Happy residents on Melling Ave, Wonderful testimonial from Mitchell & Corrie White

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Corrie, Madison and Mitchell White – past award winners in CSL Villes Fleurie contest


“Glenn is an amazing person, family man, neighbour and district councillor. He is the type of leader that will sit at his dinner table with his CSL Public Safety walkie-talkie ‘squaking’ in the background, just in case! He is always there for all his constituents and those of the other districts as well because that is the type of person that Glenn J. Nashen is for our city.

Any time our family has ever needed anything in our 12 years of owning our home Glenn has helped facilitate those requests.

Good on you Glenn for your continued leadership and positive attitude towards our city and initiatives you are discussing.  You are so well respected because you put us first! Keep up the awesome work. I know that you will continue to love, support and lead within our community because that is what kind of special human being you have truly demonstrated to be as a community leader.”

Mitchell and Corrie White, Melling Avenue 



Rabbi Levi Raskin and his son on Melling Ave (Oct. 2017)


It was a fun night out meeting residents on Melling Avenue. Having spent half my life just a block over on Cork Ave it’s always fun to visit with familiar faces that have lived on the block for decades as well as newer residents who are happy and enthusiastic about their beautiful neighbourhood.

The first house I visited was that of a famous CSL family: The Raskins. Rabbi Levi Raskin is the Youth Director at Chabad CSL, son of Rabbi Mendel and Sarah Raskin. The good rabbi invited me in for a l’chaim and wished me well in the upcoming elections. “Shehakol yihiyeh tov!“, we said, ‘everything should be well’.

I wonder if Rabbi Raskin is aware that on his property sits the oldest tree in all of CSL, and one of the oldest on the Island of Montreal! Now that’s a blessing!

A 200 year old Bur Oak at the corner of Wavell and Melling. It is possibly the oldest of its kind on the island.


Thank you to all the residents on Melling Ave. Many invited me in for a little chat or offered me a drink. They brought up issues of local concern, spoke about experiences with city services and generally were happy with life on Melling. And I couldn’t agree more.

Torjman supports Nashen

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The Torjman family on Melling Avenue welcomes Cllr. Glenn J. Nashen to their house, offers their support in the upcoming election

In a comical twist as my door to door campaign continues I had a chance encounter with a lovely family living on Melling Ave. The Torjman family, originally from Paris, is happy to begin a new life in their new home and overjoyed to be able to practice their Judaism in peace and security.

I welcomed the grandparents who were visiting from France for the holidays. “Why don’t you come and move to Cote Saint-Luc as well'” I suggested to them.

The number of families that I have met who emigrated from France in the last number of years was impressive. Cote Saint-Luc is a magnet for people relocating from many countries, and with different religions and mother tongue. Almost all indicate that they are so pleased with their new community.

Welcome to Cote Saint-Luc. And thank you for your support to the Torjman family!


C’était un peu plus que drôle que j’ai rencontré une belle famille sur l’avenue Melling. La famille Torjman, originaire de Paris, est heureuse de commencer une nouvelle vie dans leur nouvelle maison et ravi de pouvoir pratiquer leur judaïsme dans la paix et la sécurité.

J’ai souhaité la bienvenue aux grands-parents de France que nous visitons pendant les vacances. «Je vous invite à vous déplacer ici et à vivre parmi nous à Cote Saint-Luc», leur ai-je dit.

Le nombre de familles que j’ai rencontré qui ont émigré en France au cours des dernières années a été impressionnant. Cote Saint-Luc est un atout pour les personnes déménagées dans de nombreux pays et avec différentes religions et langue maternelle. Presque tous indiquent qu’ils sont tellement satisfaits de leur nouvelle communauté.

Bienvenue à Cote Saint-Luc. Et merci pour votre soutien à la famille Torjman!

Who could that be knocking at my door?

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Who could it be now? Well, it may very well be your Mayor and City Councillor dropping by to say hi and to ask if you’re completely satisfied with your city services.

Mayor Mitchell and Elaine Brownstein join me in knocking on the door of the Bessners on Melling Ave.

Mayor Mitchell and Elaine Brownstein join me in knocking on the door of the Bessners on Melling Ave.

Cote Saint-Luc Mayor Mitchell Brownstein has been beating the pavement along with local district councillors in an effort to meet as many residents face to face as possible and to discuss matters of municipal interest to constituents. In fact, having just been elected mayor some six months ago, (taking over from me following my two month stint in the mayor’s seat) Brownstein has barely stopped going door to door since last winter. He has made his way through most districts of our city learning from residents and taking the pulse of the community.

Last week we covered one block of Melling Avenue. Residents were generally quite pleased to see their elected officials ringing their doorbells for no other reason than to say hello, or Happy New Year or to talk about the neighbourhood. Having spent more than half my life one black over on Cork Avenue I am most familiar with every house and every corner of the neighbourhood. Nevertheless, homeowners have changed substantially over the past 10 years as the last of the original owners from the late 50s and early 60s move into condos and apartments and even seniors’ residences.

That's no ordinary car parked on Melling Ave. That's Terry Segal's new all-electric Kia Soul.

That’s no ordinary car parked on Melling Ave. That’s Terry Segal’s new all-electric Kia Soul.

Mayor Brownstein is genuinely engaged in conversation from house to house along with his secret weapon, his wife Elaine, who somehow knows more people than both her politician-husband and yours truly! It was a pleasure to walk the beat with my good friends Mitch and Elaine and I look forward to continuing along and visiting many more homes this fall before the weather turns colder.

Longtime Melling Ave residents Pat and Michael Kutz greet Mayor Mitchell and Elaine Brownstein and District 6 Councillor Glenn J. Nashen. The Kutz's have lived on Melling for many decades!

Longtime Melling Ave residents Pat and Michael Kutz greet Mayor Mitchell and Elaine Brownstein and District 6 Councillor Glenn J. Nashen. The Kutz’s have lived on Melling for many decades!

Of course my exchange with residents continues throughout the year as I stay in touch via my blog and social media. I encourage all Cote Saint-Lucers to like me on Facebook or subscribe to my blog, Nashen Notes, at GlennJ.Nashen.com for all kinds of issues pertaining to their city, public safety, language rights, travel in Quebec and my latest interest, electric vehicles.

Station 9 Police Watch

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Free Press. April 23, 2013. Click to enlarge.

Free Press. April 23, 2013. Click to enlarge.

District 6 in full bloom

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The annual Ville Fleurie contest culminated with the presentation of awards last week at City Hall. District 6 was well represented with award winning gardens being recognized and celebrated along with other beautiful displays by our homeowners, be it in single family dwellings, town houses, duplexes or high rises.

Councillors Sam Goldbloom, Allan J. Levine (left) and former Councillor Harold Greenspon co-chaired the event, with our Parks and Recreation Department doing their usual excellent job coordinating a classy affair. Noted classical pianist Edwin Brownell was back to entertain the audience with his fancy finger work on the piano keys.

Congratulations to repeat winners Corrie, Mitchell and Madison White of Melling Ave for their tremendous efforts at the “White House”.

Kudos also to Lucie Bendahan of Parkhaven Ave, Joanne and Eric Goldapple of Einstein Ave, Joanne Stroll also of Einstein and Frank Palucci on Kildare Road.

CSL horticulturalist Rene Lapointe was singled out for extraordinary work in creating beautiful floral displays along our main arteries and at city buildings and parks.

Corrie, Madison and Mitchell White take 2nd prize for single family homes in District 6

New park for district 6, near city pools


City Council and Parks and Recreation staff are set to announce a brand new park and innovative playground next to the brand new Aquatic and Community Centre.  With entrances on Trinity, Fairside/Glenarden and Melling, the new park will be a flagship for area residents as well as patrons of the indoor and outdoor pool facilities.

The conceptual plan of the new park (click here to view: New Park) was approved by Council in July following extensive consultations with planning experts, recreation staff and city councillors.  As well, as the district Councillor I invited local resident Justin Cohen, a father of young children to offer his suggestions and to comment on the design.

Some of the highlights of the park:

  • Gateways /Entrances: The entrances will be gated in an ornamental fashion at the three entry points.
  • Trees will be plentiful to offer maximum screening to nearby homes.
  • Pathways: The pathways will be constructed with crushed stone
  • Lighting: Low energy consumption LED lighting will be considered ensuring that is directional and not to cause spillover onto the adjacent homes.
  • The 6-12 year old play equipment will be extraordinary, unlike anything seen in Cote Saint-Luc before, featuring interactive light and sound equipment that can be played alone, or in groups, and all year-long.
  • Play surfaces will be of a soft foam nature and sand will not be used.
  • A large canvas will shade some of the play area.

Investment by the city is substantial with reconstruction and purchase of equipment costing upwards of $350,000 with completion expected late in the fall so the park would be in use in full next spring.

The play equipment, manufactured by Kompan, is the absolute coolest play structure I’ve ever seen for a public park.  It is highly interactive and innovative and encourages movement and group participation.  Click here to watch a video demonstration. This park will be an instant hit with local kids and those at the pool.  It is intended to have this play system used all year-long.

One of my goals since demerger in 2006 was to completely rejuvenate CSL’s playgrounds, some of which still sport old, wooden equipment that no longer meets modern standards and that are well past prime after decades of service.  I am so pleased to see the active participation in this vision by members of staff, City Council as well as the Mayor.


As reported in the Suburban

Message to District 6 Residents

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The nice weather means more cars on our roads, some of them moving a little too quickly. This season we are expanding the traffic calming measures I initiated on Einstein Ave.  On Wavell Rd., between McAlear Ave and Melling Ave we have painted lines to narrow the traffic lane in an effort to slow things down. As well, we have rolled out phase 1 of our CSL Cycles plan to get youngsters and families pedaling along side streets and eventually connecting our main streets to bike paths in NDG. Safer passage through the underpasses remains a priority and is now permitted on sidewalks, following the posted signs.

As the city’s head of Public Safety and Transportation I am working with police, public security, traffic engineers and volunteers to strive for a vision of a traffic-calmed and pedestrian-friendly community.

The soon-to-be completed Aquatic and Community Centre (ACC) is located within a short walk of most homes in District 6. I am working with city staff, and consulting with nearby residents as we plan to rebuild the Maimonides Park playground. Foremost on my mind is to keep residential surroundings peaceful, as always.

I invite you to subscribe to this blog (www.GlennJ.Nashen.com), which has more than 1,000 posts about Côte Saint-Luc, public safety and other local issues with news clippings dating back 30 years. It is the single most comprehensive news website about the City of Côte Saint-Luc. Follow me on Twitter and receive breaking news about street closures, water main breaks and other urgent matters.

To contact me, send an e-mail message to gjnashen@cotesaintluc.org or call 514-485-6945.

Have a wonderful and safe summer.

CSL new community centre taking shape

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Councillor Glenn J. Nashen in the construction zone of the new Aquatic and Community Centre

A brisk -20C breeze was blowing through Cote Saint-Luc earlier this week but that didn’t keep the Mayor and Councillors along with our MP Irwin Cotler, his Executive Assistant Howard Liebman and senior staff and contractors from touring the construction site of the new Aquatic and Community Centre (ACC).

The Parkhaven Avenue site, in the heart of my district (#6), is advancing very impressively.  We walked through all areas of the future indoor pools, meeting rooms, exercise rooms, mini-library, kids areas, and all the support services.   The concrete is poured, walls are up and ventilation systems are installed.

The soon to be indoor pools

While the exterior is nothing but frozen mud and dirty snow, beautiful landscaping is just months away.  The Maimonides Park playground which was demolished to make way for the ACC will be relocated to the rear of the site and accessible from Trinity, Glenarden and Fairside and hopefully Melling as well.

The city broke ground on the new building in October 2010

The $17 million construction of the ACC is financed by the City of Cote Saint-Luc and the governments of Quebec and Canada.

Construction will be completed this summer with programming to begin at the end of the summer in time for the back to school season.

Visit the ACC blog here.

Smell the flowers

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The White House on Melling Avenue takes First Place in CSL

The Côte Saint-Luc City Hall Council Chamber was filled to capacity for the annual Maisons Fleuries awards evening. The city awards prizes to residents who create attractive green spaces with blossoming trees, flowers and shrubs. A panel of judges views the gardens and selects the winners and runners-up based on various categories.

Residents were able to enter for consideration the garden of their single-family home, duplex or townhouse. All apartment buildings, commercial establishments and public buildings were automatically entered in the contest and were judged separately. Judges assessed front gardens according to the cleanliness of the property, the appearance of plants and flowers and general landscaping.

District 6 residents Mitchell and Cory White (photo far right with daughter Madison) walked away with top prize in the district as well as across the city.  Their beautiful home, The White House, on Melling Avenue, is a wonderful standard that sets the bar for next year’s contest.

Hilda Roiter (2nd from left above) of Shalom Avenue took 3rd place in District 6 and Lucie Bendahan (3rd from left) of Parkhaven Avenue was 2nd place winner.

Congratulations to all contestants and award winners.

Grown man weeps before CSL council

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Read it here:  Thanking EMO, 1986 (Suburban Newspaper)