anthony and I are on the same page. Stephen Harper made the biggest mistake,” Rimbao said.
Anthony Housefather debates Mario Rimbao with moderator Dennis Trudeau
Anthony Housefather debates Mario Rimbao with moderator Dennis Trudeau
Housefather said he has a proven track-record on environmental issues citing his achievements as mayor. “I lead my city to become tops on green issues. We were the first in the region to begin composting, we are big into waste diversion and recycling. We began an urban agriculture movement and we’re on the verge of finally saving Meadowbrook,” he said. “Harper leads the only government that withdrew from the Kyoto Accords,” adding that a Liberal government will provide real leadership in climate change and environmental issues.
On the issue of security and Bill C-51, “Harper wants you to think there’s a terrorist around every corner. We need to balance security with freedom. You need to be pragmatic and reach consensus. Harper could easily have achieved consensus in Parliament. He could have created an oversight committee as requested by the Liberals,” Housefather said.
“How would your government support the refugees flooding into Europe?” asked the moderator.
“We need to help. Bringing people is part of the solution but doesn’t solve for millions being displaced,” Housefather said. “We need to send much more relief to those leaving their countries. Canada has been an expert in this for many years. But we need to solve larger problems in the region and help people where they are, over there.”
Rimbao agreed with Housefather. “This should not be a divisive political issue. As Canadians we should be proud to support people in need.”
Further, on the foreign policy theme Housefather said, “A reformed United Nations is the best route to fix some of the evils in the most challenging parts of the world. The U.N. has lost our respect in many areas, citing the preposterous example of Saudi Arabia presiding over the Human Rights Council. “What’s wrong is that Harper doesn’t work with world leaders to convince them of his principled foreign policy. If he doesn’t agree, he shuts the door, just like his local candidate who didn’t show up to debate tonight.  Harper should show up on the world stage and dialogue and try to convince people of Canada’s position, not stay away from the table,” he said to loud applause.
Housefather stated that the Liberals have the exact same position on Israel as the conservatives with one exception. “We do not believe that Israel should be a political wedge issue,” he said, again to the delight of the audience. “Support for Israel started not under Harper but with former Prime Minister Paul Martin. Justin Trudeau has been very clear on his intention to continue strong, principled support of the Jewish State.
On Israel:
On the issue of airplane noise the NDP would put penalties if noise is not reduced and change flight paths. The Liberal candidate said that the airport authority should have municipal representation, make sure curfew is respected. “I’d work with all mayors on the island to deal with this problem,” Housefather said.
“Improve safety and move pipelines out of major urban centres. The Liberal Party is committed to solutions. The Conservatives have not moved fast enough in redesigning oil tanker train cars,” Housefather stated referring to the riding being home to the second largest rail yard in eastern Canada.
Rimbao said, “You need strong safety procedures. The Harper government cut funding to scientists and research. How can we improve the situation if we do not carry out proper research?”
The first questioner criticized Libman for staying away saying that we don’t all agree with each other’s beliefs but as candidates it’s incumbent to show up and to state their opinions, to say what they agree or disagree with.
Asked what he would do specifically for the riding Housefather said he would lobby for funding for priorities, citing railway safety, the Cavendish extension, congestion and exppansion around the 15 and 40. “I would hold public information meetings throughout the riding on a regular basis,” Housefather added.
Another resident took to the microphone and thanked Housefather and Rimbao for showing up rather than the one candidate (Libman) who stayed away. The questioner asked if they were for or against reopening the Canadian embassy in Iran. Housefather responded, “We would not reinstate until security concerns are cleared. Our issues aren’t with the Iranian people. It’s with their regime. We should have embassies to represent Canadian interests, to protect Canadians citizens to support Canadian business people and to speak out against those regimes that we do not agree with. There’s no reason to close an embassy because we don’t agree with their regime,” Housefather said. “Harper hasn’t closed the Venezuelan embassy, yet Chavez is completely anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. Yes, we need to ensure the security of our embassy staff and represent our interests everywhere.”
The third questioner also said it was too bad that Libman was not there. “Strange way to support Israel by staying away,” he chimed in.
Yet another questioner decried the irony that Harper’s commendable position on foreign policy is not backed up with investment in the military. “They study and study but they haven’t delivered the goods.”
Housefather remarked, “Harper hasn’t planned to replace fighter jets or ice breakers. We need to properly equip our armed services to protect Canadians. While Harper talks about it he doesn’t do it.”
A TMR resident asked about Trudeau’s position on Israel. “The Liberals have the exact same position on Israel as the Conservatives with one exception. We do not believe that Israel should be a political wedge issue,” Housefather stated. “Support for Israel started, not under Harper, but with former Prime Minister Martin. Justin,” he said. “Justin Trudeau has been very clear on this issue.”
Housefather gave an impassioned closing to the audience. “I have proven my dedication serving the public for 21 years. I also bring my business experience as a lawyer in a multinational corporation. On October 19, I ask you to vote for the best candidate to support you in Mount Royal riding.”
Concluding remarks:

Mount Royal: Israel Policy Key In Battle For Liberal Stronghold

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The battle in Mount Royal is representative of a larger fight between Liberals and Conservatives.

Source: Mount Royal: Israel Policy Key In Battle For Liberal Stronghold


In my opinion: An excellent article by the Huffington Post that gives a balanced look at the race in our riding. Once again it shows that Anthony Housefather is up against Stephen Harper, not Robert Libman, and pretty much on the Israel issue alone.

As important as Israel is to members of the Jewish community, we are voting for or local representative in Parliament, both of whom are supporters of Israel, quite obviously. Both of their leaders are supporters of Israel. Both will continue to support the Jewish State in Parliament, at the U.N. and around the world. They’ve said so publicly. So vote for the best candidate!

Also, a pretty cheap shot by Libman in criticizing the city councillors for supporting Housefather. Libman would only wish to get some local elected folk to support him. Having broken his promise on demergers it is instructive that city councillors are not throwing support behind Libman. To suggest councillors are being paid by the city to work on a federal campaign is false and defamatory and Libman should be ashamed to be spewing such nonsense.

Mount Royal Liberal hopeful gets prominent local backing

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Mount Royal Liberal candidate Anthony Housefather, centre, gets the backing of Lawrence Bergman, left, and Marvin Rotrand. JANICE ARNOLD PHOTO


MONTREAL — Liberal Anthony Housefather’s bid to become the next MP for Mount Royal has received a major boost, with ringing endorsements from the dean of Montreal city council, Marvin Rotrand, as well as former D’Arcy McGee MNA Lawrence Bergman and Russell Copeman, borough mayor of Côte des Neiges-Notre Dame de Grâce.

A broad spectrum of cultural community, municipal and public school representatives were also on hand to give their support to Housefather at the official opening of his campaign office Sept. 9.

Rotrand, who has represented the Snowdon district for 33 years, said Housefather is “honest, dedicated, competent, progressive – wonderful traits that speak to his potential to fill those big shoes left by [retiring MP] Irwin Cotler.”

Rotrand read out the names of a long list of people from the Filipino, Caribbean, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Armenian, Muslim and other communities who are endorsing Housefather. From the Jewish community, he cited Aline Malka of the Sephardi community; Lubavitch Rabbi Mendy Zirkind; David Lisbona, associated with B’nai Brith; and Sid Kronish, president of the Côte St. Luc Senior Men’s Club.

Housefather’s campaign office is in Côte des Neiges, a highly multicultural area, and gives Housefather visibility outside his natural base in Côte St. Luc and Hampstead.

Housefather, who has been Côte St. Luc mayor for 10 years, also has the backing of English Montreal School Board chair Angela Mancini and all eight Côte St. Luc city councillors, as well as others from Hampstead and Town of Mount Royal.

Rotrand praised Housefather for having rallied a multicultural network around him that reflects the diversity of the riding, and of Canada itself.

Rotrand stressed that a longstanding bond exist between ethnic groups and the Liberal Party because of its traditional support for multiculturalism.

“It was [former prime minister] Pierre Trudeau [Mount Royal’s MP for 20 years] who was against the discriminatory law on people of colour immigrating,” Rotrand said, to wild cheers.

“The difference between my campaign and that of my opponents in this riding, is that they are trying to get the support of one community,” Housefather said. “We are working for the support of every community.”

This was an apparent reference mainly to Conservative candidate Robert Libman, who has been emphasizing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “unequivocal” support for Israel in his campaign.

New Democratic candidate Mario Jacinto Rimbao, who is prominent in the Filipino community, was campaigning a block away outside the Plamondon metro station, along with Jimmy Gutman, president of the Mount Royal NDP riding association.

Libman was at a seniors’ residence delivering Rosh Hashanah food baskets, prepared at the Mada Community Centre.

Bergman, who served 20 years in the National Assembly, called Housefather “a man of honour and great integrity, tremendous competence and disciplined in his work… He loves all Canadians, whether they were born here or chose to come to our shores, no matter their colour, creed, religion or country of origin.”

Bergman said he “will work hard to get my friends and family to vote for him, too.”

It was recalled that Housefather fought more than a decade ago for the de-merger of Côte St. Luc, Hampstead and Montreal West from the new island-wide city, while Libman, then Côte St. Luc mayor, was castigated for reneging on his promise to support de-merger. “He ran to get elected on that promise and did the exact opposite,” said Housefather.

Housefather also invoked the name of the elder Trudeau for his championing the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, and noted that he himself had spent his public career fighting for minority rights.

“Immigration is a richness, not something to be afraid of,” said Housefather.

– See more at:



Cultural community leaders, local elected endorse Housefather

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Anthony Housefather wows the packed crowd as he launches his campaign headquarters

Anthony Housefather wows the packed crowd as he launches his campaign headquarters

At the formal opening of his new campaign office in Côte des Neiges, Liberal candidate Anthony Housefather revealed several major endorsements for his campaign to become the next Member of Parliament in the Mount Royal riding.

The heavyweight endorsements include Côte des Neiges – Notre Dame de Grace Borough Mayor Russell Copeman, Snowdon City Councillor Marvin Rotrand and all eight Côte Saint-Luc city councillors, former D’Arcy McGee Liberal MNA Lawrence Bergman, English Montreal School Board Chairman Angela Mancini,Vice-Chair Sylvia Lo Bianco and Commissioner Syd Wise and 50 well-known leaders of cultural community organizations present in Mount Royal. These names are added to current Mount Royal Liberal MP Irwin Cotler, who already endorsed Housefather.

“We have confidence in Anthony,” indicated Copeman and Rotrand. “We’ve worked closely with him over the years in his capacity as a municipal elected official. He is competent, dedicated and progressive with an exceptional record in articulating and defending the needs of minorities.”

Cote Saint-Luc Councillors Mike Cohen, Ruth Kovac, Dida Berku, Allan J. Levine, Steven Erdelyi, Glenn J. Nashen, Mitchell Brownstein, and Sam Goldbloom have all endorsed Housefather and are urging Côte Saint-Luc and other riding residents to vote Housefather and the Liberal team.

“The Government of Canada is changing on October 19,” said Councillor Mike Cohen. “Anthony Housefather will be the strong voice for the Jewish community and other communities that our constituents are seeking.”

Lawrence Bergman who served as a member of the Quebec National Assembly for 20 years, indicated that Housefather had an established record in working in a multicultural milieu promoting tolerance, harmony and cooperation.

The 50 cultural community leaders of major organizations serving the Filipino, Bangladeshi, Indian, Sri Lankan, Jewish, Lebanese, Iraqi, Chinese and Black communities were also present to voice support for Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s vision of an inclusive Canada and to back Housefather and a change in government.


Global News

What a great Parliamentarian he will be, former PM says of Housefather

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Mitch & Elaine Brownstein, Anthony Housefather and Glenn J. Nashen welcoming fmr. PM Paul Martin to Cote Saint-Luc on July 14, 2015

Mitchell & Elaine Brownstein, Anthony Housefather and Glenn J. Nashen welcoming fmr. PM Paul Martin to Cote Saint-Luc on July 14, 2015

Former Prime Ministers don’t mince words. They say it like it is. And so it was earlier this week at the home of Councillor Ruth Kovac and her husband Peter as they welcomed the former PM to Cote Saint-Luc along with an impressive crowd of Anthony Housefather supporters. The fundraiser was held in support of Housefather’s campaign for the upcoming federal election on October 19.

Housefather, Mayor of Cote Saint-Luc welcomed the group and thanked everyone for their “substantial” support. He began by highlighting the reasons why he wants to represent the people of Mount Royal riding as as Member of Parliament.

Using Housefather’s pride in building the CSL Aquatic and Community Centre as an example, he said, “What I learned from Paul Martin is that you never spend more money than budgeted,” he said, saying he helped deliver this major project on-time in 11 months and $800,000 under budget.

Anthony Housefather and Paul Martin with CSL seniors Ron Rush, George Nashen and 101 year old Mr. Fishman

Anthony Housefather and Paul Martin with CSL seniors Ron Rush, George Nashen and 101 year old Hyman Fishman

“Why am I running? Because I believe that one person can make a difference and can stand up and be counted,” Housefather said, citing many examples of his leadership over the last many years as Mayor and previously as City Councillor. Demerger, fighting the PQs Bill 14 that would have taken away bilingual status, opposing the PQ’s so-called ‘Charter of Values’ and advocating for safer rail cars are some examples where Housefather has spoken out and made his opinions known locally and in the national media.

I know international business and travel the world as a lawyer in a multinational corporation. Our riding is full of business people and Ottawa could use people like me that understand business and how to drive our economy,” Housefather said.

“What a great Parliamentarian he will be!” Martin roared to the crowd to great applause.  “Anthony, you are going to shake that place up! When you give your speech in the House of Commons, you will bring the roof down,” the former PM exclaimed. Those in attendance clearly agreed.

Martin was Prime Minister of Canada from 2003 to 2006 and Minister of Finance from 1993 to 2002. During his tenure as Minister of Finance, he erased Canada’s deficit, subsequently recording five consecutive budget surpluses while paying down the national debt and setting Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio on a steady downward track. He was the inaugural chair of the Finance Ministers’ G-20 in 1999. During his tenure as Prime Minister, he set in place a 10 year, $41 billion plan to improve health care and reduce wait times; signed agreements with the provinces and territories to establish the first national early learning and child care program and created a new financial deal for Canada’s municipalities. Under his leadership the Canadian government reached an historic deal with Aboriginal people of Canada to eliminate the existing funding gaps in health, education and housing known as the Kelowna Accord.

After leaving politics, Martin founded the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative focusing on elementary and secondary education for Aboriginal students and the Capital for Aboriginal Prosperity and Entrepreneurship (CAPE) Fund, an investment fund investing in Aboriginal business.

Speaking about the Liberal Party of Canada and its staunch support of the State of Israel, Martin maintained that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and the party stand strongly by the Jewish State. He said Liberals and Conservatives agree on its support of Israel and said Harper should not play politics where Israel is concerned.

Housefather and Martin

Housefather and Martin


“I do not think it is fair for Harper to pretend that only his party supports Israel,” Martin said, adding that it was when he served as Prime Minister that Canada’s voting record at the United Nations shifted to vote against anti-Israel resolutions and noted that the present day Liberal Party would have the same strong support for Israel when they form the government.

“One of my great heroes was Shimon Peres. I went to Israel and met with him. There is a deep emotional tie,” Martin said of his and of Canadians’ support of Israel.

“I can’t get Anthony elected. You can,” the former PM said, encouraging strong support of Anthony Housefather.

Also in attendance was Marlene Jennings, former MP for NDG as well as the Council of the City of Cote Saint-Luc along with business, community and religious leaders.

Justin Trudeau will be in the riding for a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday,  July 21 (7:30 p.m.) at the Shaare Zion Congregation on Côte Saint-Luc Road. He will be joined by Mayor Housefather and take questions from the floor.




With additional reporting by Mike Cohen. Read more on Cllr. Mike Cohen’s blog.

Housefather wins Mt. Royal Liberal nomination

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In what turned out to be a landslide victory Cote Saint-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather was voted in as the Liberal Party of Canada nominee for the next federal election in Mount Royal riding. The battle for Mount Royal pitted the very popular Housefather against respected communications strategist Jonathan Goldbloom. After a campaign lasting most of this year it came down to 1900 ballots cast, the majority in Housefather’s favour, after he signed up more than 3000 new members to the party.

The Nashens are proud to support Anthony. Congratulations. We're proud of you.

The Nashens are proud to support Anthony. Congratulations. We’re proud of you.

“What’s important now is to win the next election,” said the gracious Goldbloom after the results were announced, as he introduced the winning candidate. Goldbloom, son of renowned pediatrician-politician Dr. Victor Goldbloom, fought a passionate campaign for the seat, but in the end the popularity of the ever-present Housefather was too great.

The Happy Housefathers

The Happy Housefathers

In his victory speech delivered to a packed gymnasium of supporters at the Cote des Neiges Community Centre Housefather congratulated Goldbloom on a tough campaign. Jonathan and his family bring an “honoured, treasured and valued legacy to Montreal,” Housefather said in congratulating his opponent. He then invited all members to show unity to retain the iconic liberal riding which elected Pierre-Elliot Trudeau, Sheila Finestone and Irwin Cotler over the last four decades.

CSL Council celebrates victory with Anthony Housefather

CSL Council celebrates victory with Anthony Housefather

The nomination meeting was anticipated earlier in the fall but ultimately was postponed leaving scores of Housefather supporters who travel south for the winter unable to vote. Some delayed their scheduled departure in order to cast their ballot.

Housefather said that the conservatives plan to hotly contest this riding which has been liberal since its creation about 75 years ago. Housefather supporters from across the riding and indeed throughout Montreal cheered wildly when his name was announced as the winner of the nomination race.

Filipino community leaders cheer Housefather success in Mount Royal

Filipino community leaders cheer Housefather success in Mount Royal

It was a pleasure to work on Anthony’s campaign. His team came from many diverse backgrounds that make up Mount Royal riding and I enjoyed meeting and working with them all.

The liberal seat has been a lifelong dream for Anthony Housefather, and many believe, as do I, that he will prevail as an outstanding and extraordinary member of parliament.

Housefather wins coveted Liberal nomination in Mount Royal riding (CTV News)

Cllr. Mike Cohen’s Blog

Robert Libman wants Cote St. Luc mayor, new Liberal candidate, to resign (CTV News)

 Anthony Housefather wins Liberal nomination for Mount-Royal (CBC News)

I’m supporting Anthony Housefather for Liberal candidate in Mount Royal riding – Please join me

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Anthony Housefather Liberal endorsement 2014

It’s no surprise that Anthony Housefather has a lengthy and prestigious list of supporters in his bid to seek the Liberal Party of Canada nomination in Mount Royal riding. Just read the glowing endorsements and you will understand that no other candidate comes close to the level of commitment, loyalty and dedication that Anthony offers to residents of our riding and beyond.

Congratulations to Anthony Housefather on his seven swimming medals at the Maccabiah Games in Israel, summer 2013

Congratulations to Anthony Housefather on his seven swimming medals at the Maccabiah Games in Israel, summer 2013

All Liberal Party of Canada riding members in Mount Royal (that is, Cote Saint-Luc, Hampstead, Snowdon and TMR) are able to vote for their candidate of choice this Sunday. Details were mailed to every member this week. I encourage you to come out and support Anthony Housefather as our Liberal candidate for the next general election.

City Council congratulates Mayor Anthony Housefather on receiving the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award

City Council congratulates Mayor Anthony Housefather on receiving the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award

Check out Anthony’s website at

Anthony Housefather announces candidacy for Liberals in Mount Royal

CSL Mayor Anthony Housefather takes the plunge into federal politics

CSL Councillors Mitchell Brownstein, Glenn J. Nashen, Ruth Kovac and Sam Goldbloom support Mayor Anthony Housefather at his campaign launch seeking the Liberal Party nomination in Mount Royal riding

CSL Councillors Mitchell Brownstein, Glenn J. Nashen, Ruth Kovac and Sam Goldbloom support Mayor Anthony Housefather at his campaign launch seeking the Liberal Party nomination in Mount Royal riding




Dear members of the Liberal party of Canada in Mount Royal riding:

This Sunday is a very important day in the future of the Mount Royal riding and indeed of our country. You are being called upon to select the candidate for the Federal Liberal party in next year’s General Election.

We, the undersigned, active members of the community in which we live – along with thousands of others – stand united in full support of Anthony Housefather, and here is why:

Anthony is from and lives in the Mount Royal riding. He understands its diverse population that includes a multitude of religious and ethnic groups, from Jews to Filipinos, from Armenians to Italians, from Lebanese to Greeks, some native to Canada and some newcomers – all who help make up the multicultural Canada of which we can be proud.

Anthony’s commitment, dedication, and accomplishments on your behalf are exemplary and beyond compare. He is well respected amongst the other Mayors and councillors on the island for his honesty, integrity, and his leadership on island-wide issues.

Anthony Housefather is known far and wide, not only for having excelled as a political leader in the civic arena for some 20 years, but as a well-thought-out and outspoken leader on such national issues as Canadian unity, minority language rights, transport policy and emergency preparedness.

Anthony was a leader against municipal mergers to the benefit of Cote Saint-Luc, Hampstead and the Town of Mount Royal. He successfully led the province-wide coalition of municipalities against the PQ’s attempt to remove bilingual status from municipalities and against the PQ’s so-called Charter of Values.

As a graduate of the Jewish Day School system in Montreal, and recent 7-medal winner at the Maccabiah Games in Israel, his staunch support for Israel is without question and he will continue to advocate for and stand shoulder to shoulder with the State of Israel in pursuit of an enduring peaceful coexistence with its neighbours.

Articulate, outspoken, honest, ethical and a man of integrity: all describe Anthony.

As a senior executive of a multi-national company, Anthony also has a wealth of international business experience, and has great familiarity in dealing with people from all over the world from various backgrounds and cultures.

Combined with two law degrees and an M.B. A., he has an enviable record of achievement that he hopes to build on as our representative in the House of Commons next year.

So we ask you to join us this coming Sunday in voting for Anthony Housefather and thus take part in shaping the future of the Mount Royal riding and our country.

Voting takes place between 12:30 and 4 pm at either the CSL gym at 7500 Mackle or the Montreal sports complex at 4880 Van Horne, just west of Victoria.  We hope to see you there!

MAYORS: George Bourelle, Beaconsfield;  Robert Coutu, Montreal East   Jane Guest, Senneville; Ed Janiszewski, Dollard des Ormeaux;  Beny Masella, Montreal West;  Edgar Rouleau, Dorval; Peter Trent, Westmount;  Morris Trudeau, Pointe-Claire; Maria Tutino, Baie d’Urfe

CITY COUNCILLORS:  Dida Berku, Mitchell Brownstein, Mike Cohen, Steven Erdelyi, Sam Goldbloom, Ruth Kovac, Allan J. Levine, Glenn J. Nashen from Cote Saint-Luc. Warren Budning, Jack Edery, Leon Elfassy, Michael Goldwax, Karen Zajdman from Hampstead.  Minh Diem Le-Thi from Town of Mount Royal. 

FORMER MAYOR:  Bill McMurchie, Pointe Claire.  

FORMER COUNCILLORS:  Isadore Goldberg, David Klinger, Joe Panunto from Cote Saint-Luc. Clifford Borden, Bonnie Feigenbaum, Abe Gonshor, Barbara Seal, David Sternthal, Lillian Vineberg from Hampstead. Cliff Carrie, Sidney Margles from Town of Mount Royal. 

ENGLISH MONTREAL SCHOOL BOARD: Chair Angela Mancini, and Vice-chair Sylvia Lo Bianco, Commisioner Syd Wise, Former Commissioners Marvin Helfenbaum, Ellie Israel. FAMAS leaders Carmelita Cuizon, Nida Quirapas, Dante Tabamo. 

CITIZENS FROM ALL PARTS OF THE RIDING; Aline Bank, Ron Basal, Peter Benisti, Dr. Michael Bensimon, Rachelle Douek, François Dupuis, Sidney Elhadad, John Elie, Kathy Elie, Jacques Golbert, Maureen Glynn, Dr. Judy Hagshi, Shelly Hershon, Stephen Kinsman, Joan Kouri, Syd Kronish, David Lisbona, Aline Malka, Emile Malka, Merle Margles, Mark Merson, Betty Miller, Nick Papatheodorakis, Dorothy Reitman, Brian G. Salpeter, Dr. Doris Steinberg.


Chers membres du Parti Libéral du Canada dans la circonscription de Mont-Royal:

Ce dimanche est un jour déterminant dans l’avenir de la circonscription de Mont-Royal et voir même de notre pays. Vous êtes appelés à choisir le candidat du parti libéral fédéral lors des élections générales de l’année prochaine.

Nous, les soussignés, membres actifs de la communauté dans laquelle nous vivons – avec des milliers d’autres – sommes unis dans notre appui indéfectible pour Anthony Housefather, et voici pourquoi:

Anthony est  de la circonscription de Mont-Royal  où il vit actuellement; Il comprend sa population diversifiée qui inclut une multitude de groupes ethniques et religieux: Juifs, Philippins, Arméniens, Italiens, Grecs, Libanais, etc…certains nés au Canada et d’autres nouveaux arrivants – tous qui contribuent à rendre notre Canada multiculturel dont nous sommes fiers.

L’engagement d’Anthony, son dévouement, ses réalisations en votre nom sont exemplaires et incomparables. Il est respecté parmi les autres maires et conseillers de l’île pour son honnêteté, intégrité, et son leadership sur les questions de l’île.

Anthony Housefather est très bien connu et apprécié de tous, non seulement pour avoir excellé en tant que leader politique dans l’arène civique au cours des 20 dernières années, mais aussi en tant que leader réfléchi avec un franc-parlé sur des questions nationales comme l’unité canadienne, les droits linguistiques de la minorité, politique de transport, et les préparations en cas d’urgence.

Anthony était un leader contre les fusions municipales au profit de Côte Saint-Luc, Hampstead et la Ville de Mont-Royal. Il a dirigé, à l’échelle provinciale, avec succès la coalition des municipalités contre la tentative du PQ de retirer le statut bilingue des municipalités et contre la Charte des valeurs.

Il est diplômé du système scolaire juif à Montréal et récent vainqueur de 7 médailles aux Maccabiades en Israël. Son soutien à Israël est inébranlable et il continuera à défendre l’État d’Israël dans la poursuite d’une coexistence pacifique durable avec ses voisins.

Articulé, franc, honnête, éthique et intègre: adjectifs qui décrivent parfaitement Anthony.

En tant que dirigeant d’une société multi-nationale, Anthony a aussi une vaste expérience du commerce international, il est à l’aise dans ses interactions avec des gens de partout dans le monde ayant diverses origines et cultures.

Titulaire de deux diplômes en droit et un M.B. A., il a à son actif un bilan enviable de réussites qu’il espère continuer d’accumuler en tant que notre représentant à la Chambre des communes l’an prochain.

Donc, nous vous demandons de vous joindre à nous ce dimanche en votant pour Anthony Housefather et ainsi être partie prenante du façonnement de l’avenir de Mont-Royal  et notre pays.

Le vote aura lieu de 12:30 à 16:00 au gymnase de CSL situé au 7500 chemin Mackle ou au complexe sportif de Montréal situé au 4880 Van Horne, juste à l’ouest de Victoria. Nous espérons vous y voir!

Anthony Housefather announces candidacy for Liberals in Mount Royal


2014-03-14 001 Anthony_Hosuefather_Campaign_Launch

Cote Saint-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather announced his intention to seek the liberal nomination in the federal riding of Mount Royal Friday morning at the Cavendish Mall. An array of local elected officials took part in the announcement, including Lawrence Bergman, MNA for D’Arcy McGee, the members of city council of Cote Saint-Luc, Hampstead councillors along with a message of support from Mayor William Steinberg, TMR Mayor Philippe Roy, Montreal West Mayor Benny Masala with members of his council and Westmount Mayor Peter Trent.

The mayors spoke glowingly about Housefather’s integrity, values, dedication and intelligence. Mayor Roy called Housefather one of the most energetic people he’s met, working round the clock on behalf of his constituents, and on weekends when most people relax, Roy said Housefather is busy with swim competitions, drama performances and continuing to advocate on behalf of constituents.

Mayor Trent lauded Housefather as a brilliant leader who will do an outstanding job for the Mount Royal constituency when he represents them in Ottawa.

EMSB commissioner Sid Wise told the crowd that while he was tempted to support the Tory’s he will put that notion on hold for the next “five or six elections” as no one will represent the riding better than Housefather.

2014-03-14 004 Housefather_campaign_launch

Supporting our mayor: Mitchell Brownstein, Glenn J. Nashen, Ruth Kovac, Sam Goldbloom

Housefather stated he knows every inch of the riding and every issue, having spent the last 20 years on the municipal scene, in Hampstead and Cote Saint-Luc, as a borough councillor, and in close cooperation with colleagues in TMR, and the Snowdon district. 

A competitive swimmer since his youth, Anthony was instrumental in bringing to reality a long anticipated Aquatic and Community Centre that he personally championed, and ensured delivery on time and on budget.

I personally worked side by side with Anthony Housefather in the demerger campaign along with Mitchell Brownstein and Ruth Kovac. I worked closely with him and Lawrence Bergman and Ruth Kovac to save our volunteer Emergency Medical Services. We were actively involved together with Ruth Kovac in saving our Police Station and Fire Station from closure. For these reasons I know so well that Anthony is the right candidate worthy of election as our next Member of Parliament.

Anthony is an ardent supporter and promoter of the CSL Human Rights Walkway. He prides himself on his administrative acumen of running public office with sound business principles, treating constituents like shareholders and promising a return on their investment. In so doing, he has reshaped City Hall with a young, dynamic team of professionals to develop CSL as a leader among municipalities. 

Anthony has represented the English-speaking community of Quebec and has spoken out forcefully in its defence. He is passionate about a strong Quebec in a united Canada and says so often and loudly. We need Anthony as our representative to speak up against the threat of the Quebec separatists, to support of our rights and freedom, and to advocate bilingualism.

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Montreal Gazette

MP Cotler’s support of linguistic minorities must guide parliament


I’m very pleased that our Member of Parliament, Irwin Cotler, has broken a long parliamentary silence and has come out to denounce Bill 14. Cotler is internationally recognized for his support of human rights of oppressed peoples around the globe. This is his opportunity, as he likely approaches the end of an illustrious political career, to take a bold stand in support of the majority of his constituents, indeed for all Quebecers who stand for human rights and equality of all Canadian citizens.

There’s a new bitterness around Bill 14, one that hasn’t been manifested since the Alliance Quebec days. The community is very, very displeased by the divisive, mean-spirited direction the PQ has taken us in.  We are also concerned by the continued silence of parliamentarians of all stripes in all legislatures in this country.

If this discrimination was happening to any other group in Canada there would be a loud (and even international) outcry. Idle no more – Anglo style?.

Why has it been acceptable to ignore and trample the rights of Quebec Anglos?

Thank you Professor Cotler. Now the challenge is yours to convince not only the Liberal Party of Canada but the Government of Canada to speak up in defence of Anglo Canadians in Quebec who have had their rights diminished for far too long.

Acceptable no more!

Cotler endorses Trudeau

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Liberal MP Irwin Cotler has endorsed Justin Trudeau for the Leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. Said Cotler, “I have known Justin for years and have worked with him in common cause. He is a person of strong moral character and utter integrity whom I am pleased to support in his bid for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada”.

Cotler cited Trudeau’s “unrelenting commitment to his constituency” and “care and compassion for Canadians and the human condition” as primary considerations for his endorsement. Explained Cotler, “Beyond the enthusiasm and charisma he brings, Justin is a hardworking and dedicated individual who places public service above all else.”

Concluded Cotler, “I have personally witnessed the embrace of Justin’s candidacy – particularly by the young people of this country – and share in the hope that he brings for the people of Canada and the Liberal Party.”

The next national election should prove very exciting, particularly in Mount Royal riding. Political watchers suspect Cotler will not seek reelection leading to speculation about who will seek the local Liberal nomination.  What’s more, Harper’s Conservatives made substantial gains in the last election.  Mount Royal will be a riding to watch.

With Cotler ‘alive, well and working,’ Tories confirm plot for his riding – The Globe and Mail

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Well, the cat is out of the bag.  Mystery solved!

A Conservative official confirmed to The Globe and Mail that the party is trying to identify the vote in Mount Royal riding, which includes Cote Saint-Luc.

In this case, a company called Campaign Research that has been linked to Ontario and federal Conservatives is behind the calls.   If people ask why the party is phoning, callers say “there are rumours that Irwin Cotler may resign causing a by-election,” the Conservative official said.

Unethical perhaps.  Illegal?  I’m not so sure.

I think Mr. Cotler, indeed all MPs, should be unobstructed from conducting their business on behalf of Canadians.  However, politics is a rough sport at the federal level and it is not terribly surprising to see this kind of thing going on.  Lucky for us we’re much more civilized in the political arena compared to our neighbours to the south.

So let’s put this issue to rest, at least for now.  Irwin Cotler is indeed our sitting MP, as he wrote in a Gazette editorial today. and he will be, at least until the next election, which is far off.  Let him continue his good work which is recognized around the globe, in terms of his pursuit of human rights.  Let him advocate for the citizens in our riding.  Let him speak out loudly for those issues of federal concern within the City of Cote Saint-Luc:  Keeping the railways quiet, funding for municipal infrastructure and extending Cavendish boulevard among others.  Let’s save the election battle for the next election.

via With Cotler ‘alive, well and working,’ Tories confirm plot for his riding – The Globe and Mail.

Most Jews in riding voted Tory, Cotler concedes

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Most Jews in riding voted Tory, Cotler concedes

By JANICE ARNOLD, Staff Reporter

Canadian Jewish News

Thursday, 12 May 2011

MONTREAL — Liberal MP Irwin Cotler, who won with 41 per cent of the vote in Mount Royal, acknowledges he didn’t get the support of most Jewish electors.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and wife, Laureen, got behind the counter at a kosher bakery in Mount Royal during a visit in the final days of the campaign.

“Clearly, there was an erosion,” Cotler said in an interview after the May 2 federal election. “I think it’s correct that I lost the majority of the Jewish vote. But I won, importantly, in the cultural communities.”

His closest opponent, Conservative Saulie Zajdel, who trailed Cotler by 2,200 votes, is confident he received at least two-thirds of the ballots cast by Jews, who make up about 35 per cent of the electorate.

Mount Royal comprises Côte St. Luc, Hampstead, Town of Mount Royal and part of Côte des Neiges-Snowdon, and has been Liberal since 1940.

While a win for any Liberal was an accomplishment, Cotler has seen his popularity tumble from 92 per cent when he was first elected in a 1999 byelection. In 2008, he received close to 56 per cent of the votes.

Cotler, a stalwart defender of Israel and Jewish concerns, says he doesn’t take it personally. Many Jews, he understands, feel a debt of gratitude to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his stance on Israel.

“People said to me directly, ‘Irwin, you’re a great guy, but we have to vote for Harper. He’s there for us. We have to be there for him.’”

He also admits many did not like Ignatieff, but he said he was bothered by what he called “the demonization” of Ignatieff by the Zajdel campaign.

“I had some painful encounters. I would go into seniors’ residences, and they would ask me, ‘Why is Ignatieff an antisemite?’… Negative attack ads do work,” Cotler said.

The Zajdel campaign’s flip-flopping on who was behind flyers making disparaging comparisons between the Harper Conservative and Liberal record on Israel, antisemitism and terrorism, including charges the latter party was sympathetic to Hezbollah and Hamas, left a bad taste in Cotler’s mouth.

“I took Saulie’s word at the beginning of the campaign that the flyers had nothing to do with him, then the ads came out. You can’t have it both ways.”

Cotler is one of only seven Liberals elected in Quebec and 34 in the country. As the “dean” of that greatly diminished caucus, he was asked to serve as interim leader until the party finds a replacement for Michael Ignatieff, he said, but he declined.

Cotler believes the nearly 7,000 votes New Democrat Jeff Itcush garnered was largely at his expense, rather than Zajdel’s.

“Ten days before the election, I was polling at 50 per cent. In the week after that, with the NDP surge, I was down to 40 per cent,” he said.

One of the bitterest personal outcomes of the election was the loss of his close friend and “soulmate,” fellow Liberal MP Ken Dryden, who lost to Tory Michael Adler in the Toronto riding of York Centre.

Both had recorded phone messages for each other’s constituents during the campaign in an unusual exchange.

Cotler notes that all of the members of the Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel, including Dryden, were defeated, except, of course, himself. Cotler is now the only Jewish Liberal in the House of Commons.

The turnout in Mount Royal was 57 per cent, below the national average of 61 per cent. Cotler thinks the relatively low showing in his riding, when the race was thought to be close and an indicator of the extent to which Jews were shifting to the Tories, reflects people’s growing cynicism about “negative” campaigning.

Cotler, who turned 71 this month, is now, he believes, Canada’s oldest MP. But he said he doesn’t feel his age, and vows “to hit the ground running” when Parliament resumes.

The former justice minister in Paul Martin’s cabinet and most recently his party’s human rights critic doesn’t think the Liberals’ demotion to third-party status will affect his advocacy on the international level.

Cotler plans to work with the government and other parties, and hopes that Harper, who now has a secure majority, will co-operate more with the opposition.

His priorities in foreign affairs are passing legislation holding Iran accountable for “incitement to genocide” and adding the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to Canada’s terrorist list, as well as urging the government to endorse the Ottawa Protocol drawn up at last November’s international parliamentary conference on combating global antisemitism.

Zajdel feels that making up 8,000 of the 10,000 votes that separated Cotler and his Tory opponent in 2008 is “a moral victory,” especially in a province where just six Conservatives were elected. “I think the people of Mount Royal have made clear they can no longer be taken for granted.”

His only regret is that he perhaps did not focus enough on the concerns of non-Jewish residents. Otherwise, he is proud of his campaign, including his criticism of the Liberals and especially Ignatieff on Israel and other issues of specific Jewish interest, going back to Cotler’s participation in the 2001 Durban conference.

Harper made his first visit to Mount Royal as prime minister on the Friday before the election at a party event held at the Ben Weider Jewish Community Centre. He made no reference to Israel in his address to the 400 registered participants. He received an effusive endorsement at the event from Suburban newspaper publisher Amos Sochaczevski, who said that, although Cotler was his friend, he would vote Conservative because of Harper’s strong support for Israel.

Itcush is also satisfied with his showing – close to 18 per cent of the vote – the best for the NDP in Mount Royal since 1965, when the candidate was Charles Taylor, the distinguished scholar who co-chaired Quebec’s commission on reasonable accommodation a few years ago.

Itcush said he found non-Jewish voters, who come from a wide variety of ethnicities and religions, felt their concerns were overlooked because of the “obsession” with Israel, which Itcush found inappropriate, even though he’s Jewish and pro-Israel.

Itcush received the most support from pluralistic Côte des Neiges-Snowdon and TMR to a lesser extent. He estimated that 12 per cent of Jewish voters backed him.

“I spoke in synagogues, mosques and Hindu temples,” he said.

If there was a shift among Jews to the Tories, it had little effect in other ridings with significant communities. In Outremont, New Democrat MP Thomas Mulcair was easily returned over second-place Liberal Martin Cauchon, who had the endorsement of some haredi community leaders, while Conservative hopefuls Agop Evereklian, Neil Drabkin and Svetlana Litvin came third, respectively, in Pierrefonds-Dollard, Westmount-Ville Marie, and St. Laurent-Cartierville. Pierrefonds-Dollard was taken by the NDP in an upset over a longtime Liberal incumbent.

Students for Cotler produce political promo

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