Housefather holds first summit of elected officials

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Anthony Housefather's first summit of elected officials at Cote Saint-Luc City Hall, July 13, 2016

Anthony Housefather’s first summit of elected officials at Cote Saint-Luc City Hall, July 13, 2016

This morning I attended the first ever Summit of Elected Officials in the Mount Royal Riding. Organized by federal MP Anthony Housefather this was the first time that our local MP has organized such an encounter for all elected representatives at all three levels of government and school commissioners.
Housefather’s staff highlighted federal grant opportunities and programs for municipalities and local not for profit and community organizations. Excellent information that we will be consulting city staff on and bringing back to my office at West-Central Montreal Health at the Jewish General Hospital.
Significant discussion took place on the extension of Cavendish Boulevard from Cote Saint-Luc to St. Laurent. This is the first time in the half century this project has been debated that all involved parties are sitting around the same table. This crucial project includes all levels of government as well as CP Rail and Canadian National Railways.
Additionally, we reviewed the mega 15/40 “Royalmount project” and received updates on the Blue Bonnets development. The 15/40 is a $2 billion project which will be totally private. It is the largest development of its sort in Quebec. The mega entertainment and shopping complex will include five hotels and an interior water park. Carbonlea is the same developer at the 10/30 on the South Shore. Plans are to make it one of the most visited tourist spots in Quebec. They are also seeking a metro and electric light rail connection as well as major public transit and bike routes. Construction is set to begin in 2018 and to be completed in 2021.
Housefather has made it a priority to bring together local representatives and to open up channels of dialogue. To his credit, this is the most in-depth and involved gathering of this sort ever organized by our local MP. The dynamic and engaging MP brought his entire staff of six assistants (four from Montreal and two from Ottawa). His staff has begun attending all public council meetings in the riding as well.
Housefather indicated that he worked very hard on the federal End of Life legislation, making it fair and equitable for all Canadians. He is proud to indicate that the Liberal government has agreed to reinstate the Court Challenges Program that had been disbanded by the previous Conservative government. This is of significant importance to minority language communities, especially the English-speaking communities of Quebec.
I put forward my opinion that it was ill-advised for the previous Conservative government to have scrapped the Long Gun Registry and reprehensible that the data collected was trashed. While it’s good for Quebec to have its own registry this will have limited effect, acting on its own.
Moreover, our cities and country would be far safer without guns (except for anyone who absolutely requires one). Anthony and I are in total agreement on this position. I hope other MPs will be convinced as well by their constituents. While we are far better off than our American neighbours in this regard we can still do much better.
CSL was represented by Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Councillors Ruth Kovac, Allan Levine and myself.  Town of Mount-Royal Mayor Philippe Roy and Councillors Joseph Daoura and Minh-Diem Le Thi and Hampstead Mayor Bill Steinberg and Councillor Michael Goldwax participated along with representatives of the CSDM, Borough of CDN-NDG as well as MP Marc Garneau’s office.
The next “Anthony’s Assembly” public forum takes place on Thursday, July 14 at CSL City Hall at 7:30pm.
August 28 is Anthony’s Family Fun Day in Van Horne Park. Open to all, there will be inflatables, bingo, hot dogs, food trucks and more.
On November 13 the Mount Royal riding office will host its first job fair at Lavoie School in conjunction with Agence Ometz.
Congratulations to the omnipresent and indefatigable Anthony Housefather and his dedicated staff for organizing this excellent summit.

Fleet to flow at 40 km/h



Cote Saint-Luc and Hampstead have agreed to harmonize the speed along Fleet in both towns to 40 km/h and to enhance the signage and street line marking at crosswalks. This cooperative project is aimed at ensuring greater safety of pedestrians.

Currently, the speed varies between 50 km/h in CSL to 50 km/h and 30 km/h in Hampstead.

Hampstead and CSL will install 40 km/h speed limit signs on Fleet between Cavendish and Dufferin Road on their respective territories. The cities will also collaborate to do their utmost to ensure that the traffic lights on Fleet Road, on their respective territories, are synchronized.

No_left_Fleet_Hampstead_2013a    No_left_Fleet_Hampstead_2013b

They will also work together to create a simplified plan as related to the wording on the signs for the no left turn policy on the streets running perpendicular to Fleet Road, namely, Netherwood, Finchley, Dufferin Road. This has been a serious source of frustration for motorists from both cities, many of whom have been ticketed for turning left off of Fleet, unable to decipher the confusing signage. The confusing road signs were also cited by a Montreal Court judge in dismissing a ticket to a Hampstead motorist (posted elsewhere on this blog).

Free Press, May 23. 2012

Free Press, May 23. 2012

Hampstead has also agreed to provide greater visibility for the unprotected cross walk between Queen Mary Road and Netherwood.

This synchronization plan is good news for West End motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. While Fleet is not wide enough for a dedicated bike lane the slower traffic will improve the safety of those on bikes and walking across the street. It is intended that crosswalks will be even more visible by better street line markings and signage will be installed in high visibility colours.

As the one who called for the initial meeting to discuss this project with Hampstead Mayor Steinberg I am very pleased with the cooperation between our two municipalities. Councillor Dida Berku and I along with CSL Urban Development Director Charles Senekal met with Mayor Steinberg and members of his administration last winter to discuss common concerns and ideas to reduce risk.

Two weeks ago I met again with Mayor Steinberg, CSL Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and members of council along with CDN-NDG Mayor Russell Copeman and Councillor Marvin Rotrand at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in Winnipeg. We had a productive working meeting where we touched upon the Fleet –  Van Horne corridor among other subjects. Copeman and Rotrand are also open to the idea of synchronizing Van Horne between Hampstead and Decarie to 40 km/h as well.

Safer at 40 km/h speed sign

In addition I’ve asked Councillor Rotrand to have his staff repair the significant depressions in the roadway on Van Horne to ensure a steady flow of two lanes of traffic during rush hour and to have police enforce the no stopping regulation which often causes a bottleneck, blocking the flow of traffic and the 161 bus.

Thank you to the three municipal administraions and especially mayors Steinberg, Copeman and Brownstein for demonstrating a genuine interest in cooperation and collaboration.

Do you have ideas to improve this thoroughfare? Please share your ideas here.

Solemn student ceremony in Hampstead remembers Canada’s fallen soldiers, victims of Holocaust

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Remembrance Day parade of students in Hampstead on November 5, 2015 (Photo: Denis Beaumont)

Remembrance Day parade of students in Hampstead on November 5, 2015 (Photo: Denis Beaumont)

The annual Remembrance Day ceremony in Hampstead was held today in bright, unusually warm sunshine. Over 100 students participated from surrounding public and private elementary and high schools. The event was held in cooperation with the Royal Montreal Regiment to pay respects to the courage and sacrifice of our veterans at the Cenotaph and Holocaust Memorial in Hampstead Park.

The event is held each year ahead of November 11 in order to allow for students and military personnel to attend together.

The focus of Hampstead’s Remembrance Day ceremony is to introduce the next generation to the tradition of remembering those who went to war to fight for the rights and freedoms that we enjoy today.  Students attended from Hampstead School, Solomon Schechter Academy, Bialik High School, JPPS Elementary School, and École des Amis-du-Monde. All students participated in the ceremony.

Hampstead Councillors Edery, Goldwax, Shaffer, Mayor Steinberg, CSL Acting Mayor Glenn J. Nashen at Remembrance Day in Hampstead on November 5, 2015 (Photo: Denis Beaumont)

Hampstead Councillors Edery, Goldwax, Shaffer, Mayor Steinberg, CSL Acting Mayor Glenn J. Nashen at Remembrance Day in Hampstead on November 5, 2015 (Photo: Denis Beaumont)

Mayor William Steinberg spoke to the children assembled by emphasizing that we remember the past contributions of Canada’s military personnel who fought to earn freedom for future generations of Canadians. “Our dignitaries are the present and the past but you, boys and girls, are the future,” said Mayor Steinberg.

“This morning we remember the brave men and women who paid the ultimate price in WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the peace keeping and peace making missions, and today they are serving in Iraq. We also remember those who returned with serious injuries and also those who returned with no visible signs of injury,” Mayor Steinberg said. “No one serves in a war zone without suffering. We are grateful to all the members of the Canadian Armed Forces, past and present. They served and continue to serve in faraway lands so that we do not have to experience the horrors of war in Canada and so that we may live our lives in peace and harmony.”

Royal Montreal Regiment guards at Remembrance Day in Hampstead on November 5, 2015 (Photo: Denis Beaumont)

Royal Montreal Regiment guards at Remembrance Day in Hampstead on November 5, 2015 (Photo: Denis Beaumont)

“In the 1914 poem, For the Fallen, we read, ‘They shall not grow old’, and it ends with the words, which we repeat, ‘We will remember them, ‘” said Mayor Steinberg. “The verse does not end with, ‘We remember them’, but rather, ‘We WILL remember them’. It is a call to future generations to never forget the sacrifices and to learn the lessons of history. It is a call to value peace, freedom and democracy. And that is why I said that you, boys and girls, are our most important guests. You are tomorrow’s leaders and I have every confidence that you, too, will remember them.”

Adath Israel Rabbi Michael Whitman said to the children that we enjoy the right to vote and choose who will govern us, a right not shared with the majority of the world’s population. We enjoy these privileges because of the sacrifices made by so many who served in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Cote Saint-Luc was represented by Councillor Mitchell Brownstein, Stephen Erdelyi and myself, in my capacity as Acting Mayor. Former Councillor Isadore Goldberg and former Men’s Club President Jack Budovitch, both wearing their WWII military decorations, were also in attendance as was CSL Public Security Director Jordy Reichson and newly appointed Station 9 Police Commander Jean O’Malley.

The event in Hampstead Park was preceded by a ceremonial march of students from Hampstead School to the memorial site, led by the soldiers of the Royal Montreal Regiment.  The Regiment’s participation in Hampstead’s annual commemoration has become a tradition for the town, reinforcing the long-standing partnership between the Regiment and Hampstead.

In 2008, Hampstead granted the Royal Montreal Regiment the Freedom of the City, allowing the regiment the privilege of parading through the community with colours flying, bayonets fixed and bands playing. “The Regiment’s partnership with the Town is a great source of pride for Hampstead,” said Mayor Steinberg.


No changes to Fleet signage: Hamsptead

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May 15, 2015 | Free Press | Click to enlarge

May 15, 2015 | Free Press | Click to enlarge

More on the confusing traffic signs on Fleet Road in Hampstead which is nothing short of entrapment.







Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-ins

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The Town of Hampstead has put together the following excellent tip sheet on protecting your property by securing your garage door. Kudos to Mayor Steinberg and the Town Council along with their Public Security department.


Did you know that garages are one of the easiest targets and a favourite method for thieves to gain entry into your home?

Most people are very careful to ensure that their doors are locked before leaving the house, but did you know that garage doors are often left unlocked, and in some cases, are left wide open? Whether by accident or due to carelessness, an open garage door is a sure-fire way to attract thieves to your home. Before you leave the house:

  • Close the door – Leaving the garage door open allows anyone walking or driving by a full view of all your belongings. A burglar only needs a few minutes to take what he wants from your garage – even while you’re at home.
  • Lock it up – Ensure that your garage door is securely locked by using a key or keypad locking system.
  • Bring it in – Bring your garage door remote into the house. Leaving it in the car, parked on the street, in your driveway or in the garage, allows burglars easy access to your home.
  • Buy a keychain remote – Instead of leaving your remote clipped to your visor, invest in one that you can put on your keychain.
  • Going away? – Be sure to disconnect your automatic garage door opener so that it cannot be opened while you’re away.

By following these helpful tips, you can help prevent an unsettling surprise when you return home.

Happy 100 Hampstead


Hampstead centennial


Hampstead turns 100 this weekend and they’re throwing a huge party. I hope they have a huge crowd and wish them great success.

I take this opportunity to extend my very best wishes to my friends in Hampstead, Mayor Bill Steinberg and the members of Town Council.

Turning 100 is a real big deal and Hampstead is an amazing municipal success story in the socio-geo-political context of Quebec. The urban design, landscaping and planning of the town was avant guard way back when the village began to expand. The early emphasis on livable spaces and pedestrian connections to open green spaces, parks and playgrounds has served its residents well for several generations.

Mayor William Steinberg and Cllr. GJ Nashen

Mayor William Steinberg and Cllr. GJ Nashen

Hampstead and Cote Saint-Luc share a close relationship and similar history. From farm land at the turn of the last century to popular suburban bedroom communities at the end of the century we share many common roots. And today we share a police station and fire services. We play tennis at each other courts, swim at each others pools, send our kids to each others camps and the list goes on. We are much more than neighbours as our towns are home to common friends, school-mates and families.

Mayors Beny Masela (Montreal West), Bill Steinberg (Hampstead), Anthony Housefather (Cote Saint-Luc, Peter Trent (Westmount)

Mayors Beny Masela (Montreal West), Bill Steinberg (Hampstead), Anthony Housefather (Cote Saint-Luc, Peter Trent (Westmount)

So happy birthday to our friends, neighbours and family next door in Hampstead. Here’s to another 100 years of friendship, cooperation and working together for the benefit of all of us who call Cote Saint-Luc and Hampstead home.

Hampstead coat of arms


Read more in the Gazette

Housefather, Steinberg and Birnbaum dunk for charity and Cavendish

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The mayors of Cote Saint-Luc and Hampstead along with the D’Arcy McGee MNA took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to a new level by creating additional awareness that our cities are still waiting for the Quebec government to take the much delayed Cavendish extension project off the back burner.

Anthony Housefather, William Steinberg and David Birnbaum took a cold bucket of water to the head to raise some funds for a dreaded disease and also to call attention at the dead-end on Cote Saint-Luc’s side of Cavendish Blvd. Three cheers to our three leaders for this act of charity and strategy.

Watch the Global News report here.

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